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Can U Hide Posts On Instagram

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It may happen that you post something on Instagram but don’t want some people to see it. Actually, 1 of the most ofttimes asked questions by Instagram users is “
How to hide Instagram posts from certain followers?”. While there is not a straight fashion to practise then on Instagram, you can change some settings to hide Instagram posts or stories from certain followers. In this article, we discuss this consequence and introduce some ways to do so. Hence, if you want to hide posts or stories on Instagram, go along reading.

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How to hide Instagram posts from certain followers?

Instagram does non permit users hide posts from certain followers. Simply there are some ways to ditch the problem. In the post-obit, we talk nearly some techniques that volition assist you to hide posts from all or some of your followers. And then, to know how to hide posts from certain followers, keep on reading!

Change your account to a individual 1

One fashion to hide your Instagram posts from sure followers is to make your Instagram business relationship individual. In this case, your account will non exist public, and people have to send yous a follow request to exist able to see your posts. Hence, if y’all know a person and don’t want to let them see your posts, y’all can refuse their follow request. Notwithstanding, this simply works when the person is non following you at the moment. Therefore, if you accept the person in your following list, you need to try i of the other ways that we talk nearly in the following.

Block the intended follower

block people on Instagram

Another mode to hibernate Instagram posts from certain followers is to block them. Whenever you block a person on Instagram, if they were following you, Instagram stops them from doing. Moreover, if your account was a public one, they will non exist able to run into your posts and stories fifty-fifty if they were not post-obit you. Hence, by blocking people, you can prevent them from viewing your posts. Still, when you cake someone on Instagram, they will be automatically unfollowed past you, and if their account is private, you volition not be able to see their posts too.

Archive posts

save posts in archive

One other fashion to hibernate posts from people is to archive them. When you archive a post on Instagram, the post volition not be shown on your contour. And then, people cannot meet them, and fifty-fifty they will not know that these posts exist. Only note that when you archive a postal service, none of your followers can see that, and y’all are actually hiding information technology from all the people who follow your account. To archive a post on Instagram:

Step 1)

Go to your Instagram profile.

Footstep 2)

Tap on the intended photo/video.

Step 3)

And so, tap on the three dots icon on the peak right side of the post.

Step four)

Finally, tap on “Archive” and your post will be hidden.

You can unarchive your posts from the Instagram settings whenever you want.

How to hide Instagram stories from sure followers?

Despite the posts shared on feed, Instagram lets users hide their stories from certain followers. Actually, to hibernate a story from people, you tin can block them just like y’all did to hide posts. Moreover, if yous alter your privacy condition to private, but people who follow you can see your stories. But, there are two direct means to hide Instagram stories from certain followers that we talk over in the post-obit.

Hide stories

how to hide instagram posts from certain followers

Instagram users tin hide stories from certain people by changing some settings. Actually, when you hide a story from a person, they will not exist notified at all, and yous can hide your content from them without any worries.

To hibernate Instagram stories from certain followers:

Step ane)

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.

Footstep 2)

Tap on the three lines icon on top of the screen.

Step 3)

Then, tap on “Settings”.

Stride 4)

Now, tap on “Privacy” and then choose “Story”.

Stride five)

On the following folio, you can add people by borer on “Hide Story From” and choose the people y’all desire.

That’due south all. Now the certain followers will not be able to run into what you have shared on your Instagram story.

Make a close-friends list

how to hide instagram posts from certain followers

According to

, in June 2017, Instagram started testing a new feature, and 18 months later, announced that the feature had been released and people can use it. This feature is called the “Close friends list” that lets yous share stories with people you want. Using this characteristic, you don’t let people who are not in your close-friends list run across your stories, and so you are somehow hiding your stories from people.

To add/remove someone to/from your shut-friends list:

Step 1)

Open up the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Step 2)

Tap on the three lines icon on the summit correct of the screen.

Pace 3)

So tap on “Close Friends”.

Step 4)

cull the intended followers and tap on “Add”.

Now, when you are sharing a story, yous can direct send information technology to your close friends, and other people will not be able to encounter what you have shared.

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How to hide others’ posts and stories for yourself?

Do you lot have any friends, colleagues, or relatives that yous don’t want to see their posts and stories on your homepage? If you unfollow them, they may notice it and not appreciate that! And so, if you are looking for a way to not encounter their content without unfollowing them, we should tell you in that location is a solution. You lot just need to mute their posts or stories. This manner, they won’t notice anything and y’all won’t see their posts and stories on your domicile folio too.

In order to mute someone on Instagram:

Step 1)

Go to their Instagram contour folio.

Pace 2)

Click on the following button.

mute on Instagram

Step 3)

Tap on the mute option.

Step 4)Mute posts or stories.


To wrap it up, at that place is not a straight mode to hide Instagram posts from certain followers, just you tin can block people to foreclose them from seeing your posts. By the style, Instagram has a characteristic that lets users hide their stories from certain followers. Moreover, you can make a close friends list on Instagram to share your posts with a limited number of followers.

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