Can U Hide Your Snap Score

Understanding Your Snapchat Score!

Snapchat encourages users to apply the app more than any other social network, thanks to options like streaks and the mysterious Snap score, which calculates your usage of the app to requite y’all a numerical rating. This gamification of an app is something we haven’t seen most other social media applications use—Facebook, for example, doesn’t calculate how many likes you’ve given to statuses to give you a score, and neither does Instagram, Snapchat’s closest competitor.

While streaks are fairly easy to acquire (and to ignore, if yous aren’t interested), there’due south a lot more mystery surrounding Snapchat’s scoring method within the app. Snap Inc. keeps their methods for calculating your Snapchat score under lock and central, though plenty of Snap sleuths take managed to learn the methods behind their scoring system only by paying attention to the score when it rises.

The more you utilise the app, the college your score volition increase throughout each day, increasing when you ship a snap to someone or when yous open a snap that someone sent to yous. Plenty of people love this method nearly Snapchat since it makes information technology more than likely that yous’ll utilise the app increasingly frequently. Merely for those who aren’t looking to flaunt their Snapchat success, the competition and the need to heighten your score every day may show troublesome.

With the competition set among friends, a stressful situation could ascend, with some looking to increase their number as fast as possible, and others looking to hide their number. Let’s have a expect at what the Snapchat score represents, whether it’south worth worrying about and if yous can disable or hide the number in the settings of the app.

How Do I Discover My Snapchat Score?

Open up upward Snapchat on your iPhone or Android device, where the app will load into the camera viewfinder. Tap on the profile icon in the upper-right hand corner of your display. If you’ve created and synced a Bitmoji with your Snapchat account, this profile icon volition exist your Bitmoji’southward face; otherwise, you lot’ll see a Snapchat silhouette equally your contour image. Once you tap on this icon, Snapchat volition reveal your profile page, with the option to add friends, your Snapcode, and whatsoever Stories you’ve posted on your account.

In addition to your username and your Zodiac sign that displays your birth date range, you’ll discover a corresponding number that links your business relationship to your point collection. Depending on how new you are to Snapchat, this number could be as depression equally zero points, or high enough to accomplish six digit figures.

This number is your Snapchat score, displaying the full number of points you’ve made over a certain corporeality of time. Borer on the score volition allow yous to see both your sent score and your received score within Snapchat, with the sent score on the left and the received score on the right.

What Does the Score Mean?

Unfortunately, Snapchat has never fully explained how their points arrangement works, so it tin can often be hard to keep up with exactly how these points are score. Withal, just by conducting a few tests and following some basic math, we tin can view a simple breakdown of these points based on what we do now.

  1. Sending or receiving a snap awards you with a single point, though some snaps do seem to honour boosted points for unknown reasons.
  2. Sending snaps to multiple people at once doesn’t award you with additional points—but because you send the same snap to 30, lx, or one hundred people from your Snapchat friends listing doesn’t net you additional points.
  3. Posting a snap to your story gains you a betoken, but viewing stories does not.
  4. Likewise, posting video stories with multiple videos (reaching over the ten 2d mark) doesn’t seem to gain yous whatever additional points.
  5. Forming or continuing a streak doesn’t gain you additional points. And just equally you lot can’t keep a streak by sending a chat message, sending chats doesn’t increment your Snap score either.

Every bit mentioned in a higher place, these are just what we know definitively nets you those coveted points. That said, in that location are some weird outliers where points increase in large amounts without any kind of explanation for why the points increment in the beginning place. However, we can use the guidelines above hands to determine exactly how to score some bonus points. Permit’s take a look at how to game the points system in Snapchat, for those readers looking to heighten their Snap score as fast every bit possible.

How Practice I See Other People’due south Snapchat Scores?

If they’re your friend on Snapchat, it’southward simple. Open the app, slide to the left to open the Conversation interface, so select the friend you lot want to view from the list. Tap on their Bitmoji or the silhouette (for those who don’t accept Bitmojis) to open up their profile screen.

This allows you lot to encounter their username, their location on Snapmap, the power to snap, chat, call, or video chat with the person, and to open up the settings menu for that particular contact. At the tiptop of this page, adjacent to the username of your selected friend, you tin view their Snap score in all its glory, making it easy to compare it to your ain score along the fashion.

If you aren’t friends with the person whose score you’re trying to meet, you won’t be able to see their score. Information technology isn’t until y’all and that person accept both mutually added each other that yous can compare your Snapchat scores together, so keep that in listen before you choose to try to compare it to someone in your grade who doesn’t follow you.

How Can I Hibernate My Snapchat Score?

If someone wants to encounter what your score is on Snapchat and they take admission to your profile, they’ll be able to see your Snap score. Thankfully, there’s no way for them to come across your score unless you both add each other. This makes it piece of cake to weed out people who you don’t want seeing your contour information by, basically, removing them from your app altogether.

Unfortunately, if you need to keep someone on Snapchat as your friend, they’re going to be able to run across your Snapchat score, whether you desire them to or not. While we can hope for additional privacy options regarding your Snap score in the futurity, as of Dec 2020, that option remains unavailable.

Nevertheless, nosotros can use the existing privacy settings in the app to brand certain that only a certain number of people tin even add together your profile in general. If you’re worried near people adding you to see your Snapchat score, as depression or loftier as information technology may be, you can use the privacy settings in the app to your reward. To start, open up the app and tap on your Bitmoji in the upper left-hand corner.

Tap on the gear icon on this page to open the settings bill of fare, and then curlicue downward to the department labeled “Who can…” This finer functions every bit your privacy settings in Snapchat, and it’s worth taking a look at if you haven’t done so in a while. Yous’ll want to brand sure that you lot have everything here set equally either “My Friends” or “Merely Me,” depending on how you experience about the location settings in Snapchat.

You should also have a look at the “See Me in Quick Add” setting hither, which is able to be turned on and off. Quick Add shows yous suggestions of people based on mutual friends and connections, but if you want to help hide your profile from people who might exist trying to find your Snapchat score, you can turn this off in the settings menu in order to completely close off this feature birthday.

With this off, you can end worrying about someone adding you automatically to see your Snapchat score, as they’ll need to add y’all through a Snapcode or username to do and then.

At the terminate of the twenty-four hour period, your Snap score isn’t something to get worked up about. Snapchat has even worked to minimize the number, making it smaller on both your profile screen and especially on the contour screen of your friends and followers, largely because there’s but no real meaning to the number.

Sure, it can be a fun fashion to run into how much you employ Snapchat on a daily basis, and it can also be good to larn how much a friend of yours uses the app (and then that when they don’t return your snaps, y’all understand why) but largely speaking, the Snap score is at that place to make the app more fun, and that’s it.

So the adjacent time someone chides you for a low Snap score, remember that the gamification of Snapchat is simply there to make the app more enjoyable to employ—not to make it more competitive.