Can U Play Gamepigeon On Android

Bored of regular texting? Looking to spice up your conversation a little more? Well, nothing can piece of work meliorate than Game Dove.

Its surging popularity says everything well-nigh it – Game Pigeon combines iMessage with a game app and lets you play with your friends alongside chatting.

Yet, the deplorable office – it has not withal been made official for Android users but that should non stop anyone from enjoying its perks.

Here in this article, we’ll tell you nigh how yous can play Game Dove on Android with a smooth experience.

Let’southward notice out then!

What is GamePigeon?

Texting can sometimes get irksome but what if y’all get to play fun, lil’ games along – that sounds pretty interesting, correct? Well, that’s what GamePigeon is all near. It lets game apps be used as extensions to iMessage (at present also bachelor for Android users!).

The app can exist hands downloaded from the App Store and in order to get an invitation to download the app, your friend volition particularly take to bulletin you. The app will then appear in the extension bar of your iMessage keyboard.

You can play this game with any of your contacts and choose from a number of games including 8-brawl, Poker, Body of water Boxing, Anagrams, Tanks, Knockout, Checkers, Four In A Row and more.

In order to play a detail game, you’ll need to send a request to 1 of your contacts which tin can be hands washed by choosing a said game. Once washed, the app will automatically format it into a text message or iMessage.

So, next time whenever you get tired of texting, consider playing fun games with your friends instead. Likewise friendly competition, yous’ll also have a great chat with your friend.

As you have access to a diversity of games here, yous’ll always have something new to experiment and play with your friends.

How To Get Game Dove On Android?

There is a fashion to run iMessage game on Android only for that you need a macOS reckoner. iMessage currently doesn’t piece of work on Android but it works on both iOS & macOS.

How it works?

Your texts will be sent to weServer where it will be processed and delivered to iPhone. Then when you lot transport a message from your Android device, it volition be delivered to the weServer, which will then forwards the message to the iPhone.

Game Pigeon on Android


  • An iMessage Account
  • A MacOS Computer running Yosemite (10.ten) or College
  • An Android Device Running Lollipop (v.0) or College
  • Coffee 7 or Higher

Every bit Game Pigeon can now be accessed on Android too, let usa explore the steps involved to get the game.

Just earlier we exercise that, brand certain y’all already take backed up your data (equally the game is not withal made official for Android users, information technology may draw in some chance factors).

Pace 1:
First, download the

7 or Higher on your mac. Make certain to download the latest macOS version of Java.

Step 2:
Once you lot have downloaded Java Evolution Kit, install information technology on your mac.

Step 3:
Now you will have to add the Terminal app to your Accessibility tab.

To exercise that:

Click on  >

System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

Game Pigeon on Android

Click on Accessibility so Add together (+) Last located netherApplications > Utilities > Concluding.

Once done, Final will get added to the Accessibility listing.

Footstep four:
Download and Install weMessage on your mac using the link:

Footstep 5:On the first startup, you will exist asked to enter the
your iMessage e-mail and a countersign. In one case you enter that,
weServer will start.

Step half-dozen:
While the weServer is running, go to the weMessage app on your Android device.

Step 7:
Login to weMessage on Android by entering the same values fix on your weServer. Follow the instructions displayed on the app screen.

Step 8:
Once it’southward done, your device should get connected with MacOS.

Footstep ix:
Now you tin can easily get text messages with the game pigeon asking from an iOS device.

Following the above mentioned steps properly will allow you download the app on your android device hassle-costless.


  1. Download & Install Java Evolution Kit on your mac.
  2. Add Terminal app to your Accessibility tab.
  3. Download & Install weMessage App on your mac.
  4. Download & Install weMessage App on your Android.
  5. Enter the aforementioned credentials on Both to establish the connection.

Is there an Android version of game pigeon?

Game Pigeon is not available on play store, however there are several other pop alternatives to it which function and allows you lot to play with your friends and other players  from all over the world online!

Plato – Games & Group Chats

Plato is an amazing texting app that integrates plenty of games which you tin bask playing with your friends right from the chat window. Here, you can  play games in groups with your friends, that too without any interruptions. It equips various gamble-based games such as Ludo, Ocho and Bingo alongside skill-based games like Chess, Bounce, Pool and Sea Boxing.

eight Ball Pool

8-Brawl Pool is an online free game where yous tin either play confronting AI or challenge other players in two-player manner. The game will give

you a realistic feel while playing and you lot know what’s the best part – information technology’south completely gratis!


BombSquad is yet another game that is all-time enjoyed with several friends. It is an explosive arcade-manner political party game where you get to  punch, throw, and bomb your way in order to compete with other players. It includes a agglomeration of heady mini-games like Capture-the-Flag, Male monarch-of-the-Hill, Bomber-Hockey, and Ballsy-Slow-Motion-Elimination.


Well, PUBG needs no introduction. You can savor this game wherever you are, with your friends and even family members. With sheer interaction, y’all’ll surely make information technology through the stop and accomplish your goal. Surviving until the end of the game along with your team makes the game real exciting.

Chess – Play and Learn

‘Chess – Play and Learn’ is another powerful game that you lot can play with your friends and raise your strategy making capabilities. Hither, you can come across new friends and conversation while playing. Yous can even join several tournaments with thousands of other players.

Can you lot play iPhone games on Android?

You lot tin can definitely play iPhone games on Android using IOS emulators, which are undoubtedly the most suitable option.

That said, the most pop iOS emulator for Android amid all is iEMU.

This detail emulator requires a decent amount of storage space and provides you with an first-class virtual iOS environment.

Hither’due south how y’all tin can install it on your Android device:

  1. Using

    this link
    , download the APK file.
  2. Once yous’ve downloaded the file, tap on the notification or employ your desired file Explorer to navigate it.
  3. Adjacent, tap on the APK file and y’all’ll receive a notification saying the file is non installed.
  4. You’ll need to featherbed that security check past navigating to Arrangement Settings > Security, and finding the option that reads “Let the Device to Install Applications from Unknown Sources”.
  5. Now look for a few seconds until the APK installs iEMU on your Android device.
  6. Once installed, go to your app drawer and find an app named “Padiod”.
  7. Lastly, launch the app and first using IOS apps on your Android right abroad.

What games does Game Pigeon have?

Game Pigeon equips an amazing collection of multiplayer games that yous tin enjoy playing with your friends and family via iMessage.

Here is a list of games you lot can choose to play inside GamePigeon :

  • 8-Ball
  • Mini Golf
  • Basketball
  • Cup Pong
  • Archery
  • Darts
  • Tanks
  • Bounding main Battle
  • Anagrams
  • Mancala
  • Knockout
  • Shuffleboard
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Four in a Row
  • Gomoku
  • Reversi
  • 20 Questions
  • Dots and Boxes
  • 9-Ball
  • Give-and-take Hunt
  • Word Bites
  • Filler
  • Crazy 8!


Is GamePigeon skillful for kids?

Every bit Game Dove includes a simple prepare of games, information technology is often fun to play with immature kids and even older relatives for that thing.

How practice you lot get Game Dove on Android?

Use the above listed set of instructions and yous’ll accept GamePigeon on your Android device without much effort.


If you have noted these games precisely, you’ll probably be glad to know that most of these reverberate the archetype board games that we all used to play equally kids.

So now whenever y’all’re tired or bored, you know what to hop onto, right? Just download Game Dove and take meliorate conversations with your friends while playing games along with.

Happy playing!