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Archiving is a feature on Instagram that lets you take posts off your public profile without deleting them. This article will talk y’all through the easiest manner to archive multiple posts, as well equally culling options like requesting a download link for all your data or temporarily disabling your whole business relationship without deleting information technology.

  1. 1

    Select your contour picture to go to your profile.
    Open the Instagram app on your phone or tablet. Tap your contour moving picture in the lesser correct corner of the screen to open up your profile.[1]

    • If y’all don’t have a contour moving picture, tap the profile icon in the same location. Information technology volition await like a grey silhouette of a head and shoulders.
    • At that place’southward no option to annal posts using the Instagram website, then you’ll need to do it from within the app.
  2. 2

    Tap the carte push.
    Once you’re in your profile, look for the menu button in the height right corner of the app. This button looks like a stack of 3 horizontal lines.[two]

    • When you tap the button, a menu will open from the bottom of the screen, displaying several options you lot tin choose from.


  3. three


    Your Activity

    from the menu.

    This option will appear most the peak of the list, only under

  4. 4


    Photos and Videos


    You’ll run across this most the top of the list.[4]

  5. five



    to open your list of film and video posts.

    You’ll see a list of different types of posts that you can manage, including
    Stories, and
    Posts. Tap
    to open a grid of thumbnails of all the photo and video posts you’ve made.[five]

    • Unfortunately, there is currently no selection to archive Reels on Instagram.
    • Instagram Stories are automatically archived, but you can toggle this option on and off in the
      menu. Go to
      Privacy, then tap
      to bank check whether
      Salve to Story Archive
      is switched on.[half-dozen]
  6. 6

    Hit the


    push and choose the posts you want to archive.

    Information technology’s in the upper right corner of the screen. A small circle will announced in the lower right corner of each thumbnail. Tap the circles to select as many posts equally you like.[7]

    • If you don’t want to archive all your posts, use the
      Sort & Filter
      choice in the height correct side of the screen to manage which posts are displayed and in what lodge. This volition make information technology easier to pick the ones you want to archive.
  7. 7

    Tap the


    push button to archive the selected posts.

    Y’all’ll come across it at the bottom of the screen and tap
    Archive. Depending on which version of the app you’re using, you may be prompted to tap
    again to confirm that you really want to archive the selected posts.[eight]

    • A message will pop upwardly confirming that you’ve archived the posts. Once posts are archived, they’ll no longer exist visible on your profile or in the listing of posts in the
      Your Activeness
      carte du jour.
    • Archiving hides your posts, but saves the posts and all the activity associated with them, such every bit likes and comments.
  8. viii



    from the primary menu to manage archived posts.

    If y’all desire to see your archived posts, open your profile and tap the menu push, then select
    Archive. Select
    Posts annal
    from the dropdown menu at the very top center of the screen.[9]

    • If you want to delete an archived post or make it visible again, tap the post to open up it, then striking the card icon (which looks like 3 dots in a row or column) at the top right side of the mail service. Select
      Evidence on Profile
  9. 9

    Speed up the process with an machine clicker app.
    If you have thousands of posts on your profile that you want to annal, doing it manually can become wearisome. Fortunately, there are a few apps y’all can use to make the procedure a niggling easier. These apps let you to automate repeated actions—such every bit selecting large numbers of images—so you don’t have to do information technology all yourself. Install the app on your telephone or tablet, then follow the instructions to lawmaking in the deportment you lot desire the app to perform.

    • Some popular car clicker apps for Android devices include Click Assistant, QuickTouch, and Automobile Clicker.
    • Options for iOS include Machine Clicker: Automatic Tap, Auto Clicker Scroll, and Machine Click.
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  1. ane

    Request a fill-in of your information from Instagram.
    If you want to have a backup copy of your posts and related activity (such as comments and likes), you can download all your data directly from Instagram. This is a skilful option if yous’re thinking of deleting your account birthday, but don’t want to lose all your stuff. To download your data:[x]

    • From the Instagram app menu, tap
      Your Action, and so
      Download your information. You’ll be prompted to enter information such as your e-mail address, the type of content you want to download, and the date range of the posts you desire to download. Enter your Instagram countersign, and then tap
    • On the Instagram website, click your profile motion-picture show, then click
      on the acme right side of the screen. Click
      Privacy and Security, and so curl down to
      Information download
      and select
      Request download. Enter an electronic mail address where you’d like to receive your data, then enter your Instagram password and click
      Request download.
    • Within about 48 hours, you’ll become an email at the address you provided with a link to your data. Click the
      Download data
      link and follow the instructions to download a zip file with all your Instagram information in information technology.
  2. 2

    Disable your business relationship if yous want to hide it without deleting it.
    If yous disable your account, you’ll all the same exist able to access all your posts on Instagram, but they won’t be visible to anyone else. You tin can always reactivate your business relationship if you desire to make your content public again. Yous tin can only disable your account from a computer or mobile browser, not direct from the app. To do it:[11]

    • Open up a browser on your estimator or phone and go to, then log in.
    • Click your contour motion picture, select
      Profile, and then click
      Edit Contour.
    • Scroll down and select
      Temporarily disable my account. You’ll be prompted to select the reason you’re disabling your business relationship from a dropdown menu.
    • Enter your Instagram password, and so click
      Temporarily Disable Account
      to confirm.
  3. iii

    Delete your account completely if yous don’t mind starting over.
    If yous’ve backed up your data and you lot desire to permanently get rid of your Instagram account, get to and log in to the account y’all’d like to delete. Select the reason you want to delete your account from the dropdown menu and then enter your Instagram password. Click
    Delete [your username]
    to complete the process.[12]

    • You can’t delete your business relationship from within the Instagram app, just from the website.
    • Once your account is deleted, yous tin’t reactivate it. You’ll demand to starting time over with a new username and password.
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