Can You Battery Share On Iphone

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Power Sharing or Wireless opposite charging
is a new feature on many smartphone devices and is still a piece of work in progress with the hope for more avant-garde developments. Apple is the leading flagship mobile manufacturing visitor, and its devices, which seem rather expensive than its competitors, are still a blindside for the buck. So, ane of the significant questions remains in people’s minds: How to share battery on iPhone? Does wireless contrary charging on iPhone even be? If yous are looking for tips nigh the aforementioned, we bring yous a helpful guide that will teach you how to share bombardment on iPhone or if it’s possible or not.

How to Share Battery on iPhone

Earlier getting to the ways to learn how to share battery on iPhone, allow us first see how the power-sharing feature work and which devices support this characteristic. Keep reading to know all this in particular!

How Does Phone Ability Sharing Feature Work?

When a current runs through a coil of wire and moves closer to another ringlet, a phenomenon known equally
electromagnetic consecration
occurs. And information technology is besides the working principle behind Power Sharing. With the Power Sharing characteristic, mobile phones will use their own battery to charge another phone without the use of any wires or adapters. You lot just need to connect your low-battery device to a telephone with more battery, and they volition substitution batteries by themselves. The Power Sharing feature tin exist used to
charge mobile phones,
Bluetooth devices, and smartwatches. Read till the terminate to know how to share battery on iPhone and other devices.

No, you cannot share the iPhone battery on iPhone devices, including iPhone xi, as Apple has not launched that feature yet.

iPhone 11 | How to Share Battery on iPhone

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Is It Possible to Transfer Battery From One iPhone to Another? Can You Transport Bombardment Life to Another Phone?

No, it is not possible to transfer the battery from 1 iPhone to another. Although, you can send battery from i telephone to another on only
selected models of Samsung smartphones
using the Wireless power sharing characteristic. Keep reading farther to learn how to share bombardment on iPhone and Samsung devices.

Yes, phones can share bombardment wirelessly with the power share characteristic, besides known as Wireless reverse charging. This characteristic is merely available across Samsung mobile phones and devices. With this feature, you can share the battery of one telephone with another compatible smartphone, Galaxy Sentry, and Galaxy Buds.

Power share or wireless reverse charging on iPhone isn’t a feature yet and is simply available on
Qi-certified devices
like the
Huawei P30 Pro
and across a few
Samsung models
such as:

  • Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra
  • Z Flip
  • Note10, Note10+
  • S10e, S10, S10+
  • Fold

It is not available on iOS devices as of now. Yous volition take to wait to know how to share battery on iPhone until Apple unveils this feature on its smart devices.

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How Does Battery Sharing Work on Samsung Milky way Phones?

Bombardment sharing is an inbuilt feature in Samsung Milky way phones that supports Qi wireless charging which tin charge whatsoever supported device. To share the battery, you need to follow these steps:

1. Open the

two. Whorl downwardly and tap on
Bombardment and device care.

Scroll down and tap on Battery and device care

3. Tap on

4. Tap on
Wireless power sharing
to toggle on the switch.

Tap on Wireless power sharing and toggle on the switch | How to Share Battery on iPhone

5. Put the 2 devices
back to dorsum
to connect and charge the desired device.

Annotation: Place the phone or device to be charged in the center of the other device to have the charging coils of both devices aligned.

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Does iPhone Have Wireless PowerShare? Can You AirDrop Battery?

No, the iPhone does not have wireless PowerShare. It is also
non possible to AirDrop the battery

as AirDrop is a feature that lets you transfer files and data wirelessly across Apple devices. Therefore, it is advisable that you carry a power bank with you at all times if you apply an iPhone. And then, as of at present, you cannot know how to share battery on iPhone.

How to use AirDrop feature

It is
not possible to share the battery on iPhone eleven, 12, or 13. The feature may go unveiled in the future by Apple for the flagship devices, But for now, you can only meet and use the PowerShare or wireless reverse charging characteristic in a few Samsung and Huawei smartphones.

No, y’all cannot share the battery on iOS 14 or iOS 15. Although it is rumored that there is the technology of wireless reverse charging on iPhone, Apple has blocked it from working. Co-ordinate to sources that provide insider information nearly Apple, wireless reverse charging on iPhone is blocked, as it did not perform up to their expectations.

If at some betoken, they are confident enough to release this engineering again, we might be able to see this characteristic on future iOS versions. And y’all can access this feature with the post-obit steps to acquire how to share battery on iPhone:

 1. Open up the
app from the app drawer on iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhone | Wireless reverse charging on iPhone

two. Tap on the

Tap on the Battery option | How to Share Battery on iPhone

3. Power sharing feature will be available in this
menu as a toggle switch once it is launched. Then just, you will know how to share battery on iPhone.

Power sharing feature will be available in this Battery menu as a toggle switch once it is launched. Wireless reverse charging on iPhone


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