Can You Change Mac Keyboard Color

If it wasn’t obvious after the introduction of widgets with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple fans desire the ability to customize how their phone looks. While you can practice this by changing the icons with the help of Shortcuts and using widgets, that isn’t the entire puzzle. Today, nosotros’re going to accept a await at how to alter keyboard color for both the iPhone and the iPad.

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  • Switch to Dark Style
  • Try a Tertiary-Party Keyboard App
    • Gboard
    • Microsoft SwiftKey
    • FancyKey – Keyboard Themes
    • Kika Keyboard for iPhone, iPad

Switch to Dark Mode

The easiest manner for yous to modify keyboard colour from the white/grey default is to enable dark mode. This doesn’t require you to install any apps from the App Store. Plus, you’ll exist able to speedily turn Dark Mode on or off if y’all don’t want to have it scheduled to automatically practise then. Hither’south how to alter keyboard color using Dark Mode:

  1. Open up the
    app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Curl down and tap
    Brandish & Brightness.
  3. Tap
    nether the
    department at the top.

By selecting the Nighttime manner, this means that your entire interface will now be themed. This is great for those who don’t like the lighter theme offered past default. Yous can even go so far as to switch between Light and Dark modes based on the time of day.

Nevertheless, if you want to manually turn the Dark theme on and off, yous tin can add it right to the Control Center.

  1. Open the
    app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and tap
    Control Center.
  3. Under
    More Controls, tap the
    Plus (+)
    sign next to
    Dark Style.
  4. When added to
    Included Controls, elevate and concord the Nighttime Manner option and movement it in the lodge of which information technology will appear in the Control Middle.

One time this is done, you tin hands toggle Dark Style on and off only by opening Control Center.

Try a Third-Party Keyboard App

While Dark Mode is keen for near people, it’due south not exactly the nigh glorious pick for those who truly want to customize their keyboard. A few years ago, Apple added the ability to use third-political party keyboards on the iPhone and iPad. There are still some limitations, such as these not being able to exist used to enter passwords. Withal, if you desire to truly theme your iPhone or iPad keyboard, hither are a few of our favorites.


Gboard tips for iPhone users featured

Exterior of the “stock” keyboard app, Gboard is arguably the next all-time option when it comes to actually typing. There are a few different theming options, such every bit setting custom backgrounds and customizing what your keys look like. But there are other features available with Gboard that y’all won’t find on your current keyboard, such equally haptic feedback whenever you press a primal. And the all-time part is that Gboard is completely free.

  • Download Gboard

Microsoft SwiftKey

If we had to pick a third-all-time overall keyboard app, it would easily exist SwiftKey. The premise is, of course, the same, as y’all’ll be able to use a third-party keyboard with theming options. Simply SwiftKey has been around for years and even afterwards existence purchased by Microsoft, the app is actively updated with new features or simply bug fixes. Like Gboard, SwiftKey is free on the App Store.

  • Download Microsoft SwiftKey

FancyKey – Keyboard Themes

There are 3rd-party keyboard apps like Gboard and SwiftKey that put a focus on an improved typing experience commencement and foremost. Just then in that location are apps like FancyKey that put theming and customizing in a higher place all. FancyKey allows you to create custom themes that you won’t find anywhere else, and you tin fifty-fifty use custom fonts, something that isn’t bachelor on the options listed above.

  • Download FancyKey – Keyboard Themes

Kika Keyboard for iPhone, iPad

Take all of the great things nearly FancyKey and turn them up a notch. Now throw them backside a scrap of a paywall and that’due south what you become with Kika Keyboard. The app offers hundreds of themes to choose from, along with the ability to create your own themed keyboard. However, you’ll demand to purchase “coins” in order to unlock all of the options.

  • Download Kika Keyboard for iPhone, iPad

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