Set upwards your Stadia Controller

Earlier you begin

  • To set up your Stadia Controller, you’ll demand to install the Stadia app on your Android device (Android version 6.0 or greater).
  • To play games on Stadia using a Television receiver, y’all demand a Chromecast Ultra, a supported Android TV device, a Google TV device such every bit Chromecast with Google Television, or a compatible smart TV. Brand sure that your device is set up and connected to a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet.
    • Note: Some devices have an Ethernet port on their power adapter. If possible, use an Ethernet cable to plug your device into your Wi-Fi router for the best operation. You tin can also purchase an adapter for Chromecast with Google Television set if yous don’t take ane.
  • To play games on Stadia using your laptop or PC, you lot’ll need to install the latest version of Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Your Stadia Controller’s battery must exist charged.

Set up your Stadia Controller on Wi-Fi

The Stadia app uses Location access, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® to find and set upwardly your controller. If any of these are turned off when y’all begin setup, yous’ll be asked to turn them on during the setup process.

  1. To turn on your Stadia Controller, press and concur the Stadia button

    for ii seconds until information technology vibrates.
  2. On your mobile device, open the Stadia app
    Stadia icon.
  3. In the tiptop right, tap the controller icon
  4. Select your controller from the list.
  5. When your controller starts vibrating, tap
    and then
  6. Tap
    Connect to [network name], where [network name] is the Wi-Fi network your mobile device is connected to.

    • To connect your Stadia Controller to a different network, tap
      Cull a unlike network.
  7. Enter your Wi-Fi password, then tap
    Connect to Wi-Fi
    and then
  8. Your controller will download and install an update. Yous don’t demand to look for the update to stop before continuing.
  9. Tap

Link your Stadia Controller to a screen

You can use your Stadia Controller to play games on a TV or supported streaming device, on a computer using Google Chrome, or on a supported mobile device.

Link to Chromecast Ultra

Link to Google TV or Android Goggle box

Link your controller to a laptop or desktop reckoner using Google Chrome

Link to a Stadia-compatible smart TV

Link your controller to a compatible mobile device using the Stadia app

Critical software updates to your Stadia Controller

When critical software updates are released for your Stadia Controller, they will be applied automatically when it connects to Wi-Fi. Here’s how it works:

  1. Printing and hold the Stadia push

    for 1 2nd to turn on your Stadia Controller.
  2. The Stadia push button will slowly blink white for approximately 12 seconds while it connects to Wi-Fi.
  3. The Stadia button volition glimmer orange and white while it applies the critical update. During this fourth dimension y’all won’t be able to use your controller.

You can as well check if your Stadia Controller software is existence updated:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Stadia app
    Stadia icon.
  2. Tap the Controller icon.

After any updates finish, your Stadia Controller will restart and the Stadia button will slowly blink white again for approximately 12 seconds while it reconnects to Wi-Fi.

BLUETOOTH is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

USB-C is a registered trademark of USB Implementers Forum.

iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

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