Can You Get Pixelmon On Ps4

Pokemon is a worldwide miracle that has continued to thrive for over two decades, as trainers aim to exist the very best. Similar a lot of Nintendo backdrop though, the franchise is virtually never available for platforms outside of the Nintendo make.

Not to worry though, every bit we have five games like Pokemon on PS4 if yous’re looking for something similar.

Games Like Pokemon on PS4

Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch (PS Now)

Level-5 created something special with the Ni No Kuni series, blending the style and stories of Studio Ghibli films – working with Studio Ghibli – with turn-based combat RPG fans know and love.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch embodies the best parts of that union, enhancing and improving upon everything from the DS version of the game, Ni no Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch follows Oliver, a young boy whisked away to another globe following the tragic loss of his mother. Aslope mystical creatures, magic, and other strange entities, this world may grant him the ability to relieve his mother.

In social club to complete this job, he must gather creatures plant spread throughout the world, simply known as familiars. Specific familiars contain unique looks, every bit well as upgradable statistics and capabilities.

Using these familiars, along with Oliver and other companions, you’ll battle enemies using a classic turn-based battle system.

Like Pokemon, certain types of creatures will work better against detail opponents, meaning that communicable a diverseness of dissimilar familiars volition be of import for strategic purposes.

For those interested, Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch is available on PS Now.

Games Like Pokemon on PS4

Persona v

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E’er wanted a more mature, story-driven take on Pokemon? You’re in luck, every bit Persona v might be the closest thing to an adult version of Pokemon that gamers tin hope for.

Taking place in modernistic-day Tokyo, Persona five follows a group of vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. This ring of thieves is unlike whatever other though, every bit they explore a supernatural realm looking to change malevolent intent from the hearts of adults into a personal proceeds for themselves.

So how does this overlap with Pokemon? Well, both take similar collect-em-all mindsets and combat features.

Instead of Pokemon, Person five tasks players with collecting Personas, physical manifestations of each characters psyche. Each of these come with varying strengths and weaknesses, and then knowing which Persona is the best pick is vital to succeeding confronting the game’s antagonists, Shadows.

New Personas can be unlocked through success, opening up different options for handling enemies, though combat does always come downwardly to an advantage vs disadvantage structure.

Persona 5 keeps this from existence repetitive via distinct traits like “Concur Ups” and “All-Out Attack,” which reward players for planning and executing attacks with precision.

Persona five might seem like the weirdest game on this list simply the similarities with Pokemon simply can’t be ignored.

Games Similar Pokemon on PS4

World of Final Fantasy

Of all the games on this list, Final Fantasy is the one serial that has every bit much of a mainstream following every bit Pokemon.

World of Last Fantasy is an interesting installment though, as it builds upon the franchise’southward usual RPG mechanics by adding the ability to befriend and capture monsters.

Known as Mirages, these monsters can be obtained throughout Earth of Terminal Fantasy, each featuring unique looks and abilities. Afterwards they have been sufficiently weakened, players tin can add together them to their team.

The master caveat when it comes to capturing Mirages is that certain requirements must exist met earlier befriending them. Once apart of your roster, they begin to level up with each utilize, growing their skill sets to all-time fit your needs.

While the turn-based gainsay doesn’t deviate from the other RPGs too much, World of Last Fantasy allows for stack-able combinations betwixt monsters of different classes.

This gameplay element results in some interesting strategy, as shuffling around your party to add harm variety becomes a game in and of itself.

Games Like Pokemon on PS4

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth


Digimon will also be associated with Pokemon, as it is seen as one of the first and about successful counterparts to the dearest monster catching series.

But while the Digital Monsters franchise has its own loyal fanbase, it e’er finds itself in second place by a wide margin in this rivalry, both in games and anime.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is an exception to that pattern though, as Media.Vision beat GameFreak to the punch on the console market with their RPG.

In this third-person championship, players assume the role of either Takumi Aiba, a human being that can command Digimon. Just like Pokemon, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth allows players to cull from three main partners at the start: Palmon, Terriermon, and Hagurumon.

Regardless of who is picked, the game follows a linear storyline in which Aiba must battle and capture other Digimon in society to build a roster to defeat strong opponents.

Type advantages and leveling are identical to Pokemon, which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the series.

The battle system doesn’t endeavour to set up what isn’t broken either, focusing on turn-based tactics and assuasive for the use of items every bit well.

PlayStation fans that have been avidly awaiting a possible Pokemon console game, or at least an equivalent, should give this 1 a shot.

Games Like Pokemon on PS4

Siralim 2

Pokemon will always exist the first thing people think of when talking near monster-catching RPGs, as it continues to put out new iterations and maintain popularity with each generation.

Siralim two is proof that it isn’t the just highly-seasoned serial in the genre though.

The biggest draw for Siralim two is that it boasts infinite possibilities in regards to its content. While it is possible to play most Pokemon games forever, cheers to the Elite Four, Boxing Towers, and other mechanics, level caps and other limitations restrict certain gameplay elements.

Siralim 2 features no limits or level caps of whatsoever kind, a mechanic that goes alongside its procedural generated levels perfectly. Players can traverse dungeons throughout the game and never experience the same layout or situation twice.

Couple this all with the deep crafting system and hundreds of customizable creatures and you can come across why Siralim 2 calls itself the ultimate monster-catching RPG.

Siralim 3 is also gear up to arrive on the PS4 at some indicate soon, giving ample time to larn and love Siralim 2 before its release.

And that does it for five games like Pokemon on PS4 in case you lot’re looking for like games! Let u.s. know any nosotros missed downwards in the comments beneath.