Can You Put Airpods In Rice


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Dropped your AirPods in water? Nosotros’re deplorable to hear that! Fortunately, our team has outlined some helpful recommendations for preventing h2o damage and getting them back safe and audio.

As y’all’ve probably learned the hard mode, AirPods are non waterproof. Start and Second generation AirPods and the over-the-ear AirPods Max offer zero waterproof or h2o-resistant capabilities. But the

AirPods Pro is IPX4 h2o-resistant

– but merely to a sure degree. This means if you accidentally dropped your AirPods in water or they

became super sweaty from working out
, you should dry them immediately.

Nosotros’re sure you’re wondering, “but doesn’t Apple tree cover whatsoever damages?” Good question. Just unfortunately, in this case, the respond is no. AirPods and Apple AirPods accessories typically come with a ane-year warranty. But this warranty does non cover accidents or modifications. This means if yous dropped your AirPods in water or accidentally done them in your jeans pocket, you’re patently out of luck. So it’s upwardly to you to know what to do to proceed your AirPods in working society. Read forth to observe our top tips for preventing h2o damage to your AirPods.

Dry Your AirPods Immediately

Every bit soon equally you have dropped your AirPods in water, effort to remember them chop-chop. Dry them off immediately every bit best equally you can, wiping away whatsoever visible moisture or droplets. Dry the AirPods case too if necessary. To avert scratching the AirPods and the case, stick to a gentle microfiber cloth.

In one case your AirPods are dry, permit them time to air dry out. You may not see h2o on them, but information technology doesn’t hateful there couldn’t exist moisture trapped inside. Do the same with the charging case, leaving the lid open up and the AirPods removed so any excess moisture can escape. Balance them on a dry out countertop or tabular array and let them dry naturally. Exist patient and don’t utilise products to force dry out them similar a loftier temperature blow dryer, as this can overheat and permanently damage your AirPods. And be sure to remove the

AirPods example cover

to avert any trapped moisture (go ahead and clean your instance cover while yous’re at it!).

Learn How to Clean an AirPods Instance Here

Furthermore, avoid using your AirPods or turning them on until they accept had time to dry. We recommend giving them at to the lowest degree two to three hours, but overnight is improve. A few days’ time is more than than sufficient, if you want to be thorough.

Skip the Rice – Use Desiccant Packets Instead!

packets of desiccant silica gel



When you lot drop your phone in h2o, a bag of rice does the fob in absorbing any remaining moisture. Notwithstanding, AirPods are not exactly the aforementioned as phones. They have larger holes and ports where smaller rice granules can become stuck and lodged inside, so for this reason lone, we say skip the rice method. So what tin can you apply? Desiccant packets offer the perfect solution!

Desiccant packets

are those paper packets that comprise silica gel chaplet found in new products similar shoe boxes and electronics. They are added to the box to absorb any moisture and they tin can do the same for your AirPods. So, yous can upcycle these useful packets for times like this when you have dropped your AirPods in water. Just add together a few desiccant packets and your AirPods to a sealable bag and allow the packets work their magic.

Test Your AirPods’ Sound Quality

Once you have left your AirPods to dry out out for a good period of time, test them! Connect them via Bluetooth to your iPhone and make sure they nonetheless have a good sound quality and that nothing sounds distorted. Hold a telephone call with them and listen to music, testing them through various methods.

One tried and true testing method is to use the

Articulate Wave app
. While this Apple tree app is primarily used for phones, it can work to test your AirPods just likewise. Notwithstanding, it’s best to use this app immediately later dropping your AirPods in water. Open the Articulate Wave app and play the ultra-low, high frequency sound waves to vibrate the water out of each AirPods speaker. Wipe away the h2o every bit it comes out and repeat several times. It’due south that like shooting fish in a barrel!

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Sadly, unlike many Apple products, AirPods lack a

h2o damage indicator
. So how can you lot determine if your AirPods are caput? 1 telltale sign of permanent damage is that your AirPods volition accept a hard time connecting to your iPhone or other Apple devices or even turning on or charging. If this is the instance, you might need to replace them.

One fashion to foreclose damage to your AirPods is to continue them protected in a covered case. Just like nosotros protect iPhones with

phone cases
, and so must y’all

protect your AirPods with an AirPods example
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