Can You Remove Ads From Snapchat

Snapchat helps creators and businesses target potential customers based on their online activeness, interests, and available data. These ads can be geo-filters, sponsored lenses, videos, or app installation prompts.

While these ads help businesses and creators target you lot, they can disrupt your activities on the app. Luckily, you lot tin can get rid of these ads for a smooth Snapchat experience.

So how do yous become rid of Snapchat ads?

To get rid of Snapchat ads, become to Snapchat settings, select “Manage” under “Additional Services, and tap on the “Ad Preferences” button. Uncheck all the boxes to disable all audience-based, activity-based, and tertiary-party ad networks.

We prepared this article to testify y’all how to get rid of Snapchat ads.

  1. Overview of Getting Rids of Snapchat Ads
  2. How To Get Rid of Snapchat Ads?
    • How To Get Rid of Snapchat Ads on Android
    • How To Get Rid of Snapchat Ads on iOS
  3. Wrapping Upwards
  4. FAQs

Overview of Getting Rids of Snapchat Ads

Snapchat ads enable advertisers to achieve their target audience based on their online activities, interests, location, and other parameters. Depending on the data you consume online, you’ll see geo-filters, video ads, sponsored lenses, and app installation ads.

For instance, if you recently searched for ‘best payday loan apps in California’ on your browser, you might become a payday loan app installation prompt ad on Snapchat.

These ads aid
businesses and creators reach their target audition. However, too many ads can be overwhelming, ruining your Snapchat experience. Fortunately, Snapchat lets you manage your ad experiences by enabling or disabling the ads from settings.

Snapchat wants its users to take a positive advert experience by showing relevant, fun, and engaging ads. The ad director features 3 categories: audience-based, action-based, and third-political party-based ads.

You lot can enable or disable ads from 3 categories based on your preference. Suppose yous subscribed to Netflix with an email address and used the same email accost to register for Snapchat. In that case, you might go an ad nearly a new movie release through the tertiary-party-based advertisement feature because Netflix has your contact data.

If yous don’t want to meet more ads from Netflix or whatsoever other third-party advertisers, you lot can disable the 3rd-party-based ads. Notwithstanding, y’all tin nonetheless get some ads, which may be irrelevant to you.

How To Get Rid of Snapchat Ads?

Getting rid of Snapchat ads depends on whether you use an Android or iOS phone. Let’s await at each method below:

How To Get Rid of Snapchat Ads on Android

Follow these steps to become rid of Snapchat ads on an Android device:

  1. Open
    on your Android device.
  2. Tap your
    in the summit left corner.
  3. Printing the
    gear icon (settings)
    in the top correct corner.
  4. Ringlet downwardly the carte du jour to “Privacy Control” and select “Ads.
  5. Tap “Ad Preferences.”
  6. Uncheck all the boxes
    to disable “Audience-based,” “Activity-based,” and “Third-Party Advertizing Networks.”

How To Become Rid of Snapchat Ads on iOS

Follow these steps to get rid of Snapchat ads on an iPhone:

  1. Open up
    on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on your
    in the top left corner.
  3. Tap the
    gear icon (settings)
    in the superlative right corner.
  4. Curl down to “Additional Services” and select “Manage.”
  5. Printing “Advert Preferences.”
  6. Toggle off each category
    to disable the “Audience-based,” “Activity-based,” and “Third-Party Ad Networks.”

Disabling all the ads on Snapchat limits the number of ads you see, but it does not get rid of the ads entirely. You might all the same encounter ads sometimes, but these volition be random and irrelevant.

Wrapping Upwards

As we have learned, getting rid of Snapchat ads differs slightly depending on your device. This article showed you lot how to disable some advertizing categories on Android and iOS devices.

The bottom line of these methods is disabling the audience-based, activity-based, and third-party ad networks.


Snapchat shows yous ads based on your online activities, preferences, and the information they have nigh your browsing activity on and off Snapchat. If yous adopt not to see these ads, you can disable them nether your advertizing manager section in Settings.

Information technology depends. Disabling ads on Snapchat may make them go away, merely non entirely. Yous limit the number of ads y’all see, but you might still get some random and irrelevant ads.