Can You Repair Bows In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most addicting games always created, and with the frequent updates with more features, mobs, and weapons, every role player gets excited and wants to test the new possibilities as soon as possible.

We all have experienced the sadness of breaking our sound equipment in Minecraft just don’t worry because they can exist repaired, and this article will exist focused on fixing your broken bow in Minecraft.

Repairing a Bow in Minecraft

Bows in Minecraft are offensive weapons also used to kill all kinds of mobs, including the undead zombies and other players. They inflict severe harm and tin further be enchanted or enhanced, making them even more deadly weapons with the capability of I Hit Grand.O.

Just subsequently using information technology for some time, you will feel a loss in durability every bit the arrows won’t travel far, which could give an advantage to your ranged enemies, and you probably don’t want that.

Then, to repair your bow, you can use either one of the following:

  1. Anvil
  2. Crafting tabular array
  3. Grindstone

Repairing a Bow using Anvil in Minecraft

The anvil is a must-have detail if you want to repair, enchant, or rename your weapons or tools and nosotros will repair our cleaved bow using it by combining it with some other bow in the anvil.

Here you tin can see the “Enchantment cost: ii,” and this is what yous must pay with your XP that you can get by doing almost anything in Minecraft.

Getting Anvil in Minecraft

To go your hands on an anvil, you must follow our guide, how to Enchant in Minecraft, in which we have explained the items required to craft an anvil and where you can find them in detail.

Can the Enchanted Bow be Fixed in Minecraft?

Yes, yous can fix the enchanted bow in Minecraft using an anvil, and y’all tin as well enchant your bow and other tools or weapons using it, and yous can learn more about enchantment in our guide.

How to Repair a Bow using Crafting Table in Minecraft

The bow can be repaired using the crafting table, only you should just utilise it when you don’t accept the anvil because information technology cannot fix the enchanted bow, and when you try to repair the enchanted bow, information technology will return information technology as a standard bow without any enchantment.

How to Repair a Bow using the Grindstone in Minecraft?

The grindstone is like the crafting table as it won’t help you repair the enchanted bow, so again, we don’t recommend using information technology on the enchanted bow.

Yous tin see how we crafted the grindstone in our guide.

The grindstone also removes any enchantment on your tools or weapons.


Q: How many times can the bow be repaired in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, yous tin can repair the bow about 39 times.

Q: What to do if you lot cannot repair your bow every bit it says, “too expensive”?

You will be needing a new bow equally this i is useless now.

Q: Bow vs. Crossbow, which is better in Minecraft?

We will recommend the crossbow for more damage and the bow for speed.


When you continuously apply your bow, information technology will become erstwhile and need to be repaired, as a cleaved bow will requite your enemies an advantage over you. Eventually, yous will die, then it is a good practice to keep your bows repaired and ready for boxing, and today we learned how you could repair the bow in Minecraft using 3 unlike materials.

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