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Netflix’s ever-growing repertoire means that there’s something for anybody, but it as well means a seemingly endless listing of media that can be intimidating. If yous have as much problem choosing what to scout as us, look no further. We’ve locked downwardly the best show per each genre on Netflix so that yous can but spring to whatsoever you lot like best and detect the next show to curl upward in bed with.

Comedy – The Function

Can y’all believe at that place are still people who haven’t seen The Office? As surprising as information technology may seem, it’south truthful, and if you are one of those people, let this be your final button towards checking out the Television receiver comedy classic. If you’re commonly turned off by sitcoms, don’t let that stop you – The Office is no regular sitcom, and its deadpan humor makes for jokes that are notwithstanding existence echoed by people all over the world years later on. Seriously, don’t await whatsoever longer. Watch The Office. Right now. Go.

Another popular championship, this show is full of both humour and drama, following the pb Piper as she enters the twisted world of women’s prison. Nighttime and lite and full of twists, it has a graphic symbol for everyone to love. It also has LGBT representation in it if that is something you look for, and if not information technology’s very enjoyable regardless. The show also sheds some light on the real issues United states prisons confront, and how the inmates have to deal with most of them by themselves. It also doesn’t help that the opening song is absolutely killer.

Crime – Narcos

Following the path of Colombian drug cartels, this bear witness is dark, gritty and marvelously twisty. It’due south based on the true story of Pablo Escobar. If you like high-stakes drama, hedonism and criminal offense shows, Narcos is perfect for you lot. The show is too not-stop action, so you don’t need to worry nearly falling asleep during a late-nighttime binge. A little bit Breaking Bad, a little bit The Heist, Narcos is certain to be enjoyable by fans of nitty-gritty crime.

Supernatural – American Horror Story

With seven seasons American Horror Story could intimidate a more casual viewer, but not to worry. Each season stands on its own two feet as an independent horror telling. Though intended for mature audiences, American Horror Story tin exist enjoyed by anyone over fifteen with enough spunk to stand up to the creeptastic show it puts on. Plus, did we mention it has an amazing soundtrack? Because it does.

Superheroes – Luke Cage

Marvel’south Luke Muzzle is one of the most critically acclaimed shows available on Netflix right now, and for good reason. Based on the comic book hero of the aforementioned name, it’south set up in the Curiosity Cinematic Universe (MCU) – which is a selling point in of itself – and takes identify in Harlem, New York. The line Cage toes between hero and villain is the most compelling role of the series, so if you’re a fan of gray morality and tough choices, Luke Cage is definitely going to enrapture you.

Food – Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Though Anthony Bourdain’due south passing was a tragic loss both for the nutrient scene and the globe in general, his legacy lives on through this travel and food evidence he filmed from 2013 to his decease. If you’re a foodie and dearest seeing dissimilar cultures’ takes on dishes, this show is perfect for you. Anthony Bourdain is also a pleasant host, with a vocalism many find soothing and commentary that sheds fascinating low-cal on both the history and the make-up of the dishes shown on screen.