Can You Track Airpods When Reset

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The biggest question you lot tin can ask yourself is, Tin I Reset A Stolen AirPod? Let’s discuss the answer in detail.

Probably it is possible that you can reset the stolen AirPod, but with a trick. Still, information technology is non certain that the trick will work for everyone. It will non take more than v minutes to cheque whether this trick volition work for you or not. And so feel complimentary to give it a try. But earlier getting to know how to reset stolen AirPods, know whether you tin runway stolen AirPods afterward resetting.

Can A Stolen AirPods Exist Tracked Afterwards Resetting It?

Information technology is and then simple to track a stolen AirPod. But no stolen AirPod can be tracked in one case reset. So, if you are the owner of any Apple device or AirPods that does not belong to you, make sure to reset it earlier using it so that the previous owner cannot rail information technology.

How To Reset Stolen AirPods

Before y’all pair stolen AirPods with the phone, make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps to reset them, so they volition not exist tracked by anyone else. Let’s take a await.

  • Place the stolen AirPods in their example by keeping the hat airtight.
  • Be patient, wait for at least 30 seconds, so open up the chapeau.
  • Take the Apple device in your easily, and motility to settings.
  • Then go to Bluetooth and turn it on. Now tap the tiny” i” icon nowadays next to the AirPods.
  • Now tap on Forget This Device and once more tap to ostend.
  • Keep the example lid open up, press and concord the push button present at the back of the case for almost 15 seconds until the front light flashes amber.
  • While keeping the lid open, place the AirPods about your telephone and showtime following the on-screen instruction to reconnect the AirPods.

This is the simple step by which you tin reset the stolen AirPods belonging to Apple. In this way, the AirPods are unable to recognize the device paired with them previouslyOpeningng the AirPods case well-nigh your iOS device will showtime the setup procedure, making y’all did for the commencement time.

How To Reset Original And Second-Generation ‌AirPods‌

Nosotros also bring something to increase your cognition when you know how to reset stolen AirPods. Yes, here, you will know how to reset original and second-generation AirPods rapidly. Read and experience like shooting fish in a barrel by following the given steps.


Firstly, make sure that both the AirPods are present in the charging case and the earbuds and instance are fully charged.

  1. Please search for the back button of the case, present virtually the lesser as it flushes with the case and of the same color, so you have to feel information technology gently using your paw.
  2. Now open the chapeau of the charging case.
  3. Press and agree the dorsum button for about 15 seconds. You will notice that the case internal lite placed between the

    AirPods will flash white kickoff, then bister. That is the indication that the AirPods

    have reset.
  4. Call back, in the Wireless Charging Example, y’all will discover this low-cal on the front of the case.

As simple equally you lot want, past using these steps, you lot will easily reset your second-generation AirPods.

Often Asked Questions

  • Tin Someone Reset Stolen AirPods?

What volition you lot exercise if you lose the

AirPods, or a thief stole them? This is the worst scenario if the thief has an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device. Then information technology is piece of cake to reset the stolen AirPods.Unluckily, there is no way to cake the stolen or lost AirPods every bit they do not connect via Wi-Fi. You volition just go them dorsum if you are lucky enough. Sorry, just this is true.

  • Tin can Stolen Airpods Be Used?

Yes, if anyone steals the whole fix, it can be used comfortably. A pair button icon is present at the dorsum of the AirPods case that connects them with other devices. One time stolen and out of your phone reach, information technology is possible that others used them.

  • Can I Reset Airpods I institute?

Yous tin exercise information technology by following the steps already mentioned in this article. Open the Settings app, turn on Bluetooth, press the case push button, and find them on nearby devices. Once the light flashes white then amber, information technology means they reset.

  • Do Airpods Accept GPS Tracking?


AirPods use the phone’s GPS for tracking, as they do not have specified GPS. So, information technology is non possible to track them if they are out of attain. We tin see the terminal location ( last fourth dimension they connect to your phone, keeping the location services on) but recall nosotros are not talking about alive location.

  • Can Apple Track Stolen AirPods Past Serial Number?

The simple and straight answer is no; you tin not track them using a serial number.

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