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franchise be found online and are they available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? While the species of bloodsucking vampires had been portrayed as romantic figures prior to Stephanie Meyer’s breakout series of teen fantasy books, going all the way back to Bram Stoker’s
Dracula, the author offered a very different spin on the creatures with her massive hit,Twilight. The first in the correct viewing of the Twilight Saga series places the focus on Bella Swan, a teenage loner who ends up falling for swain loner Edward Cullen in her new school. As the pair slowly merely surely grow closer, Bella before long realizes that her new love and his family unit are actually vampires, though they don’t drink human blood and sparkle in the daylight.

Managing director Catherine Hardwicke helmed the first movie adaptation, with
casting Kristen Stewart equally Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward. It launched the careers of both actors and became a massive blockbuster back in 2008. The stars returned for the sequels, with the franchise coming to a close with 2012’s
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part ii. Much like the novels, the sequel movies were never as well-reviewed, but they created a fanbase of devoted watchers across the world who still adore the franchise to this day.

For those who want to relive theTwilight Saga in its entirety, the movies were already like shooting fish in a barrel to runway down online, but take since become even more and then. All five movies are currently streaming on both Amazon Prime and Netflix, in addition to DirecTV and Freeform, in the United States. Outside of the two behemothic streaming platforms, every entry in the franchise is available to hire or purchase from iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and other outlets from prices typically starting from $three.99 per movie.

Bella and Edward at the forest in Twilight.

2020 finally saw the release of Stephanie Meyer’s long-delayedMidnight Sun, which retold the story of the original story in the Twilight timeline, but from the perspective of Edward Cullen himself. That release last yr paved the mode for a renewed interest in the hugely popular movie franchise, and fans can now get their hands on it through Netflix every bit well every bit Amazon Prime number. For fans of the vampiric romance series, they tin get their gear up from more places than e’er before. As far as a flick franchise reboot goes, things are looking less likely.

While both Pattinson and Stewart have expressed their deep thankfulness for the impact thatThe Twilight Saga
had on their careers, each has moved on in their careers to piece of work on other projects. That’s without mentioning the problems that stalk from having ageless vampires at the core of the story. Should a reboot exist in the works, it is unlikely that Stewart and Pattinson would return. A far more probable outcome is thatMidnight Sun could become the ground for a reboot of the


series on the big screen, though in that location doesn’t currently appear to be any plans for a new pic.

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