Apple iPhone and iPad users resort to Facetime for their video calling needs as it’due south consistently the most seamless app natively available, with several useful features. Nonetheless, people have been reporting bug related to Facetime photos not saving since iOS 12, and the issue seems to have carried on through iOS versions.

In this commodity, we’ve explained why Facetime photos are not saving and nine ways to fix the upshot.

Why are FaceTime Photos not saving?

While one of the major reasons for Facetime Photos not saving is oftentimes cited every bit the iOS version of the device as iOS 11 and earlier versions, don’t support all features of Facetime live photos. You need to be using at least iOS 12 to utilise Facetime photos seamlessly. Another reason for the mistake could besides be the deviation in iOS devices of the sender and recipient on Facetime.

Other than this, temporary bugs and glitches with your device’s iOS version or Facetime app could also be causing the result.

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How to fix FaceTime Photos not saving error?

We’ve listed nine potential fixes for the Facetime photos not saving issue on iPhone or iPad.

Restart your iPhone

Ane of the first things you should exercise is try and restart your iPhone to run across if that resolves the issue. Restarting your device can solve many seemingly random issues that would otherwise be quite catchy to debug.

Disable and re-enable FaceTime

You tin effort disabling Facetime from the settings are re-enabling it to cheque if the live photos start saving again.

  • Head over to the settings and tapFacetime.
  • Disable theFacetimetoggle and and then enable it after a few minutes.

Now endeavor making a Facetime call over again, and this should hopefully take had fixed your issue.

On macOS

If you’re on a Mac, open the Facetime app, head over toPreferencesand uncheckEnable this account.Wait for a few minutes and check the option back again.

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Sign out of FaceTime and sign back in again

Signing out of Facetime and signing back in again can help freshen things up and hopefully resolve any issues y’all’re facing on the mode. Here’s how.

Why is my Facetime not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Head over to settings and tapFaceTime.
  • Tap your Apple ID
  • ChooseSign Out.

One time you’re logged out, log back in again using the aforementioned Apple tree ID and bank check if you lot can brand Facetime calls now.

On macOS

Open the Facetime app and head over to thePreferencesfrom the menu bar. Click on theSign Outbutton at the top of the window and ostend the action. Once you’re logged out, log in once again to encounter if Facetime works.

Disable FaceTime restrictions

If you lot’re non able to see the Facetime icon at all on your device or aren’t seeing whatever content associated with it, including live photos, chances are it’s getting trapped in some screen fourth dimension or content restrictions by accident. Follow these steps to gear up this.

Why is my Facetime not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Caput over to the settings and tapScreen Fourth dimension.
  • Tap onContent & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Caput over toImmune Apps.
  • Make certain that the Facetime and Camera apps are enabled.

On macOS

On a Mac, head over toOrganisation Preferencesfollowed byScreen Time.SelectContent & Privacyfrom the sidebar, and under theAppstab, check the Facetime and Camera apps.

Enable/Disable FaceTime Alive Photos

You can only take Facetime live photos if all the participants in the video call have the feature enabled. Apple allows people to disable Facetime live photos feature to stay in control of their privacy.

If someone on the Facetime call has disabled the feature, you’ll get a ‘Facetime photos must be enabled on both devices’ message.

Open iPhone/iPad settings and follow the steps mentioned below to toggle Facetime alive photos to be captured during a Facetime video call.

  • Whorl down and tap on
  • And so tap on the toggle button beside
    Facetime Live Photos
    to enable the feature.

If all the participants have got this feature enabled and withal you’re facing the Facetime photos not saving error, disable the feature and enable it again.

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Enable/Disable iCloud Photos

If you’ve enabled iCloud backups for Photos and null has fixed the issue and then far, you can endeavour toggle the iCloud Photos characteristic.

Open iPhone/iPad settings and follow the steps mentioned beneath to toggle Facetime alive photos to be saved to your iCloud account.

  • Scroll downward and tap on
  • Then curlicue downwards and tap on the toggle button beside
    iCloud Photos
    — disable it and enable information technology once more.

Bank check for iOS updates

Another potential reason for iMessage waiting for activation mistake could exist a bug in iOS. Generally, developers realise this quickly and release patches or subsequent updates to fix such issues.

Follow these steps to ensure that you accept the latest iOS version installed on your phone.

Why is iMessage not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Head over to the settings and tap onGeneral.
  • Tap onSoftware Update.
  • Ensure that you’re on the latest update bachelor. If not, update your device immediately.

Hard reset iPhone or iPad

Hard reset tin can help eliminate temporary bugs with your iPhone or iPad’s software that could be causing the Facetime event.

Check out our article here to larn how to hard reset iPhone, iPad or iPod bear on.

Go along in mind there are slight variations in the steps followed for unlike models of Apple’s devices. We’ve mentioned three dissimilar ways to hard reset your Apple device, depending on the model.

Check Live Photos Album

Facetime alive photos tin’t exist accessed directly from the app itself. Withal, if you lot’re unable to find them in the camera whorl of the Photos app, check out the Live Photos folder in Albums.

  • Open the
  • Tap on
    Alive Photos
    Media Types
    in the

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