Multiplayer games are growing more pop daily every bit they let you to play with friends or family, which is pretty exciting. Minecraft Realms is among the best and smoothest multiplayer games today. However, this has not been the case lately, as near gamers take been lament most the “Minecraft Realms could not invite the provided name” problem. This mistake appears when trying to invite other gamers, which tin can be quite disappointing. Luckily, a few methods can help solve this issue.

What Causes the Could Not Invite the Provided Proper name Minecraft Realms Error?

Although the verbal crusade is still unclear, beneath are the well-nigh common culprits of this trouble on Windows PCs:

  • Inbound the wrong username
  • Child protection in Xbox
  • Issues with the game or launcher
  • An outdated Minecraft version

How to Ready Minecraft Realms Could Not Invite the Provided Name

Enter the Correct Usernames

Minecraft will likely pop upwardly this error if you enter the wrong username when inviting other players. This is because the game can’t identify the strange username, hence showing an error. Therefore, relaunch the game then carefully enter the usernames to avoid errors. If this does non work, then the following method might aid.

Restart Your Game Launcher

Your game launcher might also have some minor issues that may trigger the error in question. A simple relaunch should help remove this fault from your device and let y’all to easily invite other gamers.

Update the Game

If you haven’t been updating your Minecraft Realms, and then it probably has some bugs that could be causing “Minecraft Realms could non invite the provided name” on your device. Fortunately, installing the latest updates might resolve the issue.

Follow this guide to update the game on Xbox:

  1. Go to the app’s dashboard and choose “My Apps & Games”.
  2. Caput to the left side of the window and cull “Games”. Then select “Minecraft”.
  3. Press the menu push button on your Xbox controller.
  4. When the menu opens, choose “Manage Games & Add together-ons”.
  5. Navigate to the left pane and select “Update”.
  6. The update should first downloading automatically. If it does not, press the A button on your controller to commencement the process manually.
  7. Verify the update and cull an installation region if prompted to.
  8. Look for the update to complete, and and so try inviting your friends to run across if this tactic worked.

If y’all are on a PC, then follow these steps to update Minecraft:

  1. Visit the Mojang Studios page and log in to your Minecraft business relationship.
  2. Click on the Redeem push button under Minecraft for Windows.
  3. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  4. Choose Side by side.
  5. Select Confirm.
  6. Open the Microsoft Store and search for Minecraft. Then install it to finish the update.

Update Your Drivers

If yous commonly play Minecraft on your PC, you need updated drivers to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Therefore, to prevent your game from running into issues because of obsolete drivers, ever keep them updated.

These instructions volition guide you lot through updating your device drivers in Windows 10:

  1. Press the Windows logo fundamental + S combination to bring up the search bar.
  2. Blazon in “device” (without quotes) and click on the “Device Managing director” search result. Or, click on the “Open” link on the correct-side menu.
  3. The new folio will brandish your drivers. To update a driver, double click on its department to expand it. And then right-click on the driver and choose “Update driver”.

  1. Select “Search automatically for drivers”. The driver will be updated automatically.
  2. Do this for all the drivers you want to update.
  3. Once done, reboot your estimator.


Driver Updater image

Resolve PC Issues with Commuter Updater

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The “Minecraft java realms could not invite the provided name” error can exist quite heartbreaking, simply it’s not the finish of the globe. Applying the to a higher place workarounds should help you lot eliminate the outcome. Hopefully, they helped you do so on your Xbox or Windows PC. If y’all are however having issues resolving this mistake or have used other methods to successfully ready it, kindly annotate below. Also, check out our web log for more solutions to common game errors.