Cash Advance That Works With Chime

Although Chime offers a cash advance of upward to $200, it really starts out with only a $20 advance or overdraft. Until y’all’ve built upwardly your Chime account history to become more greenbacks, what are other payday loans and cash advance apps that work with Chime?

The following financial apps can be connected to Chinkle and they offering advance that you can transfer to Chime. But to get it, sometimes you lot have to have a straight eolith coming in.

  • Dave
  • Cleo
  • Albert
  • Empower
  • MoneyLion
  • Varo

The good news is, that greenbacks accelerate and payday loans apps offer more only that and in fact, some of them are similar to Chime with features that they offering. Only mostly, they’re a simpler version.

Digital Banking Apps Worth to Know Nigh

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payday loan apps that accept chime


  • $200 accelerate with a direct deposit prepare
  • $100 advance with a linked bank account
  • Credit builder
  • Connects to Chime
  • Early on payday
  • No involvement
  • No credit check
  • FDIC insured

To get a greenbacks advance from Dave, yous either take to fix a direct eolith to get upwardly to $200 or link an external bank account like Chime to become up to a $100 advance. The size of the advance will as well depend on:

  • Your anticipated income
  • History of your deposits and transactions (at to the lowest degree 60 days)
  • If you’ve paid back previous advances on fourth dimension
  • How much coin you lot more often than not continue in your account
  • If yous’ve recently had a negative balance in your account

You lot’ll also want to make sure you have received at to the lowest degree two qualifying direct deposits in order to request an advance.

Stride-by-pace on how to asking an advance

Hither’southward the breakdown:

  1. Become to the ‘Advances’ tab
  2. Tap ‘Get greenbacks at present’
  3. Select the corporeality to accelerate
  4. Ostend your car-payback engagement
  5. On the Confirm Advance screen, be sure to cheque the following:
    1. Advance corporeality
    2. Tip amount
    3. Select a delivery option
      1. Standard – Free – 3 business days
      2. Instant – Small Fee – Arrives in seconds up to 8 hours
    4. Last 4 numbers of debit card or account
    5. The total amount and the due appointment
  6. Check the box to hold to the payment authorization
  7. Slide to confirm

How to connect Chime to Dave?

  1. Go to the Profile tab
  2. Cull Linked Banks and Carte du jour
  3. Tap Change adjacent to Linked Banks
  4. Select Change bank and Continue through



  • $20-$100 advance
  • No interest
  • Pay back anytime betwixt 3 and 28 days
  • $5.99 per calendar month
  • Budgeting
  • Autosave

Cleo is a saving and budgeting financial app that tin also spot you lot up to $100 if yous qualify. It also connects seamlessly to your Chime business relationship.

To qualify for an advance, you have to sign up for Cleo Plus ($5.99/m), set up your Cleo wallet, and connect a debit card. You lot can get between $20 and $100 in your account.

To go it that same day, you’ll accept to trounce out $iii.99, or yous tin become it for free in up to 4 days. You lot too accept to pay your accelerate back in total earlier you take out a new one. And you can repay anytime between 3 and 28 days.

How to authorize for Cleo advance?

The app looks at your spending habits, cash withdrawals, missed payments, and other good and bad spending habits. All of this will impact if you tin get the accelerate and how much.

Say “Bacon Advance” or “spot me” to Cleo in messenger, so hit the button that says ‘Spot me 🚀’, and you’ll know if y’all qualify for an advance. If you don’t qualify, Cleo will coach yous towards qualifying.

Cleo supports all the major US and Great britain banks, and Chinkle is one of them.


  • Upward to $250 cash advance
  • No involvement
  • Early payday
  • Investing
  • Budgeting
  • Saving

Albert is too a banking, investing, and saving app that connects to Chime and can net you a $250 cash advance.

Like other greenbacks advance apps, you tin get your cash instantly, merely you have to pay for it ($4.99). Or you lot can become the money inside three business organisation days for free.

To authorize for Albert accelerate, you need to have:

  • a job and receive verifiable income via direct deposit
  • an income that’southward consequent over the past 2 months and arrives on a predictable pay schedule (in one case monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, etc.)
  • a current bank account balance that’s above $0

To enquire for the advance, go to the app’s domicile screen and tap “Instant.” Follow the prompts to prepare up your account. Once yous’ve been approved to advance cash, you can select an amount and delivery method.

As long as you have a paycheck and have repaid your past advances, you tin can request up to 3 cash advances per pay period.

You can repay the advance manually, or it will be done automatically on your next payday.

How to connect Chime to Albert?

To connect the ii:

Digital Banking Apps Worth to Know Most

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  1. Navigate to the Budget tab
  2. Tap + at the pinnacle of the screen
  3. Select Chime, or search for it past proper noun if it’s not listed
  4. Enter Chime’s account credentials on the post-obit screen

If you can’t notice Chime in that location, you tin add it manually every bit well.



  • Up to $250 greenbacks advance
  • No involvement
  • No tardily fees
  • Doesn’t impact credit score
  • Early payday
  • Upwards to x% cashback

Empower offers 4 tiers of greenbacks advances. From $25 to $250 cash accelerate. Let’s intermission down what the qualifications are for each of the four tiers.

Base of operations offer ($25)

  • Boilerplate monthly take home income $500+
  • 2 deposits of at least $100 in each of concluding three months
  • Maintain over $100 balance for ten days
  • Current account balance must be “salubrious”

Recurring paycheck ($fifty)

  • Cash Advance account must accept been active for at least lx days
  • Account must boilerplate at least 2 transactions per day
  • Current business relationship balance must be “healthy”
  • Must have 3 contempo, recurring deposits of $200 or more than from same employer
  • Average monthly take home income must be $500+
  • Maintain an business relationship residual of at least $50 upwards to ii days later on pay appointment

Paycheck at Empower ($100)

  • Direct deposit of paycheck of at least $200 in the last 14 days or at least $500 in the last 30 days into your Empower account

Repayment history ($250)

  • At least iii Cash Advances accustomed & repaid through Empower Card over three pay cycles
  • Must accept three recent, recurring deposits of $200+ from aforementioned employer

Yous can check to come across whether or non y’all’re qualified when you tap on “Check eligibility now.” Each item under “Qualifications” shows whether you are qualified for that offer or not.

How to connect Chinkle to Empower?

Get to the Home folio of your app and curlicue downwardly to the Accounts department and click on the + icon on the upper correct. Empower uses Plaid to link external accounts to Empower.



  • Upward to $250 greenbacks advance
  • No involvement
  • No late fees
  • No credit check
  • Early payday
  • Much much more

MoneyLion’due south cash advance is typically upward to 15% of your anticipated recurring direct deposit amount, $250. If they tin’t observe any recurring income, y’all’ll have admission to a lower amount, with a minimum of $25.

You tin unlock higher amounts by setting upward directly deposits into a RoarMoneySM business relationship, by signing up for a Credit Builder Plus membership, or by completing sure tasks in your MoneyLion App to qualify for Boosts. In this example, your cash accelerate volition be upwardly to thirty% of your recurring eolith or upward to a maximum of $1,000.

To request Instacash advances, tap Accounts on the Dwelling house screen of the MoneyLion App. You’ll notice out in seconds if you qualify and how much yous tin get.

To qualify for greenbacks advance, your checking business relationship must come across the post-obit needs:

  • An account has to be open for at to the lowest degree ii months
  • The business relationship has your regular deposits of income/paychecks
  • Information technology has a positive balance
  • It’southward agile

Alternatively, you can also qualify for Instacash advances by opening a RoarMoneySM account.

To link your Chime account to MoneyLion, click “Add account” on Transfers screen.  Y’all can likewise link an account using the More Options menu from the Finances tab.


varo money

  • Cash advance upwards to $100
  • $five fee for $100 CA

Varo is at the lesser of this listing because they charge up to $5 fee for taking out their max $100 cash advance. If you take out $75, the fee is $4, for $fifty, information technology’southward $3, and $xx greenbacks advance incurs no fees. Only, they don’t charge a fee to get it instantly to your account similar other fintechs do.

You’ll qualify for Varo’south cash advance if:

  • Your Varo Banking company Account is agile
  • Your Varo Bank Business relationship and/or Savings Account isn’t negative
  • Your Varo Bank Account is at least 30 days onetime
  • You’ll need at least $1,000 in total qualifying straight deposits to either your Varo Bank Account or Savings Business relationship, or both combined, inside the terminal 31 agenda days

How to connect Chime to Varo?

To connect Chime to Varo account, exercise the following:

  • Tap “Link an Account +”
  • Select Chime or search for it if you don’t see an icon
  • If you run across options when yous select your banking company, selection the one with the web address where you would unremarkably log in online
  • Enter your user ID and password and tap “Submit”
  • Follow whatever prompts from Chime
  • Continue responding to prompts from Varo until you see your external accounts and balances show up on the Accounts

Does Earnin work with Chime?


Earnin is testing new ways to back up our Chime users. Currently, this means Earnin is only allowing a small test group of Chime users to use Earnin.

Does Brigit work with Chinkle?

Unfortunately, Brigit doesn’t piece of work with Chime, Uppercase One, Net Spend, and Varo due to problems with maintaining connectivity.

The lesser line

There are skilful greenbacks accelerate and payday loans apps on the market place that accept Chime and can be easily connected to it. Nosotros constitute Dave, Varo, Albert, Cleo, Empower, and MoneyLion to work all-time in conjunction to Chime.

Of course, the best would be if you didn’t have to rely on cash advances to arrive through the week or month, simply that’due south a story for another time.

For all the best digital banks on the Us market, cheque out our overview.