CES 2022: LG TV vs Samsung TV

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CES is back, and as quickly as information technology started, it’s already coming to its end as the show winds up for another year.

We’ll exist focusing on what LG and Samsung had to say at this year’s outcome. Early signs point to some other competitive twelvemonth with Mini LED, gaming and refreshed interfaces looking to be key points of focus.

What was announced?

LG OLED evo Gallery Edition

A new 42-inch and 97-inch OLED were introduced, and its bringing its OLED Evo console technology to the 2022 C2 OLED (but only on models 55-inches and above).

The Korean firm is focusing more on its QNED TVs, while it has revised webOS to be more customisable. Information technology’s catering to more lifestyle services, likewise, offering means of keeping fit, keeping in touch with others and enjoying virtual experiences in the home.

Samsung Neo QLED-8K 2022

Samsung’s unveiled new iterations of its Neo QLED, MICRO LED, and lifestyle TVs. Advancements made to the Neo Quantum processor look to extract more brightness, depth, and dissimilarity from images. The Object Tracking Sound system supports Dolby Atmos through the OTS Pro version that integrates upwards-firing speakers into a TV’s chassis.

The MICRO LED model will come up in an 89-inch model, and this year’s model volition be able to mankind out express HDR content better thanks to new technology. Dolby Atmos sound is also supported.

New models of the Frame, Serif and Sero TVs were revealed, and like LG, Samsung is retooling its interface with the introduction of a gaming hub, the new Watch Together feature, an NFT platform and smart calibration for optimising picture.

What are the key areas?

LG 2022 OLED C2 42-inch
LG 42-inch C2 OLED

Gaming. Both take ramped up their presence in this field, with LG become leading proponent of gaming features in the TV marketplace. The add-on of cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce At present is some other cord in both brand’due south bows as they expect to offering experiences that entreatment to all parts of the marketplace.

The new Mini LED sets and 8K models aren’t quite in competition with each other – if anything information technology’s LG’due south OLEDs vs Samsung’south Neo QLEDs. That means another round of OLED’s contrast against Mini LEDs searing brightness. This battle will likely come down to a question of cost

What’south new virtually the upcoming TVs?

Both brands have revised interfaces for 2022. This twelvemonth LG is calling its UX webOS 2022, with the aim of making content discovery easier while also adding profiles that personalises content for each user. The Matter feature will as well expand LG TV’s reach as a controller for connected smart devices.

Samsung’s new Smart Hub similarly puts content curation and discovery at its forefront. The Gaming Hub will tie together games from cloud services, while the presence of NFTs for purchasing digital artwork may bear witness controversial but is a space where Samsung can establish a flag in with its extensive library of curated artwork.

And while Samsung didn’t officially unveil its new QD Display TVs, information technology did win a CES Innovation Laurels. The key signal we want to know is how much will they cost?


Who knows who will come out elevation at this early on phase? Both look to expand the
of using a Telly in the domicile, while iterating farther on display technology introduced in 2022. It could come down to a case of mass market appeal and pricing.

We won’t know much about that until afterward in the year, but with OLED TVs going down in price each year, it could exist that LG has the edge.

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