Change 2.4 Ghz To 5ghz Android

A lot of Android users complain about poor internet connectedness when connected to WiFi, merely they accept no thought how to set the trouble. Most of the time, they blame it on the network service provider. Often the solutions to certain minor problems are correct in our palms. You just take to exist willing to try getting them stock-still.

Are you experiencing a slow internet connection? Do your files and videos take forever to download despite existence connected to a router? Read on to become answers to these questions and solutions to fix them.

  1. iv Easy Steps To Change WiFi Frequency on Android
  2. About the two.4GHz and 5GHz Frequency Bands
  3. Why You May Not Exist Able To Change to the 5GHz Band
  4. Oft Asked Questions

4 Piece of cake Steps To Change WiFi Frequency on Android

  1. Go to
    on your Android phone
  2. Click on the
    “Connections” and select
  3. At the elevation right corner of the WiFi card, there are 3 vertical dots. Click on the
    and select
    from the list of options displayed.
  4. Now select
    “WiFi Frequency Band”
    and selection your preferred band betwixt 2.4GHz frequency and 5GHz.

To alter your WiFi frequency to 5GHz, you should ensure that your Android is compatible with the frequency band.

About the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Frequency Bands

These two are the reason your WiFi network tin proceeds a betoken. The
frequency ring works slower, just it can cover a wider range of nearly 150-300 feet. While the
works faster but can simply cover a short range of virtually ten-fifteen feet.

Are you finding it difficult to choose the best WiFi frequency band to operate with? Well, here are a few tips to help you determine what frequency band to choose and why.

To choose a WiFi frequency band, you take to starting time consider the
of your domicile or apartment. If you lot have a small home, 5GHz is the best pick for yous. The 5GHz provides great net speed when used within a
short-range, which means a modest infinite (your home) + 5GHz is equal to a dandy internet service. On the other hand, the two.4GHz is suitable for use in
big homes
where it covers a

Another factor to expect at is the issue of
. 2.4GHz is likely to be affected past any interference considering of the large coverage range. At present, this is another win for the 5GHz band considering with your internet operating with this ring, you don’t need tp worry about interference since the 5GHz covers only a short-range, and about of the devices continued to information technology are in close proximity.

Why Y’all May Not Be Able To Alter to the 5GHz Band

The main reason you lot may not exist able to connect your Android to 5GHz or switch your WiFi frequency from ii.4GHz to 5GHz is the
Y’all may discover information technology hard to modify to 5GHz if your Android version doesn’t support a 5GHz network. It is essential that y’all cheque your Android telephone’southward compatibility with 5GHz before attempting to switch. Old Android phones are likely not to support this network frequency band, just the new Android phones should support the 5GHz.

That said, yous probably have your preferred frequency ring in listen by now. Nevertheless, before considering a change of frequency band, ensure the status for the band you intend to change to is met. If y’all are changing to 2.4GHz, it should be to cover a wider range. As for the 5GHz, utilize information technology when you are close to your router for better results.

Oftentimes Asked Questions

Both frequency bands serve the aforementioned purpose but work better if certain conditions are met. The 5GHz works faster in a short-range, while the ii.4GHz covers more range than the 5GHz can. In other words, faster isn’t ever improve.

Some of the latest Androids back up dual-band. As a result, they can automatically change bands if the WiFi router supports and displays options for the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz.

This depends solely on your WiFi router. Some routers can’t connect to more than ten devices at once and some can connect to over 100 devices simultaneously provided they are almost the router.