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By your side, no matter your device

The first stride to go known is to put yourself out there!

My best advice for artists who are just starting out and who are interested in growing a post-obit online is to start now.

Vicki Tsai – Illustrator

Go creative right away with your smartphone or tablet

Available for iPad, iPhone, macOS, Galaxy, Android, Chromebook and Windows PC, yous tin can use Clip Studio Pigment on whatever device y’all desire, whenever y’all desire. Option upwards your smartphone or tablet and become doodling right away! The mobile apps are fully featured, so there’s no learning curve to worry near if you decide to move to a computer and drawing tablet setup later down the line.

Draw on your tablet or smartphone with Clip Studio Paint

Let our active community be an asset to your creativity

New art tutorials are posted every week on our official site and YouTube aqueduct for gratis. Have fun improving your skills and learning the ins and outs of the app with our friendly community of Prune Studio Paint artists.

Take advantage of the over 120,000 materials uploaded by other community members to the official fabric store, Clip Studio Assets. Download materials for free from the service and make the nearly of the community in your fine art!

Have fun drawing with the Clip Studio Paint community

Clockwise from left: Sara Tepes / Laovaan / ErgoJosh

With Clip Studio Paint, you tin can share your artworks to social media correct from the app. Have even more fun with your fine art by creating timelapse videos to show off your process, calculation movement to your pictures with the animation features, or even trying your hand at creating comics! Clip Studio Paint naturally too supports high-quality printing as well, and so you tin show off your piece of work in the real world.

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The artist’s app for drawing and painting.


Windows/macOS but

Monthly Usage Plans are not included in the sale



Powerful functionality to create exactly what y’all desire

Amei Zhao’s profile picture

…brushes are highly customizable and like shooting fish in a barrel to employ

Prune Studio Paint is optimized for drawing and painting, making information technology ideal for illustrators.
The smoothness of your lines, lack of lag while cartoon, also as the vector output brand drawing very fun and efficient.

Amei Zhao – Concept Artist

Discover the one for you from among over 40,000 brushes

In improver to the default brushes included with Prune Studio Paint, there are over 40,000 brushes created by users from around the globe for y’all to find and download from Clip Studio Assets, Prune Studio Paint’southward official fabric store. Explore different mediums, from watercolors and pens to gouache and oil pigment brushes available on the service.

Brush and pen materials

Create nuanced art with our fine-tuned brush engine

Clip Studio Pigment’south powerful castor engine picks up on the fine variations in pen pressure of your every stroke and reproduces the nuances faithfully on-screen, just every bit if you were drawing using traditional media. You tin also customize the pen pressure sensitivity for each private pen and brush yous apply, giving you even more control to create expressive works of art, just every bit you conceptualize them.

Delicate work possible with Clip Studio Paint

Easily sketch even the most complex angles with 3D drawing figures

Have advantage of Prune Studio Pigment’s 3D models to get a better agreement of beefcake and figure out tricky poses. Freely customize the pose, angle, and body blazon of your 3D model to fit the verbal needs of your slice. Then, draw direct on top of the model, or employ the congenital-in AI to pose your figure using a photograph reference. Overcome barriers to drawing and recreate your vision exactly every bit you imagine!

Draw difficult angles with 3D models

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Clip Studio Paint now!

The artist’due south app for drawing and painting.


Windows/macOS just

Monthly Usage Plans are not included in the sale


Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone/Milky way/Android/Chromebook

The all-in-i app for creating professional comics and animation

Pietro Zemelo’s profile picture

Prune Studio Paint has go my simply choice to piece of work with on my comics and animations

The frame tools, the rulers (the perspective ruler is a life saver!), the many options for dynamic lines and screen tones…
[Clip Studio Paint] is but the best software for artists and comic book makers.

Pietro Zemelo – Comic Artist / Animator

Packed full of special comic and webtoon features

Create expressive speech bubbling, console frames, focus, and issue lines for manga in an instant with Clip Studio Paint. Materials and 3D tools brand drawing backgrounds a piece of block! Continue tabs on your webtoon’s composition as y’all draw with the built-in webtoon canvases and smartphone preview features. What’s more, Clip Studio Paint EX even handles multi-page comic and manga projects, so you can add together, re-order, and convert pages to spreads equally you please.

Draw manga with Clip Studio Paint

Make videos with our suite of pro blitheness tools

If you’re new to animation, why not offset by adding some movement to your doodles and drawings? Identify your illustrations in on the timeline in your desired gild and so play them at the frame rate you choose to add together eye-catching move to your pieces. Then, add sound, play effectually with the camera work, and before you know it you’ll be making fully fledged animations all in Prune Studio Paint!

Animation editing screen (Title: Mecha-Ude)

The all-in-one comic and animation app

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Clip Studio Paint at present!

The artist’south app for drawing and painting.


Windows/macOS only

Monthly Usage Plans are non included in the sale

Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone/Milky way/Android/Chromebook


Use Clip Studio Paint at your school or business

Book Licenses for Education & Enterprise
Windows / macOS / iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook

Take reward of our multi-device Book Licenses for Education & Enterprise, with full support for remote learning & working. Multi-device support allows each user to employ Clip Studio Paint on whatever combination of estimator, tablet, and smartphone devices, upwardly to two per user. Manage and purchase boosted licenses for your organization in units of 10 through the new dedicated central management portal.

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Single-page illustrations & comics

Multi-folio comics/manga & illustrations

Upwardly to 24 frames for gifs or short animations

Unlimited frames for professional animation

Natural, customizable pen and brush tools

Vector layers

More than 10,000 costless downloadable brushes and materials

3D models and drawing figures

PSD compatibility

RGB and CMYK compatible

For macOS and Windows

Export and print multi-page files

Catechumen images and 3D models into lines and dot shading

Free technical back up

Free spider web services & community
Clip Studio Ask / Assets / Tips / Share

Enjoy creating more

Draw whatever y’all tin can imagine, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional,
and share your inventiveness with the Clip Studio community!