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The Cloverfield movies are a series of found footage monster films that were released betwixt 2008 and 2016. They all share the same universe, only each moving picture is ready in a different time menstruation. This commodity will get over how they connect and what makes them so interesting.

10 Cloverfield Lane is the sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield. The movie takes place in a bunker, where a young woman named Michelle is living with her three children.

Matt Reeves’ film Cloverfield was released in 2008. The found-footage monster moving picture, which follows a grouping of New Yorkers during a monstrous invasion, was a critical hit and inspired a (kind of) sequel. As a consequence of an experiment performed by an astronaut team aboard the Cloverfield Station in deep space, monsters from other dimensions take been attacking Earth for decades. Each flick depicts the reality-altering furnishings of their study, which was meant to detect a new energy source to replenish the planet’s dwindling resource only instead created portals for attack by various deep-space creatures.

The Cloverfield flicks are a little far-fetched. Despite the fact that the films are all function of the same series, they are more similar to anthologies with just a sliver of a link. Before being branded with the Cloverfield moniker and featured in the serial, each of the Cloverfield sequels started as dissever, stand-alone stories. As a event, the scene was completely distorted, which was made up for in the most electric current motion-picture show, The Cloverfield Paradox. Stay with me as I explicate the ideal sequence to see the Cloverfield movies and how they are linked before I lose you completely.

At a glance, the Cloverfield films are listed in chronological sequence.

There have been three Cloverfield films to far. The post-obit are the Cloverfield films:

  • Cloverfield is a science fiction film fix in the year (2008)
  • Cloverfield Lane, No. x (2016)
  • The Cloverfield Conundrum (2018)

Cloverfield iv is currently in evolution, with J.J. Abrams serving as producer. Matt Reeves is non anticipated to be engaged with the projection, although information technology is believed to exist written by someone linked to him. Information technology won’t exist long until it becomes accessible.

The Cloverfield Paradox weaves some interesting connections between the other films, and Cloverfield is nothing if not unusual. In other words, time travel and The Cloverfield Paradox’s namesake phenomenon may have a stronger connection between the three films than previously thought. Let’s first by looking at each film separately:

1. The Cloverfield Paradox (2008)

Cloverfield takes place on May 22, 2008, and follows Robert as he spends his concluding day in New York City before moving to Japan for a new task. The festivities will be cutting short by a thunderous explosion and the arrival of a huge scaly, gangly creature, equally New York City breaks autonomously and the Statue of Freedom is decapitated.

As the reptilian monster wreaks havoc on Manhattan, a daring rescue endeavor for Beth begins, all of which is recorded via the lens of a hand-held camera among the anarchy. Finally, where did this merciless invader come from, and, more chiefly, is there any hope of surviving? As they investigate, they go along a trip deep into New York’southward streets, trying to save Rob’southward true love.

Cloverfield was initially marketed via a two-minute teaser trailer that did non reveal the title of the film but did reveal the release appointment: Jan 18th, 2008. (referring to Jan 18, 2008). The viral marketing campaign involves the evolution of false MySpace accounts, exceptionally strict secrecy around the film’s plot, and the construction of websites for fictional companies mentioned in the film.

ii. Cloverfield Lane, No. 10 (2016)


The events of 10 Cloverfield Lane take place eight years after the New York Urban center disaster, on March 7, 2016. In this film, you will follow Michelle’due south tale. In the first minutes of the flick, Michelle gets engaged in a car blow. Michelle is somewhen saved past a man named Howard. Michelle regains consciousness after existence struck by a big truck while fleeing a dead-end relationship and her hometown of New Orleans. She is strangely bound to enigmatic Howard’s underground bunker’s cinder-cake wall.

The grizzled survivalist claims he saved Michelle not simply from the apparent motorcar accident, but also from an invisible airborne toxic threat that rendered the air unbreathable and the terrain uninhabitable. Is Howard telling the truth, or is this enigmatic — or even imaginary — threat a smokescreen for something much more sinister?

At outset glance, information technology seems that this moving picture and the concluding i have no relationship other than the vague thought that they are set in the same Universe. Surprisingly, 10 Cloverfield Lane was not meant to be a Cloverfield picture in the showtime place! The Cellar was the initial title of the film. When the film’due south promotion started in the last few months, this began to change. Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane have identify at different times. This isn’t to suggest they don’t take a connection. So, how do these movies connect to one other? The reply can be found in the Cloverfield Paradox.

The Cloverfield Paradox is the third film in the Cloverfield series (2018)


The virtually recent motion picture, Cloverfield Paradox, is set in the year 2028! The flick starts with a news circulate of an author’s interview. If you lot look advisedly at the woman doing the interview, you lot’ll run across she’s the same actress that played the girl begging to be let into the bunker in 10 Cloverfield Lane! This is where the link is established. During the give-and-take, Mark Stambler describes in detail how a failed particle accelerator experiment concluded in complete chaos. He claims it has the power to summon water-based monsters, demons, and animals!

A ray of hope lies in a small team of scientists on the Cloverfield Station in orbit, as the World’s limited resources continue to deplete and a terrible free energy crisis threatens to plunge the planet into a new night era of disaster and unrest. Strange occurrences triggered by unexplained defects volition soon give birth to stunning discoveries, thanks to the highly experimental Sherpard particle accelerator, which has the capacity to either save humanity or rip holes in the fabric of reality. Who can handle the unimaginable powers that have been carelessly unleashed?

How are the monsters linked if the events have identify over a xx-year menstruum!? Returning to Mark Stambler’s interview, he claims that waves in infinite and fourth dimension accept an effect on not just the nowadays, but besides the past and future!

As a result, there are numerous potential answers, just the most likely is that we’ve been witnessing three different Earths in three different other universes. In 2028, the accelerator may have delivered a monster to the nowadays Earth, equally well as to another Earth in a different timeline in 2008. In ten Cloverfield Lane, the accelerator also transfers aliens to the third Earth.

As a upshot, The Cloverfield Paradox serves as the trigger for the events of the following Cloverfield films.

Is it necessary to see the Cloverfield films in gild?

While you are non obliged to view the films in chronological guild, I recommend that you do it in either the normal or reversed release order. As a effect, the Cloverfield Paradox must appear concluding or first, non in the middle.

Is Overlord office of the Cloverfield franchise?

Overlord is the latest science fiction film from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, although information technology is non a Cloverfield film, every bit other contempo films in the genre have been. Overlord, like previous Cloverfield projects, began quietly. It was a low-budget scientific discipline-fiction picture show from Bad Robot that Paramount picked upwardly, developed with a pool of up-and-coming talent, then sat in limbo, awaiting an uncertain, far-off release. It was therefore unrelated to the Cloverfield flick’ rampaging body of water monsters, conflicting invasions, and space station disasters, despite many indications to the contrary. This is not the case, co-ordinate to Abrams, and Avery confirmed (via IGN) that this was never the program. Cloverfield thrives on secrecy, and previous films’ names have oft been changed in mail-production, but not with Overlord.

The x cloverfield lane sequel is a question that has been asked many times. This commodity volition provide the answers to this question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Cloverfield Paradox The prequel to Cloverfield?

The Cloverfield Paradox is not the prequel to Cloverfield, but instead a sequel.

Do y’all have to watch Cloverfield in order?

Yes, you lot have to watch Cloverfield in order.

Are Cloverfield and underwater continued?

No, they are not connected.

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