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If you’re shopping for the best robot vacuum cleaners then the Roborock name is likely to come up: it now has a substantial number of models on the market, and you’d be forgiven for being dislocated about exactly which devices offering which features.

We’re here to explain everything in unproblematic terms, what the differences are between the top finish models such every bit the newly announced S7 MaxV Ultra, S7, S6 MaxV, S6, S6 Pure, the mid-rangers such as the S5 Max and S4 Max, and the entry level models such as the E4, E5 and the new Q series.

No matter what your budget or specific needs, we’ll tell how much y’all can expect to spend on the different Roborock models that are available, a comparison between the Roborock vacuum cleaners and which Roborock model might be the best pick for you.

Read on for our guide to the best Roborock vacuum cleaners…

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

$1,399 | Amazon

At CES 2022, Roborock raised the robot vacuum cleaning bar, over again, with its new flagship cleaner: the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

The Ultra is a complete cleaning organization that offers vacuuming, mopping and cocky-cleaning.

Sure, nosotros’ve had robot vacuum cleaners in the past that come with their own docking stations to empty dust merely the S7 MaxV Ultra
takes things up a notch, as it also cleans a mop head and keeps the water tank fresh.

The new Empty Wash Fill Dock contains three tanks, i to collect up to 7 weeks’ worth of dirt, ane for fresh water to fill up the tank and clean the mop pad, and one to take the dirty water away.

This is past far the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner from Roborock by some distance; with a staggering
5100Pa suction rating. That’s more than double that of the likes of the S7 and the S6 MaxV Ultra.

Similar its S6 MaxV namesake, it boasts the ReactiveAI Obstacle Avoidance Organisation – a revamped 2.0 version.

Thanks to its
RGB cameras, 3D structured lite and an all-new neural processing unit, it can see objects in its path and adapts rapidly to clean around them.

The S7 Max 5 takes the room recognition tech that has impressed with previous Roborock models and can fifty-fifty identify a room’s flooring materials, assuasive for ideal cleaning patterns, specific suction power and scrub intensity.

Like the S7, the S7 MaxV boasts VibraRise sonic mopping and an intelligent automatic lift; underneath the mopping pad is an ultrasonic vibration plate and so, rather than a moisture pad simply wiping away at your hard floors, the theory is the extra movement adds a bit of elbow grease to the process.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra
is actually the name of the consummate system, with the new Empty Wash Fill Dock.

The S7 MaxV robot cleaner itself is besides available every bit a standalone cleaner and there is a S7 MaxV Plus version which comes with the dust-emptying dock that was launched aslope the S7 terminal year.

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Roborock S7

Roborock S7 (and S7+)

$649.99 | Amazon

The Roborock S7 was appear at CES 2021, a smart robot vacuum cleaner that, at the time, was Roborock’s almost advanced still, when it comes to mopping.

Information technology’s still a heavy hitter – although its flagship status has been lost to the S7 MaxV Ultra – and there is also a Plus model available that comes with Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock (for an boosted $299).

In the app y’all tin can choose between high-intensity scrub settings from 1,650 times per minute, up to to 3,000 times per minute.

The sonic mopping feature equates to a doubling of the pressure of either the S6 MaxV and the S5 Max.

Roborock’s new VibraRise feature, which went live on the S7 detects that it has left a difficult floor area and his landed on a rug, or rug, and the mopping pad is a lifted up.

As well every bit the advanced mopping skills, the S7 has all the high-end power nosotros’ve come to expect from Roborock; including a 2,500Pa suction rating and a whopping 5,200mAh bombardment.

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Roborock S6 MaxV

Roborock S6 MaxV

$749.99 | Amazon

The Roborock S6 MaxV is a fantastic top cease model and introduced Roborock’due south about avant-garde tracking tech to date: the ReactiveAI Obstacle Avoidance System.

It’s the joint quietest (67db), it has the biggest internal bombardment (5,200 mAh), it covers the almost expanse (250 square meters or 2,690 square feet), has the highest suction ability (2,500Pa) and it lasts the longest on a unmarried charge (180 minutes).

Aside from the new S7 MaxV Ultra, information technology’s the most expensive in the line-upward, but you get what you pay for. Autonomously from the specs we’ve mentioned, the roving automated cleaner too comes with two cameras for meliorate obstruction avoidance and distance judging, an integrated h2o tank for mopping, and more than suction than any other Roborock model.

It’due south a superb all-round parcel – even able to plot an efficient route around small toys and work out where in the house it is, all by itself – and the S6 MaxV is a great Roborock to become for if your budget tin can stretch to it.

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S6 MaxV v S6 v S6 Pure v S5 Max, S5 and S4 compared

Roborock S6

$649.99 | Amazon

A step down from the S6 MaxV – a step down saving you effectually $100 – is the Roborock S6. It’s just as repose (67 db) and has the same size bombardment (5,200mAh), but it’ll only last for 150 minutes between charges and is rated equally suitable for covering 200 square meters (ii,153 foursquare feet) of room, which to be fair are yet very decent specs.

And then while it’s non the very best robot vacuum in the Roborock range, yous’ve even so got yourself a very skilful deal: it has stiff two,000Pa suction, smart mapping to piece of work out the most efficient manner around each of your rooms, and again there is a mopping feature included if you need it.

If you want the ease-of-use of the Roborock app, intuitive room and zone mapping customization options, and a thorough clean for your abode without having to pay the very elevation toll tag every bit well, then the Roborock S6 model is certainly going to entreatment.

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s6 pure roborock

Roborock S6 Pure

$549.99 | Amazon

The S6 Pure is newer than the S6, merely it’s a step down rather than a pace up – it’s besides less expensive and potentially improve value. About of the specs match, including the five,200mAh battery, 150-minute runtime and 200 square meters (2,153 foursquare feet) coverage area, though it’south very slightly louder.

Compared with the S6, the spot clean button (arguably non that useful anyhow) is removed, the dust bin is slightly smaller, and the cleaning bristles are of a lower quality. A mopping part is included – in fact the water tank is a little bigger than it is on the S6.

Information technology’s but as smart as the S6 at getting around a room and offers the same 2,000Pa suction levels too, so if you’re looking for a skilful mix of features and price so the S6 Pure might exist it – if y’all don’t mind a few corners existence cutting.

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Roborocks compared

Roborock S5 Max

$599.99 | Amazon

The S5 Max cleans as much space (200 square meters or 2,153 square feet) as the S6 and S6 Pure, has the aforementioned sized battery (v,200 mAh), and offers the same 150-infinitesimal bombardment life too. It’southward rated at the same 69db of loudness as the S6 Pure, a touch louder than the S6.

And then what’s the take hold of? Actually, despite the lower number in its proper name, the S5 Max came out after the S6 (just before the S6 Pure and S6 MaxV – keep up at the back). It’south more than expensive than the S6 Pure, perchance due to the much larger water tank, which holds 290ml rather than 180ml.

The smarts are very much the same as the S6 and the S6 Pure, so you’re guaranteed an efficient, automatic make clean every time, with Roborock’due south standard clever room mapping and zone selection then you tin can be precise about what gets cleaned and when.

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The best Roborock robot vacuum cleaners

Roborock S5

$479.99 | Amazon

The oldest Roborock vacuum cleaner in our listing, the Roborock S5 doesn’t take the adaptive route algorithm tech of the other models, so it’s not as smart at getting around obstacles you’ve left lying around. It’s notwithstanding perfectly capable of mapping a room and planning a path across it of course.

While it’south a lilliputian louder than the S5 Max and the S6 Pure, it matches them in terms of the altitude it tin embrace, bombardment size and bombardment life and information technology also has a slightly bigger dustbin also. Again, there’south a mopping feature included besides.

The S5 is two-thirds the price of the S6 MaxV and almost equally smart and as capable. While the tech might be slightly dated, if you want to accept a robot cleaning your house for you then this is i of the most affordable places to commencement.

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roborock s4 max

Roborock S4 Max

$429.99 | Amazon

A great entry-level Roborock vacuum cleaner, the S4 Max is a dorsum-to-basics model that does without the mopping functionality of its siblings.

Despite its lower cost there’s been no compromise to the bombardment on lath. The S4 Max’southward 5200mAh battery volition, on Tranquillity, give you 180 minutes of cleaning.

I feature that it doesn’t have compared to the likes of the S5 Max and the S6 Max is that it will not superlative-up its charge to complete a task – on those more expensive models they return to the dock when they are running out of power, go to 80% and pick up where they left off.

The S4 Max is a superb pound-for-pound option for anyone looking beyond the deal basement models on offering in the always expanding earth of robot cleaners; information technology hits the perfect sweet spot of price and performance.

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Roborock robot vacuum cleaner comparisons

S7 MaxV Ultra S7 S6 MaxV
S6 Pure
S5 Max
S4 Max
Bombardment 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh 5,200mAh five,200mAh 5,200mAh
Max runtime 180 mins 180 mins 180 mins 180 mins 180 mins 180 mins 180 mins
Suction 5,100Pa 2,500Pa 2,500Pa 2,000Pa 2,000Pa 2,000Pa 2,000Pa
Area 300㎡ 300㎡ 250㎡ + 200㎡ + 200㎡ + 200㎡ + 200㎡ +
Mopping VibraRise VibraRise Yes Yes Yep Yes No
Dustbin 400ml 470ml 460ml 480ml 460ml 460ml 460ml
Colors Blackness Blackness, white Black Black, white, pinkish Black, white Black, white Black
Noise 67db 67db 67db 67db 69db 69db 69db

More Roborock tech to consider

As well equally the S-serial detailed above, there are other Roborock devices that you may want to consider, such every bit…

Roborocks auto empty self cleaning charging station

Roborock Machine Empty Dock

$299.99 | Amazon

Last year, Roborock introduced self cleaning docking station and the Roborock S7 is the commencement compatible model.

The HEPA rated self-emptying dustbin filters and traps 99.99% of allergens and airborne pollutants, assuasive for easy, hands-free disposal.

Roborock E4 / E4 Mop

Roborock E4 / E4 Mop

$249.99 |


Roborock’s cleaners are all incredibly competitive when it comes to pricing but, if you’re looking for the cheapest entry to the Roborock vacuuming and mopping party and then await no further than the E4 Mop.

It may not have the advanced tracking and laser guidance of its more expensive siblings but you are still getting a fantastic cleaning operation from a 2,000Pa vacuum and a 180ml h2o tank for mopping.

28% larger than previous E-series Roborock models, the upgraded E4 mopping system uses innovative hydraulics to permit y’all arrange the water flow to encounter different cleaning preferences.

At that place is also a new E5 model, which adds 500Pa to the suction rating for an extra $xl.


Roborock also used CES 2022 to reveal a new Q series of robot vacuum cleaners.

The Roborock Q7 Max will go live in Q2 alongside a new dock, the Auto Empty Dock Pure. At that place’south no discussion on pricing at the moment though.

Roborock Dyad

Finally, the Chinese make has too taken the covers off of
a moisture and dry out cordless vacuum cleaner, the Roborock Dyad, which features a 5000mAh battery tin can run nonstop for up to 35 minutes while cleaning up to 285sq chiliad.

Information technology costs $449.99.