Connect Firestick To Wifi Without Remote

To setup Firestick without remote
oft creates confusion amongst users. The Amazon Firestick has been ane of the many innovations we at present know of today.

Despite its portable size, it gives us access to thousands of entertainment content. Then losing your remote tends to cause significant headaches.

But today’s your lucky day! In this postal service, we will be covering how to set up Firestick without a remote.

Nosotros will teach you how you can hands fix up your device even when its controller is not with you.

Why Setup

Without the Remote?

Setting up your Firestick without its remote is pretty normal and straightforward.

A vast bulk of users might desire this option for various reasons, some of which include:

  • Settings on it are
    extremely express
  • You lot might be setting it up for
    somebody else
  • Privacy
  • Remote Lost
But the most common reason is that you lot could have lost it. Information technology could also have damages, or it might just be unavailable.

Whatsoever your reason is, worry non because we’ve got you lot covered.

In the adjacent section, you volition learn the Amazon Burn down Stick initial setup without the remote.

Amazon Burn Stick Initial Setup Without Remote

The portability of the Amazon Firestick makes it among the hottest innovations in the market place. But does losing your remote mean you lot can’t savor shows anymore?

Of course not! You can still savour programs on your Boob tube without your controller.

Below, let us learn the steps to set up upwards Firestick without a remote.

We encourage you to follow these steps one past one to set it up successfully.

Step #1. Unboxing the FireTV Stick

unbox firestick box

The first step yous have to exercise is to unbox the fire TV stick. Usually, you will see everything that information technology comes with once you open its packaging.

At that place has to be the stick itself, the wall adapter, a power string, an HDMI extender, the controller, and its batteries.

In this guide, however, we will take the controller and the batteries away.

Now that you lot have your FireTV stick unboxed, it’s time to plug it into your television.

To do this:

  • Insert the
    USB micro cablevision
    into ability adapter
  • Take annotation that the other end of the cord should meet the Stick.
  • One time information technology’south all washed, plug your Boob tube stick into the
    HDMI port

    of your Tv.

For example, if you plug it into the HDMI 2 port, change your input into that of HDMI 2.

Nonetheless, it volition requite you prompts where you lot need the controller; how tin you get about this?

Step #two. Download the FireTV Remote App

To configure your Telly into the right input settings, yous volition generally go prompts where you’d need a controller.

So when this happens, how can you get about information technology?

If you exercise not have a controller, the best solution is to download the Fire TV program.

With it, y’all do not accept to worry about not having your remote. Why? Because it can act as the controller for the hardware itself!

To download the app on your smartphone or tablet, follow these steps:

fire tv

To download it:

  • Become to the
    App Shop
    or the
    Google Play Store
  • Search for
    Amazon Fire TV app
    (Make sure that y’all download from AMZN Mobile LLC)
  • Click on
  • Wait for the download to finish and install it on your phone.
  • One time done,
    the awarding and
    your television.
  • If the app shows multiple devices at the bottom part of the folio, don’t be confused. Simply select your Television brand, and you’ll exist good to go.
firestick connect

Quick Note

You must connect your telephone and television to the aforementioned network for them to piece of work. If you are not seeing the FireTV using your program, check if both gadgets are on the same network.

Step #3. Sign Up and Sign In

After you select your TV brand, you will be asked to sign in using your Amazon business relationship.

If you practise not have one, yous’ll come across an choice at the bottom of the page that says, “Create a New Account.”

firestick login

Click on information technology and it will
redirect you to a page
where you lot can sign-up.

You lot volition have to fill the post-obit details out which would include:

  • Your Name
  • Electronic mail Address
  • Nominated Countersign
  • Re-Enter Your Nominated Password

After completing the grade, go back to the Firestick program and log in
using the credentials

Step #4. Inputting the 4-Digit Code

Then once you’re in, the next couple of steps are now the easiest:

firestick pin

Later on successfully signing in, your television will
display a 4-digit code. Y’all will need to enter this lawmaking in order to pair your smartphone app to your Stick.

If it is correct, you will encounter a prompt that both the software and your television are paired with each other.

Step #5. Pressing the Home and Play Buttons

Later entering the code, the arrangement will check if you lot are in synchronization with the Tv.

It will ask you to press the following buttons:

firestick operate

  • Information technology will ask you to printing the
    Dwelling house Button.
  • Information technology will inquire you lot to press the
    Play or Pause Button

Step #6. Selecting Your Language

The next footstep yous have to practice is to select your linguistic communication. Y’all can choose from a myriad of languages with dissimilar English variations.

Select the most advisable language and so your feel with the system would be just like a walk in the park.

Step #7. Saving WiFi Passwords

After selecting your language, the organisation volition ask you if you want to save your WiFi countersign.

If you choose to do so, yous won’t take to input the password every single time y’all switch on the television.

firestick wifi

Step #eight. Opt-In or Out of Parental Controls

If you take kids, you tin choose to enable parental controls. You can turn on this feature to command the limitations of what your children would see.

Otherwise, you lot tin can disable information technology, preventing purchasing and video playback without a PIN.

firestick parental

Step #9. Option of Programmes

At present that you are all fix, all you lot need to practise before you go this affair going is to select which apps you wish to use.

You can choose popular streaming apps such as Sling, HBO Now, STARZ, Hulu, and the like.

You tin can then select other services similar NBC, Nick Jr., Play a joke on Sports Become, and many more than.

The next selection would be your sports app. You tin pick WWE Network, the NBA App, ESPN, and others.

firestick apps

You lot can also get amusement apps such as The CW Network, Pandora, Genius Kitchen, Spotify, and Sony Crackle.

Subsequently making your selection, select the
Download Apps push button, and it will download everything you lot have chosen.

How To Connect Firestick To WiFi Without Remote?

firestick wifi connect

Y’all tin can withal connect your Firestick to your domicile network without its controller. But for this technique, you would need at least two devices.

If yous’ve got that done, follow these steps:

Step #one. Open up Hotspot

Employ your smartphone and enable its wireless hotspot. Brand sure you take its SSID and password configured to your home network’south details.

Step #2. Download Fire TV Programme

Using another smartphone or tablet, download the Fire Television receiver program. Y’all can get this from the App Shop or Google Play Store.

Just click
and wait until it finishes installing on your device.

Step #3. Plug Your Stick Into Your TV

Connect your device to your wireless hotspot. Afterward, plug your Firestick into your TV’due south HDMI port.

Once connected, launch the Fire Tv set program installed on your other device to control your screen.

Stride #4. Configure Network Settings

Configure your WiFi settings on both your Amazon Firestick and Fire Television programme.

Make sure they’re both connected to the same network.

Afterward, you tin can now access thousands of shows using your virtual controller.

How To Set Up Firestick Without Remote and WiFi

If your smartphone or tablet doesn’t have enough infinite for new apps, y’all can try other alternatives.

These are pretty piece of cake and affordable techniques, ranging from using an Echo device, a CEC remote, or ownership a replacement controller.

Apply Echo or Echo Dot

If y’all have an Echo or Echo Dot device lying at home, you can use this to control your Firestick.

But make certain you’ve connected information technology previously to your Amazon business relationship.

Follow these steps to let Alexa control your TV.

  • Click on your
    Alexa app
    and press
    at the bottom part of your phone screen.
  • Select
    so the
    Tv set & Video
    options found in the Alexa Preferences tab.
  • Press
    Burn down TV
    to link your Alexa device.
  • Follow the
    on-screen instructions, and you’ll be practiced to go.

Apply A CEC-Based Controller

If you bought your TV later 2002, you can use CEC-compliant remotes to control your Firestick.

These are universal controllers that can configure TVs from different manufacturers.

If you lot’re unsure whether your device has this, look up your TV model and the word “CEC” on the spider web.

If your TV supports CEC, plug your Firestick into its HDMI port. Later on, you’ll be able to control your screen using your remote.

Isn’t this technique affordable and piece of cake?

Purchase A New Amazon Remote

Although CEC-based remotes are a unproblematic alternative to your Burn Television receiver controller, they won’t give you the same viewing experience.

If you have enough money and time, buy a new Amazon remote online.

Y’all tin cull between two models and then make sure to cheque its production description before checking out your cart.

Once yous receive your new Amazon controller, you’d take to set information technology up and connect it to your Firestick.

Hither’s how yous tin can do it.

  • Plug your Firestick into your
    TV and switch it on.
  • Hold downward the
    Select and Home
    buttons on your remote until they connect to your Television receiver.
  • This step commonly lasts for one infinitesimal.


Do I Need the Internet When Using The Amazon Fire Idiot box Plan?

It would about be impossible to access thousands of shows using this device if y’all practise non have WiFi.

Apart from this, you must also connect your smartphone and Firestick to the same network settings. Otherwise, you won’t be able to control your screen.

Practise I Demand An Amazon Business relationship To Access Shows?

Yous can’t employ your Firestick if yous don’t accept an Amazon account. Merely you don’t demand to worry considering opening an account is gratis.

You tin besides get an Amazon Prime number 30-day free trial if yous’re looking to stream thousands of movies at home.

Tin I Take Multiple Firesticks Linked To My Amazon Account?

Absolutely yes! You can accept multiple Firesticks linked to your Amazon account. You besides don’t accept to worry about a limit because that currently doesn’t exist.

Merely if you’re no longer using an older version of your Firestick, make sure to deregister it on your account.

What Happens If My TV Doesn’t Have An HDMI Port?

When setting up your Firestick, you’d need to plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. But if your TV doesn’t have this feature, you would need to purchase an HDMI converter.

Yous would also demand RCA cables to connect information technology to your Telly. You tin get these tools from the Amazon website.


Who says that y’all cannot fix your favorite TV streaming device without its controller?

And so, are you now well-versed on how to prepare Firestick without remote? Information technology is easy and hassle-complimentary!

Hither is a consummate and comprehensive guide you can look back to if y’all need help with the Amazon Fire Stick initial setup without the remote.

If anything goes wrong in the setup procedure, you can proceed to factory reset and attempt the steps once more.

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