Connect Sony Tv To Google Home

How to ready Google Assistant on Sony Android TV

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When you lot know how to set up Google Assistant on Sony Android TV, y’all’re in position to integrate your newest entertainment purchase with the rest of your Google Home system. And, with the Sony Bravia vox command remote, you’ll become to have advantage of all the
best Google Banana commands.

Every bit a Google-based operating system, Android Television fits in smoothly with the remainder of the
best Google Home uniform devices
and so yous can set up routines, or even ask Google Banana to command some of those devices from your Sony Android Television receiver voice remote.

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Google Assistant is also useful for letting you know the weather, electric current traffic weather and whatsoever trivial questions that might pop up while you’re seated on the couch. Plus you tin inquire for show recommendations and schedules, as well as to change the volume of your set.

How to fix Google Assistant on Sony Android TV

To set up Google Assistant on Sony Android TV, you’re gonna need your prepare connected to Wi-Fi and powered on. Check our guide on how to fix up your Sony Android TV if you’re in need of help.

You’ll be prompted to gear up Google Assistant on Sony Android Television set after setting up your Android Television set, only you can bypass this step or return to it at your convenience. Here’s what to do if you’re getting started.

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Select Settings,
or the gear icon, to open the settings menu.

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Select Accounts & Sign In

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Select Sign In
and decide whether to employ your phone or calculator, or your remote to log into Google. If you have your phone or computer nearby the process may be faster, but you tin just as easily employ your remote as long every bit you know your account credentials.

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Phone/calculator set:
Visit on your device and make certain your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. Enter the half-dozen-digit code you run across on your device and follow the instructions to sign in.

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Remote ready up:
Blazon in your Gmail and countersign to set up Google Assistant on Sony Android TV.

At present that you accept signed into your Google account, your Sony Television volition appear on your list of Google Home devices. You will be able to integrate it into
Google Assistant smart dwelling house routines
or command your additional Google Home devices from your remote.

Sony Bravia voice command remote and other Sony TV voice remote controls

The Sony Bravia vocalisation command remote makes navigation a breeze. In our Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV review, we plant its long and slender blueprint comfortable to use, and appreciated the dedicated launchers for Netflix and the Google Play library.

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When it comes to Google Assistant on Sony TVs, y’all should know that there’s a microphone status lite opposite the power button that lets yous know if Google Banana is active. Non merely is this a valued privacy feature of the Sony Television voice remote, merely it lets you know when Google Assistant is ready to field your query, too.

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