Cool Roblox Items Under 50 Robux

So if you are like me when I first started Roblox, you realize that you demand some Robux to make a cool avatar. Merely, you besides don’t want to spend also much coin, so you might go with the mobile only $1 (R$80) pick. In the past, I have fabricated a post of all-time items under 100 Robux, just, yous can’t buy R$100 items for 80 R$. So today I bring you lot a list of best items R$50 and under (because yous
purchase R$50 detail with R$80 :P).

FYI this list isn’t in social club…..

OK #i (probably my favorite on this listing) is the Bandit – R$40

Okay before I commencement raving virtually this detail I simply want to say this might be 1 of my favorite items I own. So, why do I like this item and then much? Well, first I call up this might be i of the best masks for boys (and some girls), and as well, it looks freaking sweetness. Literally this looks so cool if yous put it on the right costumes. OK enough with that.

#2 on the list information technology the Scoobis past maplestick – R$fifty

Okay. The only reason this is on the list is because it is a meme. Y’all can put this on top of anything, and it will exist funny. Instance: my Scoobis Santa Christmas outfit. That was literally an Rthro costume with a Scoobis thrown on top and it was 1 of my amend outfits. I think if y’all aren’t looking for one specific particular, or you have some leftover bobux. You should definitely snag one of these.

#3 the Arctic Hoodie past GENKROCO – R$l

This item makes my favorites for a few reasons. One being that it goes with basically whatever human avatar. If yous are making some person in like a cool shirt and pants, some hair and maybe a mask, this would exist ane of the best pieces to that costume you can buy. Likewise, it is pretty cheap for beingness pretty high quality. They too brand quite a few colors, but I like the black all-time.

#4 is the Happy 😀 face – R$15

This face up makes my top five listing because in my opinion, it is the best confront on the entire catalog. It goes with virtually everything, information technology’s for the almost office basic (pro and con), and it is astonishing overall. This is the merely face I have bought, and the only one I need. Get purchase this.

#5 on the list is Fish For Brains by MicroGuardian – R$50

The terminal particular on this list is the Fish For Brains. This is definitely not my favorite on this listing, but, it actually made the list and then that means its pretty skilful. Ane of the main reasons I don’t like this is that it doesn’t go with anything. I mean don’t get me wrong information technology looks pretty good and funny with its matching clothes, it but doesn’t lucifer anything else. It’south still good though. I don’t desire to beat this up to much. Lol

Okay that is going to be it for this top 5 list. If you don’t agree with my list or think I forgot something, brand certain to allow me know in the comments. Sad this mail was a few days late, just at least there is a mail ;).

Thank you for reading, and I’ll run into you next week.