Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro Review: Convenient and powerful

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A very minor, battery-powered food processor, the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro is easy to store and ready for action whenever you demand it. It lacks the versatility of a full-sized food processor with accessories, but the stock-still blades hither tin chop or grind, and I found that this mini-marvel was enough to cope with the majority of my blending tasks, from preparing stuffing to marinades.


  • Small-scale and powerful
  • Easy to shop
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can leak if you don’t stay inside limits


  • Great britain
    RRP: £99.99

Key Features

  • Accessories
    This cordless blender has a dual-blade assembly – abrupt on one side for cut, and edgeless on the other for grinding

  • Battery life
    You become upward to 15 minutes of run-time from a charge, which is enough to cut around threescore onions


It’s all well and good having all of the latest kitchen gadgets and accessories, but storing them and cleaning them is so oft a chore that I finish up doing things manually, particularly when I’ve only got a single task. The Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro offers something unlike: this mini food processor is cordless for convenience, easy to store, and is platonic for small-scale jobs.

It works brilliantly, and the battery lasts for a long time, making this an essential tool in my kitchen.

Blueprint and Features

  • Like a nutrient processor, but smaller
  • Buttons for grind and chop
  • Dishwasher-safe

From the pictures, the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro looks similar any other food processor. What you can’t run across then hands is that it’south much smaller than a regular model, offering merely a 900ml capacity. In fact, information technology’southward sufficiently atomic to stand upwards inside my pan drawers, under the hob. It’southward a little smaller than the KitchenAid Cordless Food Chopper merely its size makes the Cordless Mini Prep Pro easier to shop.

In that location’s as well the older Cuisinart CH4BCU Mini Food Processor, which is very similar, although that plug-in model isn’t anywhere near as user-friendly to utilise.

In the boilerplate kitchen, the Cordless Mini Prep Pro tin can be stowed hands, yet kept within easy reach for those times you need it. Since this model is cordless, y’all’re non limited in terms of placement for use: simply stick it anywhere on the counter and get going.

When the battery runs out, there’s a micro-USB port on the rear for charging. Cuisinart provides a USB charger in the box, but y’all can utilize any charger or cable you have.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro charging ports

As a simple processor, the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro has a single bract inside. Pressing the Chop push volition engage the sharp side of the blade for cutting and blending, while the Grind button engages the dull side of the blade for grinding ingredients.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro controls

Each button works like a pulse button on a traditional food processor: you lot have to keep to hold it down to arrive work.

The controls but work with the chapeau on the processor. In one case the lid has been removed, you tin remove the jug from the base for pouring out its contents, and too for washing.

You lot can remove the blade unit, but you’ll need a bit of force to elevator it off; since it clicks into place. Information technology may not feel like information technology’south removable, simply it is. Everything bar the motor base can go into the dishwasher, so cleaning up is very piece of cake.


  • Powerful enough for virtually small jobs
  • Good battery life

There’s a powerful-enough motor within the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro (wattage is not quoted). Information technology’due south a step downwards from the motor sizes you’d find on a full-sized food processor, but with the smaller basin and the type of tasks for which you’ll be using it, you’re unlikely to require any more power.

I started by preparing some stuffing for a roast dinner. Making breadcrumbs with fresh slices of staff of life was easy, although I did take to do the task in batches because of the small capacity. Next, I put in a quartered onion.

Using the Chop setting, the onion was finely chopped, with no large chunks left behind. The results here are just as expert equally if I’d used a full-sized processor.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro onions after chopping

I finished off by adding parsley, running the chopper one last time to mix everything together; information technology just needed ane scrape downwards to motility all the $.25 that had stuck to the sides of the bowl down into the lesser of the bowl.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro final mixture for stuffing

Next, I made a chicken tinga marinade, using a combination of spices, tomato plant puree, water, 2 cloves of garlic and vinegar. I was very happy with the result: a finely blended, yet thick mixture. The Cordless Mini Prep Pro is perfect for this kind of food prep; a full-sized blender or food processor would feel similar overkill for this kind of marinade.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro sauce after blending

I institute that you have to keep within the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro’s chapters. Put too much liquid into information technology, and yous tin get a few minor leaks from the top of the lid.

Battery life is rated at 15 minutes – which is enough to chop sixty onions, plain. What I tin say is that I fabricated the stuffing, the marinade and, over the adjacent few weeks, boosted marinades for Mexican nutrient and I’m yet to have to accuse the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro.

In terms of noise, the food processor measured in at a maximum of 82dB – that’s certainly loud plenty to hear, but not unpleasantly so, particularly since y’all’ll only run the blades for short bursts.

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Should yous buy it?

If you lot oft blitz smaller amounts of food items for marinades and the like, this is a handy tool that you’ll find yourself going back to fourth dimension and fourth dimension once more.

If you have infinite for only 1 kitchen gadget, and crave some versatility, a proper food processor would brand a better choice.

Final Thoughts

The Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro is a fiddling expensive, because you tin choice upwardly a full-sized nutrient processor for less. It as well come with fewer accessories than with the rival KitchenAid. Yet, for me, its usefulness is proven past the number of times I used this item kitchen gadget.

In fact, the Mini Prep Pro has go my go-to nutrient processor for all of those piddling jobs around the kitchen: big enough to tackle most jobs, yet small enough that it volition fit in the drawer and isn’t such a pain to make clean. Those who chop and blend pocket-sized quantities will beloved Cuisinart’s latest model. If yous’re subsequently a regular nutrient processor with more accessories, bank check out my guide to the best nutrient processors.

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We mix a marinade to encounter how well the nutrient processor can deal with finer ingredients and liquids.

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What’due south the battery life like on the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro?

A total charge delivers 15 minutes of continuous performance, which is enough to chop effectually 60 onions.

What accessories does the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro come up with?

Information technology has a dual bract that can chop or grind.

Is the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro dishwasher safe?

Yep, everything bar the base of operations can exist cleaned on the top shelf of a dishwasher.

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