Cyberpunk 2077 Male Vs Female Voice

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I didn’t like the female V. I could non stop hearing Nora from Fallout iv.


Male is decent and gets the job done, Female person is head and shoulders to a higher place decent though, but shes always been nifty so chalk it to feel

But every bit i’ve said previously i dont believe any bug are with the actors at that place with the ppl giving them direction and supplying, usa the players, with the dialogue options.

Many times i was taken ashamed by what and how Female V said simply as much as Male V

Many times what the dialogue option said wasnt what actually was said and definitely hardly ever was said in a tone i “imagined” it would be said, these problems weren’t with the actors there with the ppl who pieced information technology all together and presented information technology as is.

I feel there was alot cut, a real lot, and what we got was the all-time they could put together

The female person vox actor is without a dubiety more than experienced and emotional, and this is just from clips I’ve seen. Male Five at times comes across as kind of sensitive and soft (and non just based on the conversation choices I make), and when he tries to audio tougher it does sometimes experience forced. But I actually like this about him as it reflects how I play the character.


Cherami Leigh was a good choice for female 5.
The male person voice actor seemed, ok. But more than emotion from female V and for a story driven game, she plays her role better.

And esthetically speaking. If your going to put a ton of hours into a game, y’all might besides be looking at someone you lot discover attractive. So +2 for female V


I didn’t similar the female person V. I could not terminate hearing Nora from Fallout 4.

She didnt voice nora in FO4, that was the lassie who voiced jack in mass effect

Fem V is A2 from Nier Automata, simply thing i know her from myself tbh

It’s curious to me that people take this sense that but the male V is trying to sound “tough” while female V isn’t.

For me, both of them speak with a deeper voice (than their natural tone) because both of them needed to make 5 audio tough.

But information technology’s harder to detect in Cherami’due south voice, considering her natural voice is naturally higher (at least that’due south the mode it sounds to me, when I watch her interviews), and she probably trained a lot to make female V sound more natural in a deeper tone.

And for me it worked ok for both Five’southward considering the role player is e’er dealing with fixers, club bouncers, thugs, psycopaths, assassins, and V regularly needs to button them for information, and so it would be strange to talk in a higher pitch.


I played my playthrough completely in german and I really like the synchro they did every bit a whole. peradventure a tiny hiccup here or there but neglectible. Played equally female V, but as well enjoyed all the voice actors. In comparison the german male 5 doesn’t sound so “rough” every bit the english language one though.

if y’all want and are interested, you may watch a comparison of english/german male/female person (it’due south about 9 mins long)


if you want and are interested, you may watch a comparison of english language/german language male person/female person (it’s almost ix mins long)

Thanks for sharing that — that was interesting to hear. I recall I prefer the German voices for several of the characters. (Ignoring for the moment that I wouldn’t be able to understand them though.)

Hearing the video reminds me why I didn’t like the English male person V phonation. It sounds to me like Dennis Leary trying to “practice cyberpunk”.


Yous’re welcome


Fem V is simply superior, no contest.


I think the female V VA was meliorate in most regards. Her inflections and emotions for the most office were more than on spot at least for me. The male person V sounded very wooden, overly gruffy/trying to sound badass and really took away from the experience for me. It’s not terrible but I can tell they are lacking in experience.

I know it’s a personal thing for most people but just my opinion. I normally like playing as the guy in games but the voice was simply likewise much for me here. I’chiliad thinking of doing my 3rd playthrough every bit a male person V merely for the romance options but I tin can’t commit to information technology nonetheless.


While not every bit drastic a comparing as Hale vs. Meer in the mass effect trilogy, I feel like the female five’s voice acting was merely better. The characterization of the male v’southward voice actually didn’t feel natural.


She didnt voice nora in FO4, that was the lassie who voiced jack in mass effect

Fem V is A2 from Nier Automata, only thing i know her from myself tbh

Jack! Dearest that voice actress and Jack was a standout in ME. Likewise, Cherami Leigh is Asuna from english language dub of Sword Art Online. I was excited when I saw her name and even more impressed when I heard the fem V voice considering of that.


Jack! Dearest that vocalism extra and Jack was a standout in ME. As well, Cherami Leigh is Asuna from english language dub of Sword Art Online. I was excited when I saw her name and fifty-fifty more impressed when I heard the fem V voice because of that.

Yep jack was great, im reminded of her oft in CP when i’ve got ppl shouting “i will destroy y’all” in combat lol, she too did a great job in fallout 4 in my stance aswell tbh


Played the game as male and every bit female V.

No clue why but Female person V feels alot better and more fledged out in literally everything.


Male 5’southward vocalization is honestly terrible to me. What’s even more than terrible, is that in that location weren’t multiple vox options.

I belive it’south…decent. I wanted to make a male person black voodoo netrunner graphic symbol with Mufasa phonation, to be able to use the freaky facial scars, but alas, the voice and the character didn’t match. Multiple vocalism options would have been preem.


I chose female V…….but gameplay wise, I don’t think there is much diff…but romance wise there is

Male person romance options in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Panam
  • Kerry

Female person romance options in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Judy
  • River

Male person and female romance options in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Meredith Stout (fling)


Valerie definetly more emotion compared to bluntness of Vincent, tiny things in voice that make the diffence! Mostly its adept that they are diffent!

“V. Just V. But people who know me real well can use my real proper name.”


Female Five. It’south not even close.

Aught against the male actor. He was proficient besides, information technology’due south but that Cherami Leigh crushed it.

Gotta say they both started to grate on my nerves after a while. And I’m not seeing why ane was amend than the other, both were about the same for effort and quality.

Personally (and this is just my stance) in games where you can build your character differently each time I don’t think there should exist a voice actor, considering the voice is the aforementioned every time. To me that doesn’t brand sense, many faces….same vox. I dunno, it’s weird to me. Games like the Witcher with a set character, it’s ok you tin exercise vox acting. Mayhap if y’all could alter the pitch or turn your characters voice off. Peradventure mods will address this.