Dark Souls 3 servers have shut down following hack exploit news

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The PvP servers for Dark Souls iii have been shut down after a new exploit emerged which could let criminals execute malicious code on players’ computers.

A new security vulnerability, a remote lawmaking execution (RCE), has been spotted in Dark Souls 3; reported by Dexerto and in pinned threads by moderators on the Dark Souls three subreddit. The PvP functionality of the game has been suspended to protect users in response.

Servers for Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls: PtDE have also been temporarily shut downwardly.

Every bit of writing this article, it seems that the exploit plaguing the game is full-on malware that could crusade serious and lasting damage to the players desktop. However, the hack is not yet out in the wild, pregnant that other hackers do not seem to accept access to it.

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Information technology seems that only players who play online are at risk, with suggestions that it may affect Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and the upcoming Elden Band game also.

The exploit was actually caught on Twitch during The_Grim_Sleeper’s stream of the game. At the terminate of the stream the game crashes and a robotic phonation, which originates from the Microsoft text-to-speak generator, starts to critique the gameplay from The_Grim_Sleeper.

The user so reported that Microsoft Powershell opened itself, which is a sign that a hacker used the programme to run the script that enabled the text-to-speech feature.

Equally a upshot, the servers take been close downward and players are encouraged to play in offline mode or with a Blue Sentinel patch.

Blue Spotter is a community-made anti-cheat mod for the game and has now been patched against the RCE hole. This mod has been used to address similar, if not less dangerous, issues in the past.

However, some have suggested that the hacker was not being malicious and instead was trying to get the developers FromSoftware to notice the security hole.

The SpeedSoul’s Discord featured a screenshotted mail service that claims the hacker was trying to contact and study the effect but was ignored. As a effect, the hacker started to employ interrupt streamers playing the game to draw some attention to the trouble.

Dark Souls 3 hacker note

Although the vulnerability may have been utilised in a harmless way (which has not been confirmed), if a bad role player caught wind of the RCE starting time, the upshot could have been more dangerous.

RCE is a serious vulnerability and allows hackers to run malicious code on the histrion’s computer, which tin can cause irreversible damage and fifty-fifty scrape personal information.

Nighttime Souls publisher Bandai Namco recently posted on Twitter, thanking users for reporting the effect.

This is not the get-go fourth dimension Dark Souls has had issues in relation to hacking; in 2022, hacked items were existence left in users games, with invaders corrupting save files.

Thankfully, FromSoftare and Bandai Namco seem to be addressing the issue, with the servers shutting down to protect players and an investigation taking identify to amend understand the issue.

Both company’s also noted that the shutdown will merely bear upon those playing on PC, and then PlayStation and Xbox players are free to proceed.

It’southward not clear when the servers volition exist back up, but keep your eyes peeled on Trusted Reviews as we’ll be updating this story every bit before long as more data comes out.

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