Deleted Photos Keep Coming Back Android

Android Deleted Files and Photos Proceed Coming Back (Become 4 Easy Fixes)

This commodity focuses on the trouble of not beingness able to permanently delete files or photos on an Android SD card, camera retention card or USB flash drive, even formatting an SD card volition eventually fail. For case:

  • Deleted files keep coming back on Android after a restart
  • Deleted photos/pictures still show upwardly on Android
  • Nada is deleting from the SD card considering files reappear soon
  • Format SD bill of fare many times only files automatically come back over again

At present, you may try the post-obit three fixes to get rid of this deleted file go on coming dorsum event on your Android immediately:

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix one. Remove Write Protection Check the lock switch > Run EaseUS CleanGenius…Full steps
Set up 2. Format Android SD Carte du jour Run EaseUS format tool > Format SD card…Full steps
Fix 3. Shut Cloud Sync Service Sign in the cloud > delete synchronized file…Full steps
Fix 4. Clear Android File Enshroud Settings > Applications > Manage Applications…Total steps

Deleted Files Come up Dorsum on SD Card Can’t Delete or Format It

“I use my SD card to store pictures and download movies. About 1 week ago, I started to accept trouble deleting any of the


on the SD bill of fare. The fact is that I can delete everything I want to delete. However, it’due south a just temporary moment; deleted files continue coming back after I delete them. They never disappear. Then annoying. Delight help me, how can I permanently delete files from Android SD card?”

The ‘deletion’ of a certificate, music, video, moving-picture show, or message on an Android device shall be natural and spontaneous. Even so, some people institute themselves in trouble, they pressed the deletion button, in a 2nd, files were deleted and disappeared from the screen right abroad. Surprisingly, the next time you boot Android or re-open an app, deleted files returned!

Why Deleted Files & Photos Go along Coming Back

So, what’s the exact problem that makes deleted files continue coming back over again and once more after deletion? Do you encounter the same helplessness in deleting a file permanently from an Android micro SD card to salve storage space?

Most of the cases are related to the carte problem, which should be locked, turned to read-just, or write-protected. To get rid of the continuing deleted files showing up, y’all need to convert the read-but menu to normal. In addition, the other potential gene that leads to failing to delete files forever is a virus infection, or SD card corruption, which prevents you from formatting it correctly in Android telephone and Windows Explorer. This kind of issue is easy to tackle with the help of 3rd-party division managing director software. It would easily overcome the trouble and format the corrupted and damaged SD carte du jour automatically inside simple steps.

At last, due to your Android telephone options like data cache and cloud syncing, you’ll be likely to encounter the files you removed earlier show upward over again after a new round of file synchronization.

How to Permanently Delete Files That Keep Returning and Reappearing

Now we’ve clearly figured out the four major reasons that throw us in such an embarrassing situation, including SD menu write protection, SD bill of fare corruption, cache, and data sync. It’south time to implement solutions and finally solve the problem of not being able to delete files from Android SD card.

Solution 1. Remove write protection from SD carte

Get-go of all, earlier rushing to the technical-level of write protection removal, take out your SD card from your phone or camera, and check if there is a lock switch on either side of the card. The lock switch is designed to protect the SD menu from being written or modifying, and this protection mechanism will also mislead you lot into thinking that yous’ve successfully removed the files but it’s not. To use the card properly without whatsoever deleting result, you need to identify the switch on the opposite side of the lock.

What if there is no lock design on your SD card type? Don’t worry, you can utilise the Diskpart control or third-party fixing tool to remove the aspect from the SD card.

If you don’t consider yourself a pro-computer user and y’all’re not familiar with command-lines, don’t worry. There are graphical-based solutions to help you remove write-protection from your hard drives, USB drives, and even SD cards.

EaseUS CleanGenius is one of these tools that helps you fix aforementioned issues on your drives without knowing a thing well-nigh command-line.

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to use this tool to get your problems sorted:

Step 1: DOWNLOAD and install EaseUS CleanGenius (complimentary) on your reckoner.

Step 2: Run EaseUS CleanGenius on your PC, select Optimization and choose the Write Protection mode.

disable write protection

Stride iii: Select the device that is write-protected and click Disable to remove the protection.

Disable Write Protection from storage devices.

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Image of Recycle Bin

Solution 2. Format and repair corrupted Android SD card

Though hard to accept the truth, your SD card is well-nigh likely broken and malfunctions, specially later you tried to format the card many times just files are still there, non erased equally expected. The typical symptoms that suggest the SD card developing some errors include:

  • Format the SD carte on Android phone, it warns ‘failed to format’.
  • Format the SD carte du jour in Windows Explorer, information technology says ‘Windows was unable to complete the format’.

Many people accept the aforementioned experience that their attempts to format the memory card failed because files still come up back after a second. Don’t panic fifty-fifty it’south the worst instance. You can adhere the SD menu to a computer, and download EaseUS free sectionalization managing director, and let the corrupted retention card repair software to help prepare the corruption. Re-create files to the computer hard drive to avoid data loss.

Stride 1.
Launch EaseUS Partition Main, right-click the partition on your external difficult bulldoze/USB/SD card which yous want to format and choose the “Format” selection.

Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 1

Step two.
Assign a new sectionalization characterization, file organization (NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/exFAT), and cluster size to the selected partition, so click “OK”.

Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 2

Step 3.
In the Warning window, click “OK” to keep.

Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 3

Stride 4.
Click the “Execute Operation” button in the top-left corner to review the changes, so click “Utilize” to start formatting your external hard drive/USB/SD card.

Format External Hard Drive/USB/SD Card - 4

Solution 3. Close the cloud syncing service before deletion

In that location is a huge possibility that your Android telephone has been synchronized. Since the types of Android phones vary, then do the deject syncing services, you need to check your device and determine whether the service is currently turned on. If yes, turn off the service and execute deletion, after which sign in the cloud with your account, and try to delete the synchronized files and photos on the deject.

If you don’t desire to carp the next fourth dimension, you can alter the telephone settings and disable the auto sync.

Now, put back the SD bill of fare to your Android phone and run across if deleted files will come up back once again afterwards deleting.

Solution 4. Articulate file enshroud on Android

Articulate the cache on your File Director, the browser you used to download the movies, and for the awarding involved used to play the movies.

For each of those applications, select the awarding and clear its cache:

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All (at the top) > {awarding} > Clear Cache

Can You Now Delete Files from Android SD Card Permanently?

Later following the troubleshooting methods one past one, do you lot see files coming back over again after deletion or formatting? For anyone who cannot delete a file from the SD card because the file reappears from time to fourth dimension, don’t go out this page and so quickly because the solutions will definitely help y’all out. However, if your case is non solved here, you may consider sending the SD menu to a repair center if information technology’s under the warranty.

For those who stumble upon the other contrary situation that the Android SD card keeps deleting files by itself, cheque the linked page for help.