Dell Venue 8 Boot From Usb

Edit 6/28/14 – See this blog post for a Kickstarter projection for a dock that does this.

Edit 9/26/fourteen – Dell released an official Information and Charging Dongle.

Edit 11/18/2014: The Plugable dock can at present be

purchased directly from Amazon

A couple of months ago, because of my addiction to gadgets and all things shiny, I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro (affectionately referred to as the “DV8”). It’southward an eight” tablet running a full version of Windows 8.ane. You tin can read Paul Thurrott’s review here. It’southward been a fun piddling mini-tablet, fitting somewhere between my Nokia 920 telephone and my Surface Pro two in functionality. One of its biggest frustrations has been that information technology’south not possible to accuse the DV8 and connect USB devices like a thumb bulldoze to it. The DV8 has a single USB port, and it’s a USB OTG port. This ways a unmarried USB port is used to charge the DV8 and hook up peripherals. To charge the DV8, simply plug in any old USB charger into the USB port. Violà, it’south charging! If you want to hook any kind of USB device to it, a pollex drive, a keyboard, a rocket launcher, you demand a USB OTG cable. If you have a DV8, it’s worth it to guild a handful of these. They’re cheap enough, and it’s good to have one around when you demand one. Unfortunately yous tin can’t connect both, so you accept to choose; juice or peripherals. Normally when I’m told something isn’t possible, I shrug my shoulders and and so get off and eat some cookies. This fourth dimension, I rolled up my sleeves, headed out to the Cyberspace, and found a solution.

Before nosotros dig in, let me be clear,
I didn’t figure this out
. I saw a post on a forum somewhere and ordered the cables from there. It was probably on WP Central or XDA Developers. Either way, I can’t find it at present. If someone finds the post or thread, leave it in a comment beneath and I’ll link it upwards. Thanks to a comment left below, I believe the original place I saw this was on a thread on TabletReview.

The DV8 isn’t the only device with a USB OTG port. Many Android tablets and phones take 1 likewise. With the assistance of special splitter cables, they’re able to accuse while devices are connected. Those cables lone won’t work with the DV8. There is a handshake that the DV8 does when a device is connected to the USB OTG port and the DV8 chooses to ignore devices if information technology sees the charger handshake. With a handful of cables and adapters we’re able to flim-flam the DV8 into seeing the charger, so not seeing the charger. Kind of like the erstwhile “quarter behind the ear” trick I do with my kids. Hither’s the pieces you’ll demand:

#ane – USB Male to Micro USB Male Charging Data Cable w/ Switch for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Black (100 CM)

#2 – CY U2-166 USB Female to Micro USB Female + Micro USB Male Adapter Cablevision – Black (15cm)

#3 – USB Female to Micro USB Female Adapter – Black

Deal Extreme is the only place I could discover these 3 cables. Be warned, it took three weeks (yikes!) for me to get my cables. Together they price less than $x, so become alee and order them at present. Sometime, right subsequently iii weeks or so I’m guessing, y’all’ll wish that you had.

Cable #ane has a switch to switch between Charge and Data. It’s the piece that makes this all work. When we connect this whole contraption to our DV8
it needs to be in the Charge position. The DV8 will run across the Charge bespeak and start charging. The key is that it doesn’t continue to check for the Accuse signal. Later it starts charging we can flip the switch to the Data side and it will recognize whatever USB devices connected to #three. #2 sits between them and splits out the charging and data sides. Here are the steps:

  1. Switch the Charge / Data switch on #1 to
  2. Plug the charger into the female person micro USB connector on #2
  3. Plug #3 into the male person micro USB connector on #2 if information technology’s not already
  4. Plug in the charger to the wall
  5. Plug your USB device to #3 (it should power upward)
  6. Plug #1 into your DV8
  7. Verify that the DV8 is charging, if it’southward not, unplug #1 from the DV8 and plug it back in
  8. Once the DV8 is charging, flip the switch on #1 to Data

Here is a picture show of it all continued:


If y’all await closely you lot’ll come across my awesome SharePoint 2007 USB bulldoze is attached to cablevision #two and the whole shebang is continued to the DV8. Here’s a screenshot to testify it’southward both charging and reading my SharePoint 2007 USB bulldoze:


Y’all tin can claw whatsoever kind of USB device to #3, including a hub. If you use this contraption you lot’ll have to use a USB charger to power the USB devices. If you unplug the charger all the devices become away likewise. If that happens, switch #ane into Charge and plug it all back in again.

This has been one of my biggest frustrations with the Dell Venue 8 Pro. I’g glad some anonymous person on the Cyberspace was able to find a solution. Thanks bearding Net person!



Edit iii/12/2014: Added link to original thread