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The GH5 and GH5s are 2 pro mirrorless cameras by Panasonic, released only a twelvemonth apart.

At that place isn’t a colossal applied science difference here, so which is more worth the money?

Read on for our comparison review to find which camera is worth the splurge.

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Panasonic GH5 vs GH5s primal specs

Here are some central specs for the GH5:

  • Date
    announced: 4th January 2017.
  • Price
    at launch: $2200 for the body only.
  • Sensor: 20.3MP MOS.
  • ISO: 200- 25600, extended ISO 100.
  • Viewfinder: three,680,000-dot OLED, 21mm, 0.76x (35mm equivalent).
  • Shutter Speed: 1/8000-60 sec, Electronic beginning pall shutter ane/2000-sixty sec, Bulb to 30min, X=1/250.
  • v-axis
    In-body image stabilization
  • SD card slot: 2x UHS-Two U3.
  • Battery Life: 410 pictures using LCD.
  • Weight: 725g.

And hither are some primal specs for the GH5s:

  • Date
    announced: 8th Jan 2018.
  • Price
    at launch: $3000, trunk only. (Can now be found for effectually $2000.)
  • Sensor: ten.2MP High Sensitivity MOS.
  • ISO: ISO 160-51200, Extended ISO fourscore/102400/204800, Dual Native ISO.
  • Viewfinder: three,680,000-dot OLED, 21mm, 0.76x (35mm equivalent).
  • Shutter Speed: 1/8000-sixty sec, Bulb to 30 minutes, X=i/250.
  • No in-body paradigm stabilization system.
  • SD card slot: 2x UHS-Two U3.
  • Battery Life:
    440 pictures using LCD. (1300 in power save mode.)
  • Weight: 660g.

With quite a few features, the GH5s come out on top, but this does come with a substantial price increment.

lumix gh5 vs gh5s

Panasonic GH5: pros and cons


  • Conditions sealing.
  • More cost-effective.
  • Wide ISO range.


  • Loftier chance of moire in some shots.
  • V-Log Fifty non born: you have to purchase a firmware update.

Panasonic GH5s: pros and cons


  • Longer bombardment life than the GH5- can take 440 images using LCD. (1300 in power relieve manner.)
  • 51.200 max ISO.
  • Weighs considerably less than the GH5.
  • 4096×2160 max video resolution.
  • Weather sealing.
  • Multi-Aspect Ratio Function.


  • No in-body image stabilization system.
  • High take chances of moire in some shots.
Lumix GH5 camera

GH5 vs GH5s: Low light sensitivity and Dual native ISO

The GH5s has a wide ISO range of ISO 160 to 51200, with extended values of fourscore and upwards to 204800 for both stills and video.

Its ISO is besides dual native- i at ISO 400 and the other at ISO 25600. This amplifies the proceeds by 1 stop and ane/iii, rather than 4 stops, meaningless noise in your images.

Compare this with the GH5, which ranges from ISO 200-25800 with an extension setting of ISO 80.

Stills captured by the GH5s will be at half the resolution of the GH5 due to the drib in pixel count. But, this should improve its video performance and low light power.

Due to its ISO range and low lite capabilities, the GH5s come up out on acme hither.

GH5 vs GH5s: Five-Log L

One of the new features in the GH5s is that the 5-Log L comes pre-installed. This will be keen news for yous videographers out in that location, equally it will enable a more than extensive dynamic range (up from x stops to 12!)

V-Log L is available for the GH5, but you have to buy separate firmware that runs you $100.

The output from this way is designed to be enhanced during grading, and then don’t be alarmed when your footage initially looks flat!

In addition, V-LogL View Help is on hand every bit a guide when yous’re shooting, especially if yous find the flat footage hard to assess.

The GH5s is definitely a winner for videographers.

Lumix GH5S camera

GH5 vs GH5s: sensor comparing

The GH5s has a 10.0MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor, and features a Venus Engine ten processor. The GH5 has a 20.0MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor and too features a Venus Engine processor.

Right off the bat, the GH5 has 10MP more than than the GH5s, which gives a noticeable reward while using- allowing you to print images larger and have more freedom while cropping.

(Go on in mind that factors such equally the optical elements, low pass filter, pixel size, and sensor technology too affect the final resolution of images.)

Both cameras also lack anti-alias filters. This increases the sharpness of your images but also increases the occurrence of moire in certain shots.

The GH5 and the GH5s both accept the same sensor size, so you tin can expect similar control over the depth of field when used with the same focal length and aperture.

But since the GH5s has a 98% larger pixel surface area, yous can collect more than light on the pixel level, and have less noise in depression light / High ISO images.

Panasonic GH5S

GH5 vs GH5s: AF sensitivity

Both Panasonic cameras use a contrast-detection organisation, called Depth from Defocus. The GH5s includes features such as deep learning with face, eye, and body detection, and animate being detection.

Its minimum sensitivity in low calorie-free is -5Ev compared with the GH5’southward -4Ev. In addition, the continuous shooting speed on the GH5s is a max of 12fps, but if you plan on shooting xiv-bit RAW, it may subtract to 11fps.

Again, the GH5s is the winner here.

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Last verdict: Which one is better?

The GH5 and GH5s are suitable for different photographers looking to achieve dissimilar results. Whereas the GH5s is average at portrait photography, the GH5 excels at this.

They both perform poorly for landscape photography, only for daily usage, they are both more suitable. The GH5 is particularly apt for street photographers, just both are decent all-rounders.

In terms of which photographic camera is improve, the GH5s nonetheless does come out on top. It has a high ISO performance and meliorate treatment, only this does come at a price jump. In terms of value for money, the GH5 is at the top of the list.

Panasonic GH5

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What is the difference between GH5 and GH5s?

In that location is not much difference between the GH5 and GH5s since they but came out a year betwixt each other. Their sensors are pretty similar, simply the battery life and videography options are improved on the GH5s.

Is GH5 good for filmmaking?

In terms of videography, the GH5s has better specs. The GH5 is still a decent choice, simply things similar its in-built V-Log L makes the GH5s improve.

Is GH5s good for photography?

The GH5s is a fantastic all-rounder camera, no matter your photography niche. It’southward specially apt for portrait photography.

Does the GH5s shoot 6K?

Due to the sensor resolution on the GH5s, it can’t shoot in 6k.