HDMI has been the standard cablevision for connecting audio and video devices for some time, but not all of its features are well-known. You might have seen an pick for HDMI-CEC on your Goggle box, dwelling theater organisation, or similar and wondered what this does.

Permit’s review what HDMI-CEC is, what it offers, and whether you should employ it on your TV.


HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Command) is a office of the HDMI standard that allows connected devices to talk with each other. The aim of this feature is to allow y’all to control multiple devices connected to a display with one remote, increasing convenience.

CEC is non a requirement for all HDMI devices, but it’s included in most all mod devices that use this port for output and input. The feature is part of the device itself, then you don’t need a specific HDMI cable to take advantage of it.

What Can HDMI-CEC Exercise?

The functions that HDMI-CEC enables depend on the devices you’re using. But in well-nigh cases, you can look a few standard features.

I of these is
one-bear on play, which allows your connected devices to switch the Telly’s input. For example, say you lot have the YouTube app open up on your Goggle box, then plow on your PlayStation five using the DualSense controller. One time your PS5 boots up and starts sending a video signal to your Goggle box, the TV will switch from the YouTube app to your PS5’due south HDMI input automatically.

This saves you from having to catch your Television remote and go through the menus to switch to the right HDMI input. Since you were likely going to jump over to your PlayStation anyway, this skips 1 stride. This as well works the other mode in about cases, so when you switch to your PS5’s input on your Television, your console will plough on automatically.

A like function is
system standby, which lets y’all put several devices to sleep with i button press. Typically, this means that when y’all press the
button to put your TV to sleep, it also puts all connected devices to slumber. So when you lot’re done playing your PS5, you don’t take to put it into Residue mode separately.

These are the ii most basic features of HDMI-CEC, but you may as well enjoy others depending on the devices connected. For instance,
arrangement audio control
lets you control the volume of an external device, like your theater receiver, using your Television set’s remote. There are likewise functions for DVR devices that allow yous to quickly tape shows or gear up a timer to record automatically.

How Exercise I Turn HDMI-CEC On or Off?

Each device that supports HDMI-CEC should take an option to disable or enable it. This means that you tin plough it off on your Tv set to stop using the feature completely, or just disable it on one device if you don’t want that one to turn on automatically.

On some devices, CEC is disabled by default, while it’due south turned on automatically for others. Thus, it’s a good idea to confirm the settings are configured as you want.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to give specific instructions for toggling CEC because the layout of the settings carte du jour varies past device. On your TV, CEC might be under an
menu, inside
General, or elsewhere. If y’all can’t find information technology, try Googling your TV model with “HDMI-CEC” to locate it.

As for specific devices, we’ve explained how to plow off HDMI-CEC on the PlayStation 5 and looked at stopping your Boob tube from turning on and off with your Nintendo Switch.

Common Names for HDMI-CEC

The other issue that makes HDMI-CEC catchy is that well-nigh hardware manufacturers use their ain name for it. You won’t see an option titled
on every TV, then it takes even more searching.

Beneath is a list of names that many TV makers apply for HDMI-CEC:

  • Insignia: INlink
  • LG: SimpLink
  • Philips: EasyLink
  • Roku: one-Touch
  • Samsung: Anynet+
  • Sony: BRAVIA Sync or BRAVIA Link
  • Toshiba: CE-Link or Regza Link
  • Vizio: CEC

If your Idiot box isn’t listed, a quick Google search for “HDMI-CEC” and the name of your Telly manufacturer should bring it upwards.

Should You lot Apply HDMI-CEC?

Now that you know what HDMI-CEC offers and where to find it on your devices, should you utilize this feature? It depends on if you lot discover it useful, as CEC is a polarizing feature—partially due to the inconsistent way it works across products.

Some people honey the convenience of their Idiot box switching to the right input when they plow a device on, but others hate the Television receiver switching itself seemingly at random. For example, your TV might jump to your Switch’s input when you put it on the dock to charge, even if you don’t desire to play it on the TV right then.

We’d recommend turning it on for all your devices, and so seeing what you think about the feature. If information technology’s annoying, turn it off for one or all devices. It simply takes an extra second to turn other devices on and alter the input manually.

Also, y’all might find HDMI-CEC unnecessary if you have a Idiot box that includes a phonation banana like Alexa built in. Talking to your TV is fifty-fifty more user-friendly than the above functions.

Fixes When HDMI-CEC Isn’t Working

If HDMI-CEC won’t piece of work properly, there are a few fixes yous tin endeavor. First, fully reboot all afflicted devices. Near smart TVs don’t fully ability down when you hit the
button on your remote, and so you’ll likely need to concur the button for a few seconds for a full restart.

Afterward rebooting, brand sure yous have updates installed for your TV and any other connected devices. The latest system software could fix whatever bugs with the role. You should also confirm that each device supports CEC—if y’all don’t see an option in the menu, it might not include this.

Finally, try some other HDMI port on your TV if yous still accept problems, and double-check that the option is enabled for all devices. Consider trying a different HDMI cable also, just to weed that possibility out.

Unplug PS5 Cables

If none of this works, one of your devices may take a hardware event. Contact the manufacturer or consult your manual for adjacent steps.

HDMI-CEC: Handy, but Imperfect

HDMI-CEC tin exist a disruptive feature when you’re not aware of it, merely it has a lot of convenience benefits. Since many people accept a lot of devices connected to their TVs, it’southward handy to take them piece of work together more smoothly. Endeavour the office out and see if it’due south a fit for how yous use your devices.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, you should be enlightened of its CEC support in add-on to many other features.