Discord: Everything You Need To Know – Updated February, 2022

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Discord these days is the popular selection for nearly people when information technology comes to communicating with friends and family unit online. Whether it exist about games, movies, TV shows, food, or anything else. When Discord launched it became the get-to pick for gamer communication. Opening up a new method for voice and text chat.

Finally, gamers had another good quality app that they could use to coordinate their gameplay with teammates during party content. Similar raids, dungeons, and multiplayer matches against the enemy squad. Simply since its arrival, Discord has changed some over the years and is now much more than only the premier game chat app.

Information technology has a lot of different features to offer that make it a great option for anyone to keep in contact with agreeing individuals on only about any topic. If you’ve never heard of Discord earlier, that’southward totally ok. Perchance you only don’t spend much fourth dimension online or maybe you’re merely used to another chat app. Like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TeamSpeak etc.

But if you lot’re wanting to learn more virtually Discord and what it offers, and why it might be a do good to you, this guide will walk you lot through everything important about Discord. Starting time, though, let’s take a piddling more of an in-depth dive into what Discord is.

What is Discord?

Discord is a conversation app for mobile devices and PC. It requires an online connection, and was originally launched as a chat app for gamers. It’s a withal conversation app for gamers, but it’due south likewise now more than that.

You lot tin use it for text conversation, voice chat, video chat, and even for sharing links, videos, and other content. Since going beyond gaming, Discord, at present, is an app for keeping in contact and communicating with friends, family, and other agreeing people who share the same love for your interests. It’s basically just a place to hang out and chat.

So it’s non just for gamers anymore. It’southward for anyone, and information technology tin be a keen place to talk with others.

What platforms is Discord available on?

Discord is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It tin exist downloaded direct from the corresponding app stores. Or if you’re on Windows or Mac, yous tin can simply use it from the Discord website. Although, you practise get a richer experience from the app.

Eventually, Discord will be integrated with PlayStation consoles in some form. Information technology’s also available on Xbox One, but you can’t utilize it for chat. Information technology merely allows you to see what you lot’re Discord friends are playing.

Update: February 08, 2022

Discord has now been integrated with PS5 and PS4, but not quite in the way you lot might think. You tin can link your PSN account through the Discord app and then that it shows what yous’re playing and how long you’ve been playing information technology. Vox and text chat however are withal non available.

Is Discord free?

The use of Discord is free. Downloading it is likewise free. That existence said, at that place are some paid subscription options that Discord offers. With these you go actress features that free users exercise not get. So it’s up to you to decide whether or non those features are worth your hard-earned money every single month.

For some, the subscription may be valuable. For others, they might not exist. But the beauty of the paid options is that they don’t really need to be paid for in club to accept a peachy experience with Discord. Using the gratuitous version of it is perfectly fine and you still have admission to all or near of the features that are necessary to have a great feel.

What are the Discord subscription options?

Discord has two different subscription plans available for users. At that place’s Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic. Nitro is $9.99 a month and offers more features than Nitro Classic. You lot tin can also subscribe to Nitro on an annual basis at $99.99 a year.

Nitro Archetype has a few less features than Nitro, only still more features than the free membership. It costs $four.99 a month or $49.99 a yr.

Update: Dec 8, 2022

Discord now offers a new gear up of subscription tiers chosen Premium Memberships. These are currently in a testing phase and accept simply been activated for a select group of communities. Members of those communities may offset to encounter premium subscription options pop up in the coming days and weeks.

Premium Memberships let communities to put some or all of the server backside a paid monthly subscription tier. Allowing them to monetize the server. Tiers likewise provide incentives for members.

Discord hasn’t announced a full rollout of this characteristic even so, but it won’t exist happening until one-time in at to the lowest degree 2022. Discord likewise plans to scroll this out to new communities in the hereafter. Though information technology’s likely communities will need to request access, which Discord can approve or deny.

What does Discord Nitro get you?

Subscribing to Nitro volition get you a bunch of nifty bonuses that amp up the user feel. With Nitro, y’all’ll go improved emoji capabilities and you can collect and create your own customized emoji, including animated emoji.

You also get a personal profile. Which lets you merits a custom tag, and add an animated avatar to your online persona. And then there’s the server boosts. While you tin can heave a Discord server as many times as you want, subscribing to Nitro will get you lot two free server boosts to showtime. You can utilise these on your own server if you desire, or on a server yous frequent and actually enjoy.

In addition to the two free boosts, you also become a 30% discount on any additional boosts. Your bluecoat will also gain a fiddling identifier that shows how long you’ve been boosting. The last 2 perks are some of the most useful. You’ll be able upload files upwardly to 100MB equally opposed to 8MB with a free account.

Lastly, you lot as well get admission to loftier-resolution video for video calls, Become Live streaming, and screenshare.

Discord 6

Can y’all gift Nitro to friends?

You sure can! Discord has added the ability for users to gift Nitro to other users. So if you and your friends are in the same server, and you lot want them to be able to enjoy Nitro perks alongside you, you tin can gift them a Nitro subscription to get them started.

What is a server boost?

A server boost is a fashion for you to add actress perks to your server or the server of your choice. The perks are shared across the customs so anyone who is a role of that server can utilize them. The booster also gets some unique perks that only they accept access to. Such as Server Booster function inside the community, and a Server Booster badge that shows upwardly side by side to their name.

Since anyone can boost a server though, anyone who does boost will get these perks. Whereas the rest of the perks that come along with a boosted server are shared with everybody. To get the boosted perks, the server has to have unlocked the level rewards. In that location are three levels in full, and each one adds a little more to the perk puddle.

You tin can view all of the level-specific perk unlocks below.

What is a server

Discord 2

The mode Discord works, is that information technology breaks upwards communities into servers. A server could be dedicated to your favorite YouTuber. Or it could be a server that was created by you and your friends for use with your game nights. It could even be one that’south dedicated to hanging out and chatting virtually your favorite movies. Or most school if you want a server for studying with class mates and sharing ideas.

Servers are given a name by the creator, and then the server is farther broken downwards into categories and channels. Categories and channels assistance to proceed the community organized so discussions don’t overlap. Ensuring there is a specific place for everything, and making discussions easier to notice for other community members.

For example, yous might have a server for your game nights. People play a lot of different games. So you lot could set the server up with categories for each game to keep the chats organized. Yous could too ready multiple voice conversation channels then that there are specific ones for different activities. eastward.k. a aqueduct for raids, a channel for random chats, and a channel for whatever other game content.

Joining a Discord server

Servers tin can have a seemingly infinite amount of members. Some servers are open and you can join at your leisure. Other servers are private and you lot’ll need an invite to bring together them. To bring together a private server, you would either have to asking to join and that request would need to be approved, or someone would take to transport the invite to y’all and y’all would take the invite.

Once a member joins a server, they can be given a role (or multiple roles) past community admins. These roles can dictate what each member is able to do inside of a server. Furthermore they tin besides limit which channels a fellow member or members can run into. Every bit an example, you might take a channel that is specifically for admins. And perhaps you lot don’t desire anyone merely admins to see or be able to collaborate with this channel for security reasons. Then y’all could merely lock any non-admin members out from seeing that channel.

Member roles


Let’south get a picayune more than specific about member roles. Equally they will play a role in how members can interact with a server. Member roles must exist set up past another member that has the ability to control what each role has access to. These are called part permissions. Office permissions can span a varied amount of things. Like say, managing the role permissions. Something usually reserved for an admin role.

Permissions can as well be for things like changing nicknames, and banning or boot members from a channel or server. Roles can as well be gear up up with any name you wish. So you don’thaveto call information technology an admin function. You could call it “moderator” if you similar. Or actually anything. Give information technology a fun cheeky name if you want to. That is, if you’re someone who has the power to adjust these things.

If you lot’re only a user, and then you will just be able to see what your roles are. Roles also have associated colors to help indicate the status of each member when they communicate in chats. This displays their name in their highest level associated office color.

Can I create new servers?

You lot tin create a new server anytime you similar. There are fifty-fifty options for starting 1 from scratch or starting from a template based on the type of customs you’re trying to create. All you accept to do once you accept a Discord set up, is click on the “+” symbol in the Server listing to create a new i and get started.

What features does Discord accept?

Discord has a pretty large listing of features for members. Making information technology a very versatile chat app. Some of the features accept already been discussed above. Such as the ability to add together roles to members, gear up permissions for members, and the ability to split upward server advice into different categories, and chat channels.

Discord too lets yous share files with other users. These could be images, similar JPG, PNG, GIF etc., or they could be music files or other types of documents. Free members can upload files that are up to 8MB in size. Nitro members tin upload files that are up to 100MB in size.

You tin can share links, too. Whether it be a link to a web page or a link to a video you merely wanted to share with your friends. Videos can also be played correct inside of Discord so members don’t have to open web pages but to run across the content. Which is pretty handy.

One of the newer features that Discord added is called Threads. And these are just as they sound. They’re chat threads that can add even more organization in a chat channel. Say you have a chat aqueduct that’s simply labeled as a “general” channel where people can talk about annihilation. But simply you and i or two other members are discussing a particular topic. Threads allow you to keep the discussion in that general channel while besides assuasive yous to keep it separate from the rest of the channel’s discussions.

For voice conversation, in that location’s a feature called noise suppression. This will cancel out more or less everything but your voice. Then the just thing people hear from your mic is you talking. These are just a handful of the main features. But there are plenty more. You tin can notice a full list of features hither.

Does Discord take themes?

There are a couple of themes, but nothing too crazy. You accept your bones low-cal and dark theme, and then 1 that syncs it with whatever your computer is using. Officially, this is all the themes at that place are.

Though there may exist some unofficial means to add together themes to your Discord app. Having said that, we’re non certain if this is against Discord’s Terms of Service. And then go along with caution if you make up one’s mind to look into using them.

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