Discord Notification When Someone Joins Server

If y’all’re new to Discord, you’re not lonely. The game chat platform has seen its numbers increase steadily over the past few years and at present includes much more merely games. Nosotros get a lot of questions around Discord and how to use it and so I’one thousand going to embrace some of the more pop ones here. Such as does ‘How do I get started with Discord? Or does Discord notify when you leave a server?

The platform is simple to use one time you know information technology but tin can await a little overwhelming until then. Fortunately the vast majority of users are friendly and helpful and volition assist guide your kickoff steps in the app. This guide will also seek to answer some of the many questions yous will probable have effectually the service.

How to get started with Discord

Discord has a very uncomplicated download that installs the program onto your computer. There is a Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and even a Linux version and then whatsoever device you utilize, it should be in that location. One time downloaded and installed, you volition be prompted to prepare an account. Set one up, choose a username and you’re off.

You lot tin can employ Discord in a browser if you don’t want to install anything on your computer but I find it easier to use a program. Go to the Discord home page and select Open up in Browser in the middle. Enter your username and you can join a server from there.

What are Discord bots?

Yous will hear a lot nearly bots when using Discord as they are a big part of server management. They are third party programs that are loaded onto a server and can perform all kinds of tasks like clearing old messages, telling jokes, telephone call or message members and all kinds of stuff.

You lot don’t have to worry about bots until you lot’re ready to prepare your own server though.

Does Discord notify when you leave a server?

You lot will notice that an annunciation if oftentimes made when someone joins a server. Cypher big, simply a ‘USER has joined the server’ kind of bulletin. Simply is there a message when someone leaves? No there isn’t unless the server admin has put a bot in that location to practise it. There’southward no bespeak every bit soon as someone leaves a server they are gone and conversation moves on.

What privacy options are in that location for Discord?

Discord is a social platform and usually when you lot go a group of people together someone likes to spoil the party. So what are your options? As a server user, you only take personal privacy settings. As a server admin, yous have many more tools at your disposal. As a new users you’re unlikely to jump straight into running your own server so let’due south wait at privacy settings.

This page on the Discord website outlines Discord privacy settings and how to change them. Information technology covers general messaging, direct messages and blocking. Every bit you lot spend more than time in Discord you will unfortunately get to know the cake pick quite well. Even though the platform is near cool people trying to become along, in that location are also knuckleheads aplenty.

What are server roles?

A part in Discord ways your user level. If yous’re new to a server, you volition likely have a user role, called @everyone. This is the default part where you can bring together, chat and interact but not make any changes to the server. Moderators can control conversation, cake users, kicking people and have basic privileges to manage the server. The server possessor is the Admin role which has total command over the server.

Permissions are also office of using Discord but non something new users need to worry about overmuch. This guide walks you through all of the full general server permissions should yous want to know them.

To begin with, you lot don’t need to worry near server roles just if you become more involved with a particular server or set upwards your ain, you will need to learn as much as you can about them.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a premium version of the app that costs $5 a calendar month. For that you lot get higher quality screen sharing, larger upload caps and some corrective items for bragging rights. If you want an animated emoji to use or an animated avatar, this is for y’all. If you don’t, you tin can skip Nitro every bit information technology doesn’t add much to the functionality of the platform.

Discord is a superb platform for chatting and offers huge potential for the sociable. At least at present you know a trivial more about what to await when yous join us!

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