Discord started as a voice chat program for gamers. However, information technology has since grown to go a popular platform for hosting an assortment of communities. There are Discord servers for every interest, including games, movies, and music. To discover these bully Discord communities, all you have to exercise is expect.

Merely it’s not always piece of cake to know where to begin your search. Additionally, if you’re new to Discord, you might too be confused nigh where to start. That’due south why we’ve put together a few ways to find some of the all-time Discord servers.

How to Find Discord Communities Using the Discord Server Directory

Whether you’re using the Discord desktop app or the Discord app on your phone, you tin can find servers past using the left-hand menu. Select the
compass icon
to open up the official public Discord server directory.

The homepage of this directory shows you lot some of the most popular Discord servers, similar the servers for Fortnite, Genshin Bear on, and Minecraft. These servers accept hundreds of thousands of members and are among the largest servers on Discord. You tin bring together any of these or check out any of the other categories in the left carte du jour.

To scan Discord servers with a more specific group of interests, utilize the search bar. You lot can even play chess and poker in some Discord servers. If anything stands out for you lot, yous can enter a server to check information technology out before committing to join.

How to Notice Discord Servers Using Disboard

Discover new Discord communities with Disboard.org

Some other way to find the best Discord servers is to utilize Disboard. Disboard has aggregated a list of Discord servers for all types of topics, including many gaming communities and anime and manga fan bases. It besides lists Discord servers for topics like music, engineering science, movies, memes, and role-playing.

Disboard.org has thousands of communities to choose from

To detect a Discord server, coil down and browse the Disboard directory using
Categories and Popular Tags
on the primary page. Categories are listed in pale bluish, and popular tags are listed in green. Click on a topic to bring up a list of Discord servers related to that topic.

Once you click a topic, you’ll see more information about each listed server, similar its proper name, a starred user-review rating, a description of the server, and how many people are currently online. You’ll too see a flag to signal the linguistic communication of the server and an NSFW icon if the server is for adults only.

You can also add a term to the search bar to search for servers related to that topic. Or, to scan user reviews of communities, click on
at the top to see ratings for individual Discord servers. And then, when y’all find a server you like, click to join.

How to Join Servers on Discord Using DiscordMe

Discord Me is a free discord directory for all types of discord channels.

Another reputable Discord server finder is Discord Me. This site leans slightly more toward gaming and anime-themed communities, but there are also enough of listings for art, entertainment, and social categories.

To find a Discord server, you can browse the most popular from the home page, or yous tin employ the
drop-down to search by category. Click on a category proper noun to be taken to a list of the top Discord servers in that category.

Selecting a random server is also an option

If you lot’re feeling lucky, the
Random Server
option in the left-manus menu will take you to a random Discord server from the directory. This feature is outstanding for finding Discord servers that you would never think to visit or join otherwise.

Once yous’ve clicked on a server name, you’ll see information about its contents and a banner image. Next, click on
Bring together Server
to be taken to the Discord invite page. You can use this page to access the server

How to Find Discord Servers Defended to Your Favorite Influencers

Another choice for finding Discord servers is to look for servers run by your favorite websites or tech influencers. Yous can even create your own Discord server.

For example, the pop engineering science forum Linus Tech Tips has its own Discord server with information about hardware, gaming, and more. Other sites have exclusive communities for detail groups, such as Patreon supporters.

Many Twitch streamers likewise accept Discord servers as well. Looking for these can be a fun way of finding servers full of other people who are into the same games as you. Additionally, looking around the sites you visit regularly might be one way to find Discord communities relevant to a specific fandom.

How to Find Private Discord Servers

In add-on to public Discord servers, there are also private Discord servers that require an invitation. These take the form of a URL, oft formatted as
followed by random characters or a specific text string.

Y’all can ofttimes detect invites to individual servers on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and other social media sites. Reddit is an excellent place to search for Discord servers. Alternatively, your friends can send y’all an invitation direct through Discord (to do this yourself,
a server icon and select
Invite People).

discord counter strike invite

These servers are typically much smaller than public Discord channels, due to their invite-only nature. That likewise means that they’re less active, but they tin can offer a tighter-knit community. If you notice larger servers impersonal or filled with drama, a smaller private server might be preferable.

Once you’ve joined a Discord server, browse through the rules and guidelines. Some individual servers will ask yous to bulletin a mod or confirm y’all have read the rules before accessing additional server channels.

It’s Easy to Find Great Discord Servers

The best place to find Discord servers isn’t always the through the Discord customer; the Discord server-finders above are living proof of this. At that place are servers out there for almost any topic of interest that you can think of, and you tin can use any of these methods to effigy out how to look for a Discord server that suits you.

Those searching for new communities will be glad to hear that Discord grows larger and more than diverse every twenty-four hours. Past using these methods, you tin can find your internet tribe and participate in conversations that you are passionate nearly.