Disney Plus (UK) review: Getting better and better

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Steady improvements and more content have made Disney Plus ane of the all-time video streaming services available


  • 4K HDR back up
  • Piece of cake to use interface
  • Affordable
  • Big library of content
  • Wide platform availability


  • 4K HDR discovery still underwhelms
  • Not much UK specific content yet

Fundamental Features

  • HDR
    Dolby Vision and HDR10 support

  • Sound quality
    Support for Dolby Atmos/v.1 systems

  • Original content
    Range of Original content added oft


It’s approaching two years since Disney+ launched in the U.k. and a year since the Star department was added, and in that fourth dimension, it has cemented itself as one of the must-take video streaming services.

It sprinted its manner to 100 million subscribers – a figure Netflix took a decade to accomplish – and with the add-on of Star (internationally), Disney+ has shifted from a streaming service with a family unit focus to one with appeal for all ages, boasting a library most streamers struggle to friction match, too as new content added on a regular basis.

Disney+ hasn’t reinvented the streaming feel, simply in taken inspiration from its rivals and adding new features over time, information technology’s go one of the all-time.

Disney+ now costs £seven.99 a month / £79.90 annually. And that free 7-mean solar day trial? That’s no longer available.

There’southward also Premier Access, which charges £19.99 for certain titles that take to come up streaming early on, or at the aforementioned time every bit their cinema release. You need to be a subscriber to access this option.


  • Broad platform support
  • Not on every smart Boob tube arrangement

The app is available on a wide range of platforms and tin can be found on – deep breath – Amazon Fire TV, Apple tree TV (quaternary gen onwards), NOW, the Humax Aura gear up-meridian box, and Roku streaming devices.

There’s iOS and AirPlay compatibility, Amazon Burn down Tablet, Android smartphones, Chromebooks, Chromecast; PlayStation and Xbox consoles; plus, Android TV, Hisense, LG, Roku, Panasonic, Philips and Samsung Tizen.

Disney Plus is besides on Heaven Q, Sky Glass and you tin can view it through a spider web browser. Its availability is non as widespread on budget TVs, peculiarly those with Linux-based OS like Toshiba U.k. and Sharp, though both these manufacturers offer Android Television models.


  • Squeamish, clean interface
  • 4K/HDR discovery still disappoints
  • Voice search improves over text-based input

Aside from the improver of Star – which is only available exterior of the United states of america – and a few tweaks, the interface has stayed much the same since launch.

With the TV app, menu options are located on the left-hand side where Search, Movies, Series, Watchlist, Originals and Settings are placed. For mobile devices Dwelling house, Search, Downloads, and your Contour are at the bottom, with Originals, Movies and Series tucked away in the Search tab.

At the top is a carousel that spotlights new content and below sits the “Half-dozen Worlds” of Disney+: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star – the lilliputian animations as you hover over each remain a nice touch. Information technology’s a clean looking interface with solid navigation, although one issue I take is that the side-card options are only available from the dwelling folio and not when you dip into i of the six worlds.

Content is arranged in rows with some featuring upwards to 20 titles, while others have thirty+. Each profile is personalised based on its watch history, which, according to Disney, non merely dictates what you meet but the sequencing of these rows, besides. The more you watch, the more it’ll know most what yous like.

Swoop through to a title’due south landing page and you can view info on the bandage, coiffure, suggested content and extras such every bit commentaries, different screen ratios and behind the scenes videos.

There’southward a row for Ultra Hd and HDR content, though it’south further down the Home screen than I’d similar and has a few entries that shouldn’t be there like James Cameron’s Avatar, which is a Hd stream. Search is tailored to movies/shows, actors, and characters, and so looking for UHD or HDR content presents a large fat null in results.

The search interface in the Boob tube app has been optimised with the text-based search no longer stretching across the screen, which makes it more manageable to quickly dial in what yous’re searching for. There’s also vocalisation search, which is even faster to use.

Predictive results when using text-based function are more precise though some results popular up that initially seem irregular. Search for Buzz (as in Buzz Lightyear) and Conan the Barbarian pops up. Presumably the metadata Disney uses covers
involved in a production, and it turns out Conan was produced by a Buzz Fetishans. For anyone doing film coursework, information technology’s rather cool search tin can be

Tucked alongside are bundled collections that relate to a character or theme or consequence that are swapped out and updated regularly. And Disney has answered my telephone call about calculation all the collections in 1 identify with a link at the lesser. Hallelujah!


  • Decent selection of extras
  • Dolby Vision + Atmos support
  • Parental controls supported

Upwardly to seven profiles tin be created, with downloads possible to an allocation of 10 devices while users can lookout iv streams simultaneously. A Kids profile only shows content specifically for the young’uns, and Disney+ offers the ability to limit the characteristic set as well every bit the safeguard of a PIN for access to content.

how to turn disney plus autoplay on or off

Standard, High and Ultra HD resolutions are supported with HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR supports included, too. The highest quality audio experience is Dolby Atmos (Dolby Digital+ lossy version) and if you don’t have a Dolby Vision/Atmos set-up, you get HDR10/five.ane (or less) instead. Around one-half the films are said to exist in 4K HDR, and the service, similar others, scales to the spec of your TV/AV equipment.

GroupWatch allows for upwardly to 6 friends or family unit members to lookout the aforementioned stream in sync as long they have a Disney+ subscription. SharePlay gives subscribers with an iPhone, iPad, or Apple tree TV another mode to interact though a FaceTime call.

The appearance of special features is dandy considering other streamers seem and then reticent to include them. For Curiosity/Star Wars Originals there are the Assembled/Gallery series, a return to the type of special features I enjoyed growing upward. You can even heed to commentaries, though yous tin can’t resume one from where you left off, and they are but available on a separate HD stream.

And if you still have Blu-rays or even DVDs, I wouldn’t ditch them as several extras from those physical releases are missing. But things are improving on that end: all the Curiosity I Shots are now on the service


  • Huge amount of content
  • Some older titles still in HD
  • Lots of variety

Disney has been (slowly) upgrading HD versions to 4K HDR streams (Within Out, Kingdom of Sky), but titles such every bit The Revenant, Predator, Dopesick and Merely Murders in the Building aren’t, despite 4K HDR availability elsewhere.

At that place is a lack of British-centred content. It makes the recent appearance of Paddington one & two interesting equally they’re distributed in the UK by Studio Culvert.

Since I last updated this review The Stone, Aliens, Deadpool, Logan, The Martian and Terminator Dark Fate accept been added to the service. I suspect other titles like Le Isle of man’s 66, Bad Times at the El Royale, and Fantastic 4 are even so nether agreements with other streaming and rental portals.

FX series similar The Americans has shuffled over from Prime Video, The Walking Dead is besides on the service, and there are plenty of films – 500 Days of Summer, High Fidelity, The Devil Wears Prada, Dead Presidents, 1 60 minutes Photo, and 25th
Hour; and Television set shows – Scrubs, black-ish, My Proper noun is Earl, Atlanta, 24, and more than add upwards to a whole lot the diversity.

And with Pam & Tommy, Willow, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Moon-Knight, Prey, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Immigrant and Rosaline coming in 2022, at that place’south a gargantuan corporeality of content to be watching.

My issues with the service existence too reliant on nostalgia and family content have pretty much evaporated, though more UK-related content wouldn’t go amiss.


  • Looks very practiced in Dolby Vision
  • 4K Blu-rays notwithstanding take an advantage
  • Solid sound

It’southward worth noting that despite the corporeality of 4K content available, a fair clamper of it is upscaled. Disney Plus’ recommendation of 25Mbps for 4K UHD content is less than Disney’s own 4K Blu-rays, which boilerplate around 40-50Mbps.

Hisense A7G Shang Chi from Legend of the Ten Rings

Even with Dolby Vision assist, 4K HDR10 playback on Blu-ray is more detailed and sharper than a 4K Dolby Vision stream. Nevertheless, Disney+ features some very skillful video quality, though you’d need a capable Dolby Vision Goggle box as it offers a bolder, richer colours, and amend tone-mapping for effulgence. It’s a shame Disney doesn’t offer Dolby Vision on its 4K Blu-rays.

LG G1 TV playing Solo on Disney Plus

Sound quality is solid with a 5.1 system or a Dolby Atmos prepare-up. While there’south non a huge corporeality of top furnishings in a series such as Wandavision, the Dolby Atmos soundtrack does bring about a more spacious presentation. You may want to turn the book up a bit – the soundtracks on the service audio more constrained and less powerful compared than physical disc’southward counterpart.

Latest deals

Should you purchase it?

For tiptop quality content:
Yous don’t have to be a Disney fan to enjoy this streaming service. Accessible, with an increasing library of content, Disney+ is only getting meliorate.

If you desire a less US-axial output:
There’southward non much regional UK content on the service, which remains one of Disney+’southward weaker areas.

Last Thoughts

Cheap, with lots content and catering to a much wider range of tastes than it did at launch, Disney+ is one of the acme-tier video streaming services. There’s a lot that it gets correct and little that it gets wrong. When it launched, subscribing came with the caveat of being die-hard Disney/Marvel/Star Wars fan but that’s not so much the case anymore. Disney+ is now a streaming service that has appeal to anyone interested in loftier quality shows and films.

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