Almost a week ago I installed
Battery Medico app
in my Android phone to heave the bombardment life. I found it helpful simply not for anybody. In fact, if you know almost of settings in your smartphone like changing display settings, disabling apps, terminating background apps, then this app is not likely made for you.
Yet, there are many other features of this app that may be helpful for you.

So, today with this commodity, I will evidence you what are the plus and negative points of Bombardment Doctor app and how much helpful it is for you. Before giving you access of these pros and cons, I also would like to clear that I came to know well-nigh these pros and cons in merely a week of utilization of this app and then I strongly demand your opinions as well about this app.

Pros of Bombardment Md Android App

Kickoff of all, I would like to talk over the pros of having this app in your smartphone and and then I will show you the negative points.

  • You tin setup the low power threshold with the help of this Battery Doctor app.

Change low power threshold

  • Disable unnecessary apps that drain your bombardment.
  • Brightness controlling through app.
  • According to the App Developer, its Relieve Power option at home screen (on borer) kills power hog apps that are not currently in use to meliorate battery life.
  • Worth reading charging and bombardment saving tips.
  • “Saving Mode” is an extreme setting that shuts downwards all not-essential functions of your telephone with exception of making phone calls and sending/receiving text letters. WiFi, Information, GPS, etc will all be shut down to ensure bombardment life and defend your juice.
  • The app as well tell you about your battery temperature, voltage and battery technology.

These are the most important features of Bombardment Physician Android app and I know they are what everybody need. Its Clean Master tool may also exist helpful for yous that Battery Doctor App recommends you lot to install.

Negative Points of Bombardment Md

Now, information technology’s fourth dimension to make you aware of the negative facts or cons of this Android app. I over again say that these cons I’m displaying depending on my own observation. In fact, the following lines are but the reflection of how I found this app.

As the the app developer described in its description that it can extend the battery life upward to 50%, then Distressing I’m not satisfied with this statement because of the following reasons.

  • First of all, the most of the features described above, can also be performed without the app past using the Android phone’s built-in settings.
  • I can’t believe that information technology gives the authentic battery remaining time, considering I often constitute it wrong. For example it said me the fourth dimension is remaining 12 hrs 58 min and after optimizing the ability bug it will increase a few hrs but I establish it totally false because what I encounter just later on i hr that these 12 hrs 58 mins converted into 6 hrs 23 mins. I don’t know how, even I didn’t utilise more bombardment.

Battery Doctor Inaccurate Remaining time

  • Sometimes gives the false details of power consumption by apps and shows the aught consumption by itself even if it consumes the bombardment as well as memory.
  •  The app ever keep running in background even without staying for a while and consumes RAM.

Battery Doctor RAM Cunsumption

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The Verdict

However I found a few negative points in the app simply too utilized many helpful features as mentioned above (in pros section). And I’m also not sure that the problems occurred in this app on my device, will also be occurred for you. And then, I recommend you to install this app in your device and try it once as it is widely popular. If you find it worth helpful for saving your battery, keep it in your device.

Your Opinions Delight!

As I stated already that the whole commodity depends simply on my own experience and ascertainment, so guys I would like if yous to give a few seconds of yours to share your experience with this app then that other readers could know more about information technology.