Does Facetime Pause When Someone Calls

FaceTime is a neat fashion to keep in touch with your loved ones, especially since you can use it across any Apple device. But for many users, FaceTime keeps unexpectedly pausing video calls from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

We put together this short troubleshooting guide to testify you why that happens and how to prepare it.


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Pausing the video doesn’t end the telephone call

Generally speaking, when FaceTime pauses the video during your calls y’all can still go along chatting over audio. It’due south merely that whoever you’re chatting to tin can’t see you anymore — they come across a pause screen instead.

Pausing calls on an iPhone or iPad

FaceTime pauses the video when yous switch apps.

There are a couple of situations designed to intermission the video for FaceTime calls on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod bear upon.

The beginning of these is if you leave the FaceTime app to exercise something else on your device. You might want to browse the spider web, read a bulletin, or await through photos while chatting on FaceTime. Simply every bit soon as you switch to a unlike app your FaceTime video is
to intermission.

The 2nd situation is when you start receiving a second call from someone else. When this happens, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch gives you 3 options for how to manage the new phone call:

  • End & Accept
  • Hold & Accept
  • or Send to Voicemail.

While you decide what to exercise with the incoming phone call, your FaceTime video pauses for the current ane.

How do I cease FaceTime pausing the video on an iPhone, iPad or iPod bear upon?

If FaceTime keeps pausing the video when it isn’t supposed to, y’all tin set up information technology by going to the App Switcher, so returning to FaceTime.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and break in the heart — or double-click the Habitation push button if y’all have 1 — to become to the App Switcher. Then tap the FaceTime app to return to FaceTime.

If that doesn’t piece of work, become to the Home screen — by swiping up or clicking the Domicile push — and tap the green bubble in the top-left. This should take you straight back to FaceTime.

FaceTime green bubble on iPhone XS
Tap the green bubble in the status bar to render to your call.

Both of these options should unpause your video. If they don’t, contact Apple directly for one-to-one support.

Pausing calls on a Mac

On a Mac, the video for your FaceTime phone call pauses when you click the yellowish minimize button to hide your FaceTime window. You can unpause the video by clicking the FaceTime icon in the dock to maximize the window again.

The only exception to this is that minimizing the FaceTime window doesn’t pause the video if yous’re on a grouping phone call. Although it’south unclear why this distinction is made.

Pause FaceTime video button on Mac
You lot tin can pause the FaceTime video for group calls past clicking this push button. Epitome from Apple.

How do I stop FaceTime from pausing the video in macOS

For some users, their Mac keeps pausing FaceTime video calls even when they don’t minimize the window. Many of them were able to resolve this result by toggling a item FaceTime setting off and on: E’er on Acme.

Open FaceTime on your Mac. From the menu bar, become to Video > Always on Height. Turn the setting off, so restart FaceTime and turn information technology on over again.

Always on Top option in FaceTime on Mac
If Always on Meridian was already turned off, turn it on and then restart FaceTime.

If that doesn’t set your FaceTime pausing problems, click hither to contact Apple directly.

Hopefully, these tips resolved your issues with FaceTime. Let u.s. know in the comments if you yet demand more aid. Or bank check out this commodity to find out how to brand the nigh of the latest FaceTime features.