Does Oculus 2 Need A Phone

Those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of virtual reality and getting to know the different VR headsets available, oftentimes have many questions that need answers. One question that is often asked is whether you need a mobile phone for the Oculus Quest or Quest ii headset.

The curt reply is that the Oculus Quest and Quest two are standalone VR headsets that do not require a PC, console, phone, or whatever other device connected to run. Nevertheless, you will need an Android / iOS smartphone (or tablet) to install the Oculus app and complete the initial headset setup. Afterwards that, the telephone is no longer needed.

You Need a Smartphone for Oculus Quest / Quest 2 Initial Setup

When you offset receive your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset you must consummate the initial setup of the headset. Don’t worry, the process is really easy and intuitive and doest take likewise much time.

One of the required steps is to install the Oculus companion app on your Android / iOS smartphone or tablet (from Google Play / Apple App Store). The app is used for logging into your Facebook account, setting upwards your VR profile and privacy settings and adding a payment method for purchasing games.

See the Oculus official setup video showing the process in more than detail:

In one case you have completed the initial installation steps on your phone, you won’t need your mobile or the Oculus app to use the Oculus Quest headset anymore.
You only power on the headset and do everything from within the device.

What Kind of Phone Is Needed for the Initial Setup?

To install and run the Oculus companion app you will need to have a smartphone (or tablet) with Apple iOS 10+ or Android five.0+.

If you effort to complete the installation on a device that has an earlier release of iOS or Android, yous may experience issues setting up your headset.

What Happens After the Initial Setup

As mentioned earlier, once the initial setup of your headset is completed, y’all no longer demand your mobile or the Oculus app for the Oculus Quest headsets.

You can do practically everything from within the headset itself. This includes purchasing,  installing and playing games, browsing the web, watching videos and changing various settings of the headset.

You lot just take to make certain the headset/controllers are charged and power upward your headset to beginning enjoying the wonderful globe of virtual reality.

Ii Principal Reasons You Might Nevertheless need your Telephone and the Oculus App

I can call back of two principal reasons why yous might want to keep the Oculus app installed and not remove it right away.

  1. Enabling “Developer Mode” to Sideload Games –
    Sideloading enables you to install and run games / apps that are not officially released and available in the native Oculus Store. Several of the games and apps are too free and this widens your option for content. To sideload games, you must first enable developer mode on your Quest headset which requires the Oculus app.
  2. Bandage Oculus Quest / Quest ii to your phone –
     the VR feel is very isolated by nature – but the person wearing the headset knows what is going on. For this reason, there are probably a variety of occasions where you might desire to bandage the screen of your Quest headset to your telephone. Doing and so over again requires the Oculus companion app installed on your phone.

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