Don’t Lose Your Mind Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has a staggering number of quests that players will have to complete throughout the game. 1 such is Don’t Lose Your Mind Delamain. Unlike other quests in Cyberpunk 2077, completing this quest is not straightforward.

In that location are tons of players who have been having trouble finding the passcode, command room and what to choose at the finish of the Don’t Lose Your Mind Delamain and if that’southward you and then look no further every bit nosotros have got yous covered.

Where to Find Passcode in Delamain Headquarters

Finding passcode in Delamain Headquarters is not quite difficult. You lot only demand to get inside the building and head towards the right side untill you reach the corner. There, you will find a door, which y’all have to break. Notably, breaking this door needs yous to take levelled upwards your Tech attribute.

If you don’t have enough Tech attributes then you will accept to find an alternate way to become inside. Afterward getting inside the office, your main aim should be finding the passcode. To get the passcode, wait at the screens in the big room y’all are standing.

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To get the code, you will need to click on the “I’k adjacent” message. The passcode is 1234. After getting the passcode, head to the minor room and use the aforementioned passcode and access the computer. At present, get into the Local Network tab and select Open up.

How to Find a Manner into Control Room in Delamain Headquarters in Cyberpunk 2077?

There is but 1 way to find a way into the control room in Delamain Headquarters in the game and for that, you will have to proceed through the game y’all reach a garage, which has a lot of car crashing into each other.

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Once you get there, go upstairs on the left and wait for big pipes on the left side. Once you lot get to the top of the stairs, bound onto the pipes and and then roof from at that place. On the other side of the building, y’all will find a ladder, leading you lot to the basis.

Don’t Lose Your Mind Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Choice & Consequences

When you are in the control room, you can help Delamain. At that place are multiple choices that you will to make while handling the state of affairs and each choice has its own affect. Information technology is completely upwards to you lot to decide whether you would like to merge, destroy and reset Delamain in Cyberpunk 2077.

Here are all of the choices and their consequences:

Merge Delamain

In guild to achieve this catastrophe, brand sure to have 10 points in Intelligence. If y’all opt for this catastrophe, V volition merge with all of the Delamain AI into a unmarried being, with multi-faceted thoughts and feelings. This kind of evolution Delamain enjoys spending a lot of time conducting research in Cyberpunk 2077.

Reset Delamain

If you don’t accept plenty Intelligence to merge with Delamain, you can opt for this ending. In this ending, y’all will reset Delamain to his original state. If you reset Delamain, he will even forget who you lot are and what has happened in the past. He will simply remember that he had asked to assist him and he will be grateful to y’all for the same.

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Destroy Delamain

If you opt for this ending you volition have to shoot Delamain. This selection might feel a little drastic but you will have to do it.

Irrespective of what ending yous cull, you volition exist given a fresh Delamain taxi cab as a reward for you lot to drive yourself around Dark Urban center.

That’due south everything y’all demand to know almost Don’t Lose Your Heed Delamain quest in Cyberpunk 2077. While you lot are here, ensure reading abouthow to complete The Information Braindance mission in Cyberpunk 2077.