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The name Duracell conjures upward an epitome of high-quality batteries, and the Duracell Plus AA certainly alive upwardly to that reputation. These batteries are insufficiently expensive, but they put in the best overall upshot in my high-drain exam, which makes them the best choice for those who need batteries for the most demanding applications.


  • Very high performance
  • Performs well for high-bleed utilise
  • Widely available


  • Comparatively expensive


  • Great britain
    RRP: £13.eighteen

Key Features

  • Bombardment type
    AA element of group i batteries (not-rechargeable)


Think of AA batteries, and Duracell is bound to be the manufacturer y’all call up of first. That’s for adept reason, since Duracell has proved itself every bit a manufacturer of some of the best batteries yous can purchase. The Duracell Plus AA batteries are no exception.

A lilliputian more expensive than the competition, it is possible to hunt around online and pick them upward at a adept cost. However, the extra toll could be worth it: the high-drain operation results in my tests were a cutting above the rest. If you’re after the best, then these are the units to buy.

Duracell Plus AA one battery lying down


  • Highest effect in our bleed test
  • High overall capacity

Duracell says that, as with other alkaline metal batteries, its units have a shelf life of x years. In other words, y’all can purchase a load now and stick them in a cupboard ready for when you need them.

According to Duracell, these batteries can deliver up to 100% actress life in the 2022 IEC AA Digital Camera Test compared to the competition. I test capacity in mAh and the initial voltage, so I tin compare functioning across dissimilar manufacturers.

To do so, I use an Ansmann Free energy XC3000 tester. I bought a set of Duracell Plus AA batteries, and and then picked iv batteries at random. Straight out of the pack, I tested them at 1.5V on boilerplate, which is exactly where regular batteries should be. Voltage drops as the batteries are used.

For the drainage test, the XC3000 uses a drain of 600mA (+/- 20%). On the first test, I saw a total capacity of 1442mAh, which is the highest I’ve seen in any set of batteries. This figure is an boilerplate across the iv tested batteries, all of which showed like results with only a small corporeality of variance – that’due south quality control for yous.

I leave alkaline batteries to remainder for a few hours and cool down, before testing them once more to discover the remaining chapters. On this second run, there was just 176mAh of additional charge, giving a high total of 1618mAh. That’due south but a picayune behind the GP Ultra AA’due south total chapters.

Duracell Plus AA performance graphs

The small-scale residual charge shows the quality of these batteries, since they’re drained efficiently on high loads, without a lot of residual power.

This high overall capacity indicates that these batteries will last a long time in lower-drain applications, such as remote controls.

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Should you purchase it?

If you lot don’t desire to compromise and simply want the best performance, these are the best batteries I’ve tested.

Comparatively expensive, y’all can get similar performance with batteries from cheaper brands.

Final Thoughts

For the virtually demanding of applications, the Duracell Plus AA accept proved themselves to be the virtually powerful batteries in my tests. For enervating jobs, then, these are a great option. They’re quite expensive, though, and the cheaper GP Ultra AA or Amazon Nuts Alkaline AA may exist a better pick for those on tighter budgets.

How we test

Unlike other sites, we test every alkaline battery we review thoroughly over an extended period of fourth dimension. Nosotros use standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll e’er tell you lot what we find. Nosotros never, ever, have money to review a production.

Find out more than about how we exam in our ideals policy.

We apply an Ansmann Free energy XC 3000 to drain batteries, so that we can examination capacity in mAh. After the first run, we allow the batteries to absurd and so retest to give us a second reading.

We measure the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at to the lowest degree 1.5V.

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An abbreviation for milliampere-hr and a style to express the capacity of batteries, particularly smaller ones in phones. In most cases the higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last only this isn’t always the case.

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