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Are you trying to modify the tips on your AirPods Pro? You lot might want to do this if your AirPods autumn out of your ears easily, or if yous think the sound quality or noise cancellation could be better. Since Apple provides you with 3 sizes of earpieces, it is easy to switch these out. Nosotros’ll bear witness you how to apply the Ear Tip Fit Test on your phone to cheque for sizing, every bit well every bit how to change your AirPods Pro ear tips.

  1. 1

    Put your AirPods Pro in your ears.

    Your AirPods Pro come with the medium tips already attached, so this is likely the current size on your AirPods. Nonetheless, you tin can choose between iii sizes because Apple also provides you with small and large tips.

    • You volition need iOS 13.ii or later to do the Ear Tip Fit Test, and then update your device if necessary.
  2. ii

    Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
    This app is gray with a gear icon inside. Be certain to use an iOS device that’s paired to your AirPods Pro.[2]


  3. 3

    Tap on




    This is located near the top of the Settings app, and it has a blue square icon with the Bluetooth symbol within.

  4. 4

    Tap on the

    info button

    next to your AirPods Pro.

    This is the blueish circumvolve icon with an “i” within. Be certain to select the one that corresponds to your AirPods.

  5. five

    Tap on

    Ear Tip Fit Exam


    This is located near the bottom of your screen.

  6. half dozen

    Tap on



    This is the bluish push button at the bottom of your screen.

  7. vii

    Tap on the

    Play button


    This is the blueish push with the triangle inside, located at the lesser of your screen. You will now hear a audio that tests the quality of your audio and racket cancellation.

  8. eight

    Read the results.
    After the audio plays, your Ear Tip Fit Test results will display on screen, direct beneath the AirPods Pro image. Keep in mind that it’s possible for the Left and Right AirPod to display unlike results.

    • A dark-green circle with the text, “Good Seal,” indicates that the current tip size provides optimal sound quality and racket cancellation. This means that you don’t have to alter your AirPod tip.
    • A yellow circle indicates that the current tip size does not provide optimal sound quality or noise cancellation. If this is the instance, look towards the next footstep.
  9. 9

    Switch out your AirPods Pro tips and effort over again (if needed).

    If the Ear Tip Fit Exam indicates that you should switch out one or both of your AirPod tips, merely supersede the tip with a dissimilar size and repeat steps 1 through 8 until both AirPods display a light-green “Good Seal” result.

    • Look toward the next method to learn how to switch out AirPod tips.
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  1. 1

    Have your AirPods Pro out of their case.
    Exist sure to also locate the other tip sizes that came in your AirPods Pro box.

  2. 2

    Remove the ear tip.
    While belongings the stem of your AirPod with one manus, use your other hand to pull the silicone ear tip out. We recommend you grab the base of the silicone earpiece firmly with your thumb and pointer finger, then pull it away from the AirPod.[5]

    This will successfully remove the tip.

    • If you desire to remove the tip from both AirPods, simply echo this step with the other ane.
  3. 3

    Attach a new ear tip.
    Take a unlike sized tip and be sure to line information technology upward with the oval connector on your AirPod, just every bit the previous tip was.[half-dozen]

    Now catch the base of the silicone earpiece with your thumb and arrow finger, and simply push it into the AirPod connector. Y’all should hear a click when it slides into identify.

    • This method is the same for small, medium, and large tips.
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