Information technology’southward been a long fourth dimension since I accept tried a ‘multimedia’ sound organisation. I used to associate these types of set up’southward with computers, simply maxim the Edifier M3600D are just PC speakers, would exist a grave misjudgement. The Edifier M3600D is a 2.1 speaker system, consisting of two satellite speakers and an 8″ powered subwoofer. It is THX certified, has a course D amplifier and enough inputs to suit virtually needs. Let’s open up the box and see what its like…

The box includes the two satellite speakers, the eight″ subwoofer, associated cables and instructions (no remote). Each speaker is constructed from woods and covered in a woods effect wrapping. In that location is fabric mesh to the speakers, metal perforated mesh to the subwoofer. The colour scheme is black & silver, they seem well constructed and they wait ok. Edifier does have other speakers on the market, that wait a piddling more mod, which is the wait I prefer. That being said, in that location defiantly is a market for the more than classic looking speakers. The subwoofer is large and heavy, y’all will need a fair amount of space for it on your flooring. The speakers, on the other hand, are quite small and can exist gripped in one hand.

The subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, which powers the sub and speakers. This means the inputs & outputs are located on the dorsum of the sub, and they include 2No. line in, cox and optical, also as the power on/off, bass level and L/R speaker connections. On the right-paw speaker is the overall volume command. There is likewise a headphone port, in example information technology gets too loud and you need to plug in.

Set upwards was piece of cake, it’s only a case of plugging the left and right speakers in. The right speaker, with the volume control, has a reckoner blazon cablevision, like a VGA cable, which was qwerky. The other speaker has a more traditional RCA type connector. Plug them both into the back of the subwoofer, plug your device in and start listening.

The sound performance is very expert. Cheers to the speakers being THX certified, it means that the audio coming out the speakers is exactly equally the sound engineer intended while recording and mixing it. Obviously, file quality plays a factor, only I’ve found Tidal offer some of the best quality, digital audio on the market. There is a nice blend of highs & mids, with oh so much thumping bass from that 8″ woofer. The bass is nonetheless adjustable, via the knob of the back of the amp, then you can tune the set up to suit. The quality remains at the higher volumes and can get very loud, easily filling a big room. Thanks to the optical audio back up, you lot could even plug this into your TV or media device, to picket your movies with audio.

What’south it lacking? Wireless connectivity! I would have loved to take seen Bluetooth characteristic on this arrangement, equally information technology’s just so easy & ordinarily used now.

Multiple applications for this 2.1 organization, although I’d favour it for the PC workstation or living room set up. The system is available now for £159.99. For more information, visit the official Edifier website.