Enable Unknown Sources Oculus Quest 2

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Have you noticed that the “Unknown Sources” department on your Oculus Quest has gone missing? A recent modify to the Oculus Quest developer policy has afflicted some VR headsets. Luckily, there is a set to the Oculus Quest Unknown Sources missing problem and we’ll show what it is below!

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Why are your Oculus Quest Unknown Sources missing?

The reason you no longer see the “Unknown Sources” tab option in your Oculus Quest library is because of developer mode changes that Oculus introduced back in September 2020. Those changes require developers to provide authentication in social club to get admission to developer content.

Real developers use this access to create VR games, admission documentation, and exam those games on their devices.

For almost people who aren’t game developers, Developer Mode is the level that allows you lot to see your “Unknown Sources” games tab. This is the folder where all sideloaded content from SideQuest or adbLink appears.

Oculus Developer Verification Email

Like nosotros said before, Oculus has been very vocal virtually these upcoming changes. They sent emails out to all Oculus Quest users in September 2020. They followed upwardly again in January and then Feb of this year.

The email message from Oculus dorsum in 2020 was as follows:

As part of our ongoing effort to provide a secure platform for our users and
developers, we will require all developers to verify their developer accounts.
Developer verification will apply to all individual programmer accounts, new and
existing. Starting today, you tin can follow the steps below to verify your

New developer accounts created on or after October 8,
2020 will demand to verify as part of the onboarding procedure.Existing
developers will have until February 1, 2021 to verify in guild to avoid
 After the borderline, admission to the Developer Dashboard to
manage your apps will be locked until yous verify your account.

Oculus electronic mail regarding developer style changes

Could this mean nosotros could lose our programmer mode in settings ?

Oculus even went passed their Feb 1st deadline date as part of this timeline. Oculus Quest Unknown Sources missing issues started to increment on October 21st, 2021.

Luckily, you tin can get your folder back by verifying your developer account! Nosotros’ll prove you how to do that adjacent.

How to Verify Your Oculus Developer Account and go your Unknown Sources Folder Back

In order to get your Oculus Quest Unknown Sources missing folder back, follow these instructions to verify your Developer Account.

  1. Go to https://programmer.oculus.com/manage/verify
    1. If prompted, login with your Oculus Developer business relationship
  2. Verify your account with ane of the two following options:
    1. Ostend your mobile number via SMS two-factor verification, or
    1. Add a payment method to your account

You would have set up your account as a developer dorsum when your installed SideQuest or learned how to sideload content on to your Quest.

Note that you merely have to complete one of the two authentication methods above. If you lot don’t want to add a valid payment method to your account, yous tin enable two-factor authorization with your phone.

Either method will work fine.

Oculus Quest developer screen

What If I Don’t Verify My Account?

If y’all don’t verify your Programmer Account, you will use admission to all developer features. If yous are not a game developer, you probably don’t care much about this.

However if you similar to sideload content onto your Quest, then you will care!

Oculus’ exact wording on this is written below and they are clear almost not being able to install apps through not-shop channels. This is probably done to proceed focus on the Oculus App Lab, which is Oculus’ internal store for beta content that isn’t institute on its master stoer.

If you do not verify your developer account, your account will be locked on the Developer Dashboard, which ways you cannot brand updates to your apps or access data about your apps until you verify your account. Yous volition also lose access to Developer Style, which means yous will not accept access to developer capabilities, such every bit installing apps through non-Store channels.

Pre-existing content will even so be available just will non exist able to update if the programmer account is not verified. Equally we continue to amend our tools, we may apply additional restrictions in the future, including locking your account on other Oculus surfaces.

And that’south it! If you have any other Oculus Quest Unknown Sources questions, make sure to comment down below.

It is always a good thought to restart your Oculus Quest if you however don’t run across your Unknown Sources folder after following the steps to a higher place.Information technology can take a few minutes for your account to update and synchronize to your Oculus Quest headset.

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