Energizer Max AA Review: Great for demanding applications

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One of the best-known battery brands, the Energizer Max AA, proved itself in the high-bleed exam, making this range of batteries particularly suitable for heavy apply. The units are generally well priced, just you tin can get slightly cheaper batteries if you want a shop for general-purpose use.


  • Skilful value
  • Loftier capacity for loftier drain
  • Lots of pack sizes


  • Total chapters in our tests slightly shorter than rivals


  • UK
    RRP: £xi.21

Key Features

  • Battery type
    AA alkaline batteries (not-rechargeable)


One of the almost recognisable names in batteries, the Energizer Max AA range, is designed to cope with loftier-bleed apply and depression-drain use. The batteries are available in a range of pack sizes, with prices online often very competitive. They’re designed to accept a shelf life of 10 years and are built to be leak-proof for 2 years from complete belch.

I bought a pack of batteries from Amazon, then picked four AA batteries at random for testing.

Energizer Max AA one battery lying down


I tested the batteries fresh from the pack as having a starting voltage of i.58V, which is in line with the bombardment spec sheet provided by Analeptic. As with all batteries, the voltage decreases as the charge is used.

Chapters depends on the load, with depression-bleed use (less than 25mA) quoted at a bombardment capacity of 3000mAh and higher utilize (500mA) at but over 1000mAh. These are figures from Energizer, and quote the test equally running until the batteries registered 0.8V.

In my tests, I turned to the Ansmann Energy XC3000 and used its discharge test on the batteries, which runs at 600mA (+/- 20%) until the batteries hit 0.94V. On the outset drainage test, I registered the batteries at 1366mAh – the second-highest result I recorded.

I then get out alkaline batteries for a few hours to cool, and then re-run the drainage test to see if there’s any residual power remaining. Hither, I was able to get a further 173.75mAh from the batteries, giving a total over both tests of 1539.75mAh.

That’s superb performance, showing that these units are specially well suited for loftier-bleed loads (remember of torches or portable audio players), although depression-bleed devices will see the capacity run higher and these AA batteries last for longer.

Energizer Max AA Capacity graph

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Should yous purchase it?

If you need high-performance batteries for more demanding applications, these are a great buy.

Overall capacity through both of our tests was a little lower than the leading batteries.

Final Thoughts

Doing very well in my relatively high-bleed test, these batteries are a swell choice for such application. They’re just slightly alee of the GP Ultra AA batteries, and a little more than expensive. As a result, if you want batteries for high-drainage use, and then these are the units to buy. For more general-purpose batteries, the cheaper GP Ultra probably make more sense.

How we test

Unlike other sites, we test every alkaline battery we review thoroughly over an extended menses of time. We utilise standard tests to compare features properly. We’ll e’er tell y’all what we find. We never, ever, accept money to review a product.

Discover out more near how we test in our ethics policy.

We employ an Ansmann Energy XC 3000 to drain batteries, so that we tin can examination capacity in mAh. Afterward the first run, we allow the batteries to absurd and so retest to give united states a second reading.

We mensurate the initial voltage of the batteries, checking that the starting voltage is at least 1.5V.

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