Energy Sistem Headphones 1 Bluetooth Review

Energy Sistem Sport 1 Bluetooth detailed review

Looking dorsum at the rising of Bluetooth IEMs, there weren’t many design options when the whole affair started off. At present, you are probable to be dislocated about whether to go for a neckband, neckband with wires, truly-wireless – nosotros might need to come with new nomenclature terms presently. While it is difficult to pin a item type as the best of the lot, the neckband with wire blazon has a certain counterbalanced appeal that falls between the rigidity of typical neckbands and the complete disconnection of true wireless. When this comes at a budget cost, there’s always a run a risk that yous might cease up something unexpectedly good. Does the Energy Sistem Sport i fit the pecker?

Build and Design

Right out of the box, the Sports one comes across as slightly cheap. A build entirely using plastic and safety, it doesn’t actually exude a sense of quality and durability. It feels ridiculously calorie-free though, which is a big advantage for a Bluetooth IEM targeted at sports enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the not-adjustable ear hooks on the earbuds accept away from that feeling. Don’t go me wrong, the rubber ear hooks are flexible and can be bent while wearing, but they don’t offer any aligning in terms of size. However, the choice of rubber for the clip material is something to capeesh equally most of its budget counterparts that we’ve encountered go for plastic.

Ane of the issues with the Sport 1 is the short wire connecting the two earpieces. The wire, approximately 42 cm in length, has a shorter reach than what is usually found in neckband manner headphones. In normal usage, you will not detect this problematic. The clip holds the earbuds in place fifty-fifty if you turn around. But it is unavoidable to feel a tug during agile workouts and even if you’re stretching to the farthermost – which is a big problem for a Bluetooth earphone. Points to Energy Sistem for making the wires flat, though. Additionally, those not used to IEMs with angular buds might find it a fleck too invasive, especially when using the smaller earbuds.

The buttons on the Sport i are located on the right earbud unit and so is the mic as well as the LED indicator. The buttons are pretty easy to reach and don’t accept likewise long to get used to. Although nosotros didn’t open information technology up to check, this leaves the identify for the battery on the left unit. The buttons on the Sport one are pretty clicky, and there’due south an audible click each time you use them when the right unit is plugged in.

Features and Performance

In terms of features, Free energy Sistem Sport one doesn’t offer anything exceptional beyond what you would usually expect from a Bluetooth IEM. In fact, in that location are aspects that are downright disappointing. For instance, the Bluetooth connectivity is dismal, kickoff to crack at 20 feet and completely giving up by 25. Push response is quite authentic though – in our entire duration of usage, the buttons didn’t neglect u.s. even in one case, whether it be playback control or call controls. While the battery does last a proficient six and a half hours, information technology likewise takes a proficient couple of hours to accuse it completely. The IEMs are too quite poor at isolation, with anything above 75% volume clearly audible to someone sitting next to you, and external noise pouring in on average public transport.

Audio-wise, the Energy Sport 1 lacks weight. While there’s no famine of loudness, in that location’s certainly no effort given towards creating a proper soundstage. Both highs and lows sound harsh and forward at high volumes, leaving footling room for the mids to be heard. On tracks like Pull Me Under from Dream Theater, barely anything across the snare drums and the pb guitar can exist discerned, especially the vocals. The performance is slightly meliorate on pop tracks without a lot of electronic sounds like Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, just don’t expect a lot of detail there either.

In fact, the audio performance of Energy Sport 1 can exist best summed up by i phrase – it lacks item. What is besides lacks is a decent soundstage. Tracks like Hunter by Bjork sound painfully flat and limited, and at higher volumes, push the vocals to a harsh indicate. At that place’s no layering, and while we practise prefer bass that doesn’t overdo the punch, on this one information technology sounds fairly muddy and stale.


The Energy Sistem Sport ane is some other in a long line of wireless IEMs that aim to be your daily gym and workout companion. Nevertheless, this item product falls brusque of that goal on multiple fronts.

A shorter-than-usual connecting string leads to tugging well before the extremes, and along with the clicky buttons, have away from the rubber hooks that would have otherwise gained points for the headphone. Bluetooth connectivity is quite poor, and sound performance is downright disappointing. The Ant Audio H27 is a insufficiently better, and cheaper alternative, and at a slightly higher cost point, the boat Rockerz 275 is as well a good alternative.