Do y’all go on receiving a “Concluding Line No Longer Bachelor” mistake while attempting to place a call on your iPhone? Yous’re not lonely, as several iOS users accept come up across the same issue.

Below, nosotros’ll briefly discuss what this error ways, why it shows up on your iPhone, and teach yous everything you can exercise to get rid of it. So, allow’southward get started, shall we?

What Does the “Last Line No Longer Available” Mistake on iPhone Mean?

An iPhone on a Dual SIM setup tin display a “Last Line No Longer Available” error when it has trouble detecting the default or preferred line while attempting to make a phone call. It mainly appears on the various iPhone 13 models only can besides be a trouble on other Dual SIM-supported iPhone models.

The underlying reason is some random bug or glitch with the cellular radio, a decadent phone call log, or an incorrectly configured network setting. You lot tin nevertheless utilize your other number, just that’s not e’er practical.

Usually, fixes like toggling Plane Mode on and off, restarting your iPhone, or clearing your “Recents” history help resolve the issue. However, you may accept to resort to performing a carrier settings update or a network reset if none of the more straightforward fixes help.

Let’s go through each possible way to fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” iPhone error.

1. Switch Phone Lines Manually on iPhone

Tapping the
option on the “Last Line No Longer Available” pop-up automatically puts the call through the other line on your iPhone. If that doesn’t work as well, try switching numbers manually.

  • While dialing a new number, tap the current line at the top of the screen and pick the other line.
  • While placing a call from the “Favorites” and “Recents” lists, tap the
    push and cull the number yous want.

If you practise non want to employ the alternative line on your iPhone, proceed with the potential fixes below.

ii. Toggle Airplane Way On and Off on iPhone

Enabling and disabling Airplane Way is a quick fix for most cellular connectivity issues on the iPhone. Merely bring up the Control Center (swipe downwardly from the meridian-correct of the screen or double-click the
push) and tap the
Airplane Mode
icon. Later waiting 10 seconds, tap the icon over again.

three. Restart Your iPhone

Another quick fashion to fix the “Last Line No Longer” available fault requires that you reboot your iPhone. Since iOS does non characteristic a “Restart” option, you must turn off the device and manually boot it back upward.

To do that, open the
app, and go to
Shut Downward. Then, swipe the
icon to the right, look until the screen goes fully night, and agree the
button until you see the Apple logo.

4. Clear Your iPhone’due south Call History

If the “Last Line No Longer Available” iPhone error occurs while dialing a contact or number on your “Recents” listing, delete the call entries associated with the number and effort once more. To do that:

  1. Open the
    app and switch to the
  2. Tap
  3. Tap the
    icon side by side to each entry related to the contact or number.

Delete the unabridged call log if the error occurs for every number on your iPhone’south “Recents” listing. To practice that:

  1. Open up the
    app, switch to the
    tab, and tap
  2. Tap
  3. Tap
    Clear All Recents.

v. Update the Carrier Settings on iPhone

Check if your iPhone has a pending carrier update. To exercise that, open up the
app and tap
Well-nigh. Then, scroll down to the
section and wait for up to a minute. If you get a “Carrier Update Available” prompt, tap
to install information technology.

6. Avoid Using Your Preferred Line for Cellular Data

The “Last Line No Longer Bachelor” error can also evidence upward on your iPhone if you use your default or preferred line to access cellular data. Y’all tin can change that by following these steps:

  1. Open up the
    app and tap
  2. Tap
    Cellular Information.
  3. Select the other phone line or
    to disable cellular data altogether.

You may also desire to try experimenting by setting the
Permit Cellular Information Switching
option to on or off.

7. Disable Automatic Network Pick on iPhone

Another reason for the “Terminal Line No Longer Available” iPhone mistake is a feature chosen Automatic Network Selection. It prompts your iPhone to pick the best network to plant a connexion simply causes issues on Dual-SIM iPhones.

To disable Automatic Network Selection, open the
app and tap
Network Pick
. Then, plough off the switch next to
Automated Network Selection
and choice your carrier network.

eight. Disable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

Wi-Fi Calling allows you lot to make and receive phone calls over Wi-Fi in areas with poor cellular signal forcefulness, only it could also create conflicts and issue in the “Final Line No Longer Bachelor” error.

To fix that, open the
app and tap
Wi-Fi Calling
. Then, plough off the switch next to
Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone.

9. Install the Latest Software Updates

Apple regularly pushes software updates to iPhones in society to address issues like this. So, a newer software version might comprise a permanent set up for the “Final Line No Longer Available” error. To check, open the
app and get to
Software Update
. So, tap
Download & Install
to install the latest bachelor version of iOS for your iPhone.

10. Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If none of the fixes to a higher place work, try resetting your iPhone’s network settings. To exercise that, open the
app, get to
Full general
Transfer & Reset Phone
, and tap
Reset Network Settings

A network settings reset wipes your iPhone’s cellular settings and preferences, but they should automatically update afterward the device reboots itself. Contact your carrier if they don’t.

Resetting the network settings on your iPhone deletes all the saved Wi-Fi hotspots and passwords. You must manually rejoin any networks afterward.

Say Bye to the “Terminal Line No Longer Available” Mistake

Turning Airplane Mode on and off, restarting your iPhone, or clearing your “Recents” list well-nigh always fixes the “Last Line No Longer Available” fault. If not, accept the time to go through the other fixes to a higher place, and it should eventually become away.

Even so, if the problem persists, the only remaining option is to contact your carrier or Apple tree Back up for help. Only don’t worry; they tin can help you in more than ways than we could.