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I take a new fire boob tube and I enjoy information technology a lot. I utilize ES File Explorer to install some android APKs on my firetv. It used to piece of work fine in the past. Notwithstanding, for the by couple of days, ES File Explorer has discontinued that option unless we upgrade it to premium. The premium version costs $nine.99 per calendar month and I don’t want to get with such subscription model. Is at that place an culling file manager that provides such option? I use downloader likewise, but it can’t be used to install any APK that I desire. Apps2Fire did not work either as I take hard wired my TV with an ethernet cable and my mobile is on a wifi network. Moreover, I use ES file explorer for some other options such every bit to access the cloud drive, mount external hard drive etc.

If the old version of ES File Explorer still offers the APK install option, that could be an pick too. I just need to know from where and how I can get the old version installed on my firetv.

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Total commander with the LAN plugin

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Total commander with the LAN plugin

Thanks for your response.

Still, Total commander on burn tv doesn’t seem to permit installing plugins. Morever, I don’t need the LAN plugin. I have a 1 TB Toshiba external bulldoze connected to my fire tv which I want to mount. Total commander doesn’t seem to recognize the external difficult drive.

I have removed the latest version of ES File Explorer and installed a old version from Stream & Tech filelinked store and it is working perfectly.

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Then just apply es file explorer and keep the apk in a place where you lot can reinstall, uninstalling when yous are done. This will salvage you lot memory that you demand.

Install ES File explorer, browse to and install apk, uninstall es file explorer. EZ PZ.

Or (what I do and everyone else should) is download the apk from a mirror site, there are tons that take every unmarried version of everything similar Apkpure, Apkmirror etc. Ready an adb connection. And then you just take the apk files on your pc (or phone even) and adb install or adb uninstall without e’er worrying virtually putting the apk to install on your device, or installing bloat software on a device that really shouldnt have it (kodi and small programs are plenty).

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I would suggest install an older version of ES explorer. There is a reason they were removed from the google play store. The latest update limits what you lot can practice unless you pay $10 a calendar month. Uninstall it and await for an older version on apkmirror and don’t update. Solid explorer since decent, only it isn’t optimized for burn down TV.
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Google for “ES File Explorer_4.1.9.9.ten.a.apk”

This was the last version on Amazon Burn TV Stick that didn’t require premium to install.

I had the backup here is the fastened file for FireTV Stick.

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