There may come a fourth dimension when yous want to sell your Apple tree Tv set or give it to someone else. Or maybe a failed system update ended upwardly bricking the device. In whatever consequence, it’south good to know how to factory reset your Apple TV.


How to Ready and Configure Your Apple tree TV

There are two ways to factory reset an Apple tree TV. The first method is by only going into the settings on the Apple TV and resetting it, which assumes y’all’re able to kicking the device up and click through the menus.

The other method can be used when something goes awry, similar the power going out during an update and bricking your Apple tree TV. That way, you lot tin factory reset it even if you can’t properly boot up the device and navigate through the menus.

For the Newer, quaternary-Generation Apple TV

From the dwelling screen, click on “Settings”.

Gyre downward and select “Organisation”.

Virtually the bottom, click on “Reset”.

From there, you can select either “Reset” or “Reset and Update”. Both will factory reset your Apple Television receiver, but the latter pick will likewise install the latest software update if one is available (and if you accept an internet connection).

For Older Apple TV Models

To factory reset an older Apple TV (tertiary generation and older), you lot offset want to click on “Settings” on the home screen.

On the next screen, select “Full general”.

Next, curlicue all the way to the lesser and click on “Reset”.

From in that location, you lot can select either “Reset” or “Reset and Update”. Both will factory reset your Apple Television receiver, but the latter option will likewise install the latest software update if 1 is bachelor (and simply if you have an internet connection).

Mill Reset Your Apple Television Using iTunes

If, by gamble, your Apple tree TV will not boot up properly, or something has gone wrong and the unit isn’t operating properly, yous can restore it past connecting information technology to your calculator and using iTunes to factory reset it.

First, unplug your Apple Tv. You nonetheless demand to power it back up (except for the 2nd-gen model), simply before y’all practise that, plug a microUSB cable into the dorsum of your Apple Television (right below the HDMI port) on the third-gen Apple tree TV. If you lot accept a 4th-gen model, y’all’ll need a USB-C cable and the port will be right higher up the HDMI port. After that, connect the other end to a USB port on your computer.

Above: The microUSB port on the 3rd-gen Apple tree TV.

Once your Apple TV is continued, plug it back into ability (again, except for the 2nd-gen model). iTunes should open up (if it’s not already running) and recognize the Apple tree TV. From there, select “Restore Apple Television”.

Confirm the action past clicking on “Restore and Update”. In one case you do this, the latest version of the Apple Boob tube software will be download and installed, thus restoring information technology to a minty fresh condition.

Once the process is complete, you can safely eject the Apple Idiot box from your computer, and it should now boot upwards after you reconnect information technology to your television.