Feel the speed with this brilliant Black Friday deal on the Corsair K100

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Corsair’s K100 is a marvellous gaming keyboard for pros and casual users alike and it’s seen a decent price cut on Amazon this Black Friday.

It can now be had for the sum of £174.98, marking out a well-nigh £twoscore reduction on its £214 regular retail toll.

If you’re wanting a rather powerful gaming keyboard with some speedy switches and plenty of competitive credentials, so this Corsair K100 would be a steal of a bargain for you, and we’d suggest picking 1 upwards ASAP.

Feel speedy inputs at a lower price with the Corsair K100 in this cracking Black Friday deal

Corsair’due south K100 offers up some rather speedy inputs cheers to its opto-mechanical switches and information technology’s at present had its toll slashed for Black Friday, bringing it downward by £39 or so from an RRP of £214 to £174.98.

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  • Was £214
  • £179.98

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The K100 seems to exist quite a beast of a keyboard, being sturdily built with a total weight of ane.35kg. This makes it pretty hefty but there’due south also a whole host of additional creature comforts including a slew of macro keys and multimedia controls that offer a convenient user feel.

You’ll too observe that the K100 offers up some opto-mechanical switches, which in other words work via optical means, or cheers to the fact cardinal actuation via a plunger that interrupts a light beam. In curt, this allows for super-quick inputs as information technology’s a much quicker process of actuation than the more traditional mechanical metal contact organization.

And if you lot’re still in whatever doubt about how good of a deal the Corsair K100 is for Blackness Friday then you can take a peek at the Keepa graph beneath that shows the true scale of the current reduction:

These switches help to make the K100 a vivid gaming keyboard in pretty much any situation and would certainly allow users to give themselves a competitive reward in whatever matches given the practically unrivalled speed of optical switches in dissimilarity to more traditional ones.

For those interested, there’s also some pretty precipitous RGB lighting present on the K100 and everything can be controlled within Corsair’south marvellous iCue software that has cemented itself as one of the best companions to any gaming peripherals out there. It allows you to dabble with everything from the RGB lighting to programming macros and even to adapt the polling rate of the K100, which can go equally high as 4000Hz.

Experience speedy inputs at a lower price with the Corsair K100 in this cracking Blackness Friday deal

Corsair’s K100 offers upward some rather speedy inputs thank you to its opto-mechanical switches and it’s now had its price slashed for Black Friday, bringing information technology downwardly by £39 or so from an RRP of £214 to £174.98.

  • Amazon
  • Was £214
  • £179.98

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If yous’re in the marketplace for what is certainly one of the quickest gaming keyboards coin tin can purchase, then the Corsair K100 is definitely worth a pickup. Its opto-mechanical switches feel nifty when gaming, Corsair’s ain software is clever and easy to use and the K100 also look the part, too.

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